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Bonus DLC Scenarios

  • To access Bonus DLC Scenarios you must be on the Intermission Screen, go to Network and than go to Bonus Scenario.
  • Beating these scenarios will earn you money, TAC Pt and parts that can be used in the main storyline.
  • You can only obtain the parts once per playthrough, on your first completion of each scenario.
    • Subsequent plays of each scenario offer a small money and TAC Pt bonus.
  • On your second playthrough and beyond, you simply need to select the mission to obtain the money, TAC P and items, there is no need to play the scenario.
  • To play these, you have to buy them from the PSN store region that matches that of your copy of SRWV.
    • Those who play on the Asian English subbed version can use an account from either Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.
    • Singapore accounts are highly recommended since their PSN store will be in English.
  • With the exception of some scenarios that can be part of the scenario chart, the majority of DLC missions will have preset characters and conditions.
    • Your levels and upgrades from the main storyline do not affect the units in the bonus scenarios.
    • Enemies in the stage will not give money, EXP, or KO credit to your pilots.
    • You cannot gain ExC points during play, however all units will start with 5 points
  • Buying a scenario gives you one for both the PS4 and Vita versions of the game.

DLC Missions

Stage Name JP Stage Name EN Availability Money Reward TAC Pts Item Reward PSN Store Price Notes
旅立ちに寄せて Impending Departure After Stage 1 7,500,000 25000 V Circuit
ExC Bank
Nine's Encouragement
Portable Nine
Soldier's Medallion
SGD13.90 Part of the Replay Support Pack DLC
結成、特別編成チーム Trial By Fire After Stage 2 50,000 500 Barrier Field First Print Bonus only Lottie, Velt, OG Character
誓いのスカルハート A Life's Vow After Stage 6 50,000 500 Multisensor
Force Reactor
Soldier's Medallion
SGD2.00 Tobia & Fed Pilot
男たちの戦場 A Fight Between Men After Stage 6 50,000 500 High-Fidelity Radar
Hybrid Armor
SGD2.00 Cosmo Zero, MP F91, Black Getter, Great Mazinger
真実に立ち向かう者 A Cause Worth Fighting For After Stage 12 50,000 500 Repair Kit
Zone Recover
Auxiliary GN Drive
SGD2.00 00 QAN[T], Gundam Zabanya, Gundam Harute, Raphael Gundam, Ptolemaios 2 Custom, Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai Kai
出航、新たなナデシコ Blooming Anew After Stage 12 50,000 500 Wizard Operator
Gravity Wave Antenna
SGD2.00 Nadesico B, Super Aestivalis, Gundam Zabanya, Ptolemaios 2 Custom, GN XIV
一流のハングリー More Than Greed After Stage 20 50,000 500 Crystal Dragunium
Gain Meter
SGD2.00 Villkiss, Arquebus Salia Custom, Glaive Rosalie Custom, Hauser Ersha Custom, ZZ Gundam, Z Gundam, Gundam Mk II, Hyaku Shiki
月光の照らす未来 A Subtle Difference After Stage 20 50,000 500 Super Conductive Motor
Full Armor Coating
SGD2.00 Might Gaine, Battle Bomber, Rescue Diver, Zambot 3, MP Gundam F91
潜航のハサウェイ Learning the Hathaway After Stage 22 50,000 500 Rescue Unit
Minovsky Drive
SGD2.00 Xi Gundam, M9D Falke, M9 Gernsback x2, ARX-7 Arbalest
激戦のバトルフィールド A Disquieting Clash After Stage 22 50,000 500 Palladium Reactor
ExC Bank
SGD2.00 Yamato, Nadesico B, Ptolemaios 2 Custom, x15 Pilots from roster as of Stage 22
艦長代理、奮闘する Acting the Part After Stage 27 50,000 500 Flight Module
Commander's Terminal
SGD2.00 Nahel Argama, Qubeley Mk-II x2, ZZ Gundam, Z Gundam, Gundam Mk-II, Hyaku Shiki, Unicorn Gundam, Nu Gundam
男達のジェラシー A Grudge Among Men After Stage 27 50,000 500 Land Module
Prana Converter
SGD2.00 Daitarn 3, ∞ Justice Gundam, Hyaku Shiki, Gundam Mk-II, ZZ Gundam, Destiny Gundam, M9 Gernsback, Boss Borot
再起への誓い Promise for a Fresh Start After Stage 33 50,000 500 Hyper Generator
SGD2.00 Nadesico C, Super Aestivalis, Aestivalis Custom, Might Kaiser, Battle Bomber, Guard Diver, Black Might Gaine, Daitarn 3, Black Selena
三つの心 Three Strengths After Stage 33 50,000 500 Super Alloy Z
CQB Supporter
SGD2.00 Shin Getter, Mazinger Z, Venus A, Boss Borot, EVA-00, EVA-01, EVA-002
死闘のGハウンド G-Hound's Critical Battle After Stage 36 50,000 500 Magnetic Coating
Gunfight Supporter
SGD2.00 Hambrabi, Byarlant Custom, Penelope, Banshee Norn
アクシズの三姉妹 Three Sisters of Axis After Stage 36 50,000 500 Hyper Reloader
Propellant Tank
SGD2.00 Garencieres, Qubeley Mk-II x2, Methuss, Z Gundam, Kshatriya
タツさんへの手紙 A Letter to Tatsu After Stage 40 ??? ??? ??? SGD13.90 Part of the Replay Support Pack DLC
闇を貫く力 Power to Pierce Through Darkness After Stage 40 50,000 500 Booster
Spiral Effector
SGD2.00 Ptolemaios 2 Custom, Eternal, Brave, GN-XIV, 00 QAN[T], Strike Freedom Gundam, Daitarn 3, Goryu
戦いの星海 Bellicose Star Sea After Stage 40 100,000 1,000 Sniper Kit
Range Extender
Pink Haro
SGD2.60 Yamato, Ptolemaios 2 Custom, Nadesico C, Nahel Argama, Ra Cailum, Eternal, Tuatha de Danaan, Garencieres
魔神激突、再び Clash of the Mazin Redux After Stage 42 50,000 500 Turbo Penetrator
Mazin's Heart
SGD2.00 Mazinger Z, Shin Getter Robo, Mazin Emperor G, Shin Dragon
奮戦のバトルフィールド A Desperate Battlefield After Stage 42 100,000 1,000 A-Adaptor
Diva's Ring
Portable Nine
SGD2.60 3x battleships, 15x Units as of Stage 42
美と力の共演 Co-starring Beauty and Power After Stage 47 50,000 500 Shojo Comics Ululun
SP Collector
SGD2.00 All female units
熱戦のバトルフィールド Another Desperate Battlefield After Stage 47 100,000 1,000 S-Adapter
Nine's Encouragement
Soul of Gekiganger
SGD2.60 3x battleship, 15x units


Stage Name JP Stage Name EN Availability Money Reward TAC Pts Item Reward Notes
スペシャルスターター・パック Special Starter-Kit Pack First Print Bonus only 100,000 1000 V Circuit
Quantum Computer
First Print Bonus
ダウンロード購入プレゼントV DL Version Purchase Gift V Download version only 50,000 500 V Crystal Digital Purchase Only
フルパック購入プレゼントV Complete Pack Purchase Gift V Reward for buying Complete Bonus Scenario Pack 300,000 3000 Megabooster
Auxiliary EOS
High Precision Sensors
Quantum Flywheel
Super Repair Kit
Aura's Protection
Vitality Down
Fairy Breath
ExC Laser
Prize for Purchasing DLC Pack