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Text Events

Button Action Description
Circle Next Text Progresses text events.
R1 + Circle Fast Forward Text Hold down to accelerate through all text events.
R1 + Start Skip Text Skips text to the next scene, major event, or battle.
Square Access Keyword Allows you to follow-up on additional information regarding [u]keywords[/u] during text events.
L1 / R1 Select Previous / Next Keyword Allows you to select a keyword for access.
L2 / R2 Mark Keyword Read Tags a keyword as accessed and read
R3 Activate Auto Text Sets the text events to progress forward automatically, at a slow pace.
L3 Deactivate Auto Text Turns off the auto text mode.
Triangle Activate Backlog Allows you to progress backwards through text events.

Text Events (Backlog)

Button Action Description
Triangle Move Up in Text Moves backwards in text in chunks. +R1 to speed this up.
Square Move Down in Text Moves forward in text in chunks. +R1 to speed this up.
D-Pad Up Move Up in Text, Line by Line Moves backwards in text, line by line.
D-Pad Down Move Down in Text, Line by Line Moves forward in text, line by line.
X Disable backlog mode Resumes current text events from the point you activated the backlog mode.

Battle Map

Button Action Description
Circle w/ cursor on Unit Access Unit Menu Opens up the control menu for the currently selected allied unit.
Circle w/ cursor on Terrain Access Battle Menu Opens up the battle menu with various options. See below.
X w/ cursor on Unit Access Unit Info Opens up the statistics screen for the currently selected unit.
X w/ cursor on Terrain Access Terrain Info Display benefits of the terrain.
Square Custom Button See
Triangle Custom Button See
Start Birdeye Map Displays the map from a bird's eye point of view.
Select Cursor Control Tips Brings up Japanese help tips.
L1 / R1 Cycle Ally Units Selects the next ally unit on the map.
L2 / R2 Cycle Enemy Units Selects the next enemy unit ont he map.
R3 Toggle Zoom/Pan Toggles whether the right analog stick will zoom, or pan.
L3 Mark Map Marks a tile as a red for personal use (planning, etc).
R-Stick Zoom/Pan Moves the camera with respect to the R3-Mode (Toggle, Zoom).
L-Stick Move Cursor Moves the selection cursor around the map.

Unit Info Screen

Button Action Description
Circle Attack Info Access unit's attacks.
L1 / R1 Sub Info Pages Access sub info pages regarding unit (pilot, etc)
L2 / R2 Terrain / Team Bonus Info Switch between sub-pilot status screens

Spirit Menu Controls

Accessed through the unit command menu.

The left column is your main pilot's spirit commands, If applicable, the spirit commands of other pilots in the unit are listed to the right.

A small window at the bottom of the screen lists a pilot's twin spirit command. These commands can only be used by a twin unit.

Button Action Description
Square Mark Spirit Selects that command for use. You can mark multiple spirits and cast them all at once to minimize use of the menu.
Circle Use Spirit Uses all marked commands; if none are marked, uses the currently selected commands.

Pilot Status Menu

パイロット能力 / Pilot 搭乗員確認 / Crew
[Pic] [Name]
レベル / Level 次のレベルまで / NEXT
気力 / Will 経験値 / EXP
SP 撃墜数/Beat
精神コマンド /
Spirit Commands
ツイン精神 /
Twin Commands
能力 / Attributes 格闘 / Melee 射撃 / Ranged
技量 / Defense 防御 / Maneuvering
地形適応 / Terrain Ability 回避 / Evade 命中 / Hit
空/Air 陸/Ground エースボーナス / Ace Bonus
海/Water 宇/Space

Alternate Menus:
1) 特殊技能 / Pilot Skills
2) [Unit Information]

Unit Command Menu

Menu Item Japanese Description
Move 移動 Command the unit to move; available move range is highlighted, press O on tile to move unit and confirm.
Attack 攻撃 Bring up the attack window, highlighting useable attacks.
Seishin 精神 Takes you to the Seishin menu for the selected unit.
Link 合流 Order the unit to link up with another unit, engaging the twin battle system.
Swap メイン When linked with another unit, allows the current unit to swap the roles of main and sub mech.
Transform 変形 Transform unit to a different configuration, if allowable.
Unit Info 能力 Bring up unit information on the selected unit.

Battle Menu

In the below tables, menu items are conveyed in the same order as presented in the game.

Note the menu items are not strict translations of the Japanese text, but rather simple functional names.

Menu Item Japanese Description
End Turn ターン終了 Ends your current turn phase.
Search 検索 Allows you to search for specific abilities; typically used for quick, global access to seishins
Unit List 部隊表 Lists the current units involved in battle.
Mission Details 作戦目的 Displays the current mission objectives, fail conditions, and skill point objectives, respectively.
Battle Stats 戦況報告 Information regarding various battle statistics can be found here.
System Menu システム Enter the system menu / options.
Quick Save* セーブ Allows you to create a temporary quick-save.

The quick save operation follows with a "Save/Cancel" question, and the next menu given to you is "Keep Playing / Quit".

System Menu

Left & Right = Select Values
Up & Down = Select Options
L2/ R2 = Turn Page (2 pages)
O = Confirm/ Select
X = Cancel

Japanese Translation Description
フリーコマンド Free Command Select what actions for Triangle and Square on the map and on unit.
戦闘BGMの優先 BGM Battle Priority パイロット , 機体 , 全体
Pilot, Unit, All
戦闘BGMのパイロット・機体設定 Pilot BGM Config
戦闘BGMの全体一括設定 ALL BGM Config
戦闘終了後のBGM After Battle BGM Setting 固定, 切り替え
Stay , Change
グリッド表示 Grid Turn map grid on or off.
カーソル移動方式 Cursor Movement 画面, マップ
Picture, Map
カーソルジャンプ Cursor Jump スライド, ダイレクト
Sliding, Direct/Instant
画面の回転 Camera Rotation 90度きざみ, 任意
90 degree, Free
サウンド Sound ステレオ, モノラル
Stereo, Mono
振動機能 Vibrate Turn controller vibration on or off.
BGMの音量 BGM Volume Min,Max
ソート・サブ情報位置の記憶 Sort Save On,Off

Free Command Info

System menu page 1 option 1

You can select what actions for Triangle and Square on the map and on unit.

It is a 4 columns table with:

--|-----Action on Map---------------|--------------Action on Unit------|


--Action on Map (Left 2 columns)

1 - End Turn

2 - Search

3 - Unit List

4 - Save

5 - Speed up cursor (hold)

6 - Team color on/ off

7 - Show morale on/ off (a number above the units)

8 - Sub unit info

9 - None

--Action on Unit (Right 2 columns)

1 - Transform

2 - Unit Info

3 - Pilot SP Command List

4 - Detail Screen

5 - Swap main/ sub unit (when in a team)

6 - None

Intermission Screen


  • View Pilots
  • View Units
  • Search


  • Train Pilots
  • Upgrade Units
  • Upgrade Weapons
  • Weapons Selection
    • Equip Weapons
    • Special Ammo
      • Equip Special Ammo
      • Develop Special Ammo
  • Swap Pilots


  • Parts
    • Equip Parts
    • Sell Parts
  • Change Frame/ Suit


  • System
  • Data
    • Save
    • Load
  • Next Stage

Info at the bottom:

  • Money #### | Battle Mastery ## | Max Number of units to deploy in the next stage #
  • Stage ## | <### turns in total> | (EX-Hard/Special Mode)
  • [Stage Name]