Super Robot Wars/OGs/English Patch

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Link to an English fan translation patch for SRW OGs. Link only contains the patch, no links to ISO downloads. Anyone using this must own an original copy of the PS2 game. As per the patch instructions it recommends the xdelta tool to perform the patch.

English Patch -

Simplified instructions:

  1. Name the xdelta folder "xdelta", the exe file inside "xdelta" and the game iso "srwog"
  2. Put the iso and the patch (called ogs.xdelta) into the xdelta folder
  3. Put the xdelta folder with everything inside in your HD root (C:/)
  4. Open cmd, and navigate to c:/xdelta
  5. Type "xdelta.exe -d -s srwog.iso ogs.xdelta srwogpatched.iso"

The process should now start. It will take some minutes. Keep cmd open. You should see the "srwogpatched.iso" file appear with a file size of 0, this is correct and means that the patch is being applied. When you see the patched file size is the same as the normal iso, close cmd and try the game!