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This is a list of the trophies for Super Robot Wars Original Generation Moon Dwellers.

タイトル Name Description
OGMDマスター OGMD Master Obtain all trophies
EXハードモードクリア EX Hard Mode Cleared Clear the game on EX Hard mode.
スペシャルモードクリア Special Mode Cleared Clear the game on Special mode.
やり込み派 Hardcore Gamer Clear the game on any game mode 3 times.
全SRポイント獲得 Obtained All SR Points Obtain all SR points on all stages.
撃墜数1000達成! 1000 Shot Downs Achieved Destroy over 1000 enemies with your allies.
シナリオコンプリート All Scenarios Completed Have all stages displayed in the scenario chart.
ゲームクリア Game Cleared Clear the game.
オンリーワンクラッシュ Only One Crash Deal over 100,000 damage to a single enemy within a battle.
撃墜王 Destruction King Destroy over 200 enemies with your allies at any time.
よくあること This Happens Often Reduce the enemy's HP to a single digit during battle.
怒涛のラッシュ Maelstrom's Rush Execute at least 10 Union Attack within a single turn.
換装武器コンプリート Option Weapon Collection Collect all(53)Option Weapons.
新生PTXチーム PTX Team Reborn Have Irum, Ryoto, Rio and Ing leveled to 50.
撃墜数500! 500 Kills Achieved Destroy over 500 enemies with your allies.
若葉マーク Greenhorn's Mark Complete the GUIDANCE Scenario
実戦 Actual Combat Clear the initial stage in scenario mode.
SRポイント獲得 SR Point Obtained Obtained SR points.
休息の時 Resting Time Watch any Quick Save exit message.
フル改造 Full Modification Fully modified any Mech.
エースパイロット Ace Pilot Make any ally pilot an Ace Pilot (50 kills).
一騎当千 Mighty Warrior Destroy 15 enemies with a ally pilot within a single stage.
一網打尽!? One Fell Swoop!? Attack at least 10 enemies with a single MAP Weapon.
韋駄天 Speed Deity Travel at least 16 squares in a single move.
戦意喪失 Lost The Will To Fight Reduce the enemy Pilot's Will to 50.
アンラッキー Unlucky Start the battle with Spirit Command『Luck』in effect and all enemies surviving.
ガス欠 Out of Gas Reduce ally Mech's EN to 0.
これが本当のツインユニット This is The Real Twin Unit Combine and form a Twin Unit on the map with 2 Mech of the same name.
ニューヨークリロード New York Reload Deploy any Mech equipped with 2 same Option Weapon and using it in battle.
マキシマムブレイク Maximum Break Use the Maximum Break.
貫け、奴よりも速く Pierce Through,Faster Than Him Destroy an enemy unit with a counterattack.
ベテラン艦長の風格 Veteran Captain's Style Destroy at least 2 enemies in a single attack with Ginto.
アカツキ姉弟、奮戦す The Akatsuki Siblings,Fighting Gallantly Akimi and Akemi have a total kill count of more than 100 combined.
みんな仲良し Friends With Everyone Use all possible combinations of Katia, Tenia and Melua, with both Touya and Calvina.
俺に惚れるなよ? Don't Fall In Love With Me Haken performs an Assist Defense on a female pilot(main).
最強姉妹 Strongest Sisters Lamia is deployed using Gespenst Haken and destroys an enemy.
撃墜数100 100 Shot Downs achieved Destroy over 100 enemies with your allies.