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SP Commands

Note: Some pilots may have the following as a Twin Command. To use Twin Command(s), the user must be in a team and BOTH members must have the required SP for the command(s). It takes full cost of the command SP on BOTH members.

English Japanese Target Description
Scan 偵察 1 Enemy/ Twin View an enemy's stats.
Focus 集中 Self For 1 turn, hit & evade rates increase by 30%.
Strike 必中 Self For 1 turn, hit rate becomes 100% and enemies cannot dodge with Double Image. Does not override Alert.
Inspire (Attune) 感応 1 Ally Grants the effects of Strike to a single ally.
Feint (Alert) ひらめき Self 100% chance to evade the next attack.
Instinct (Sense) 直感 Self Grants the effects of Strike & Flash.
Confusion (Confuse) かく乱 All enemy units For one turn, accuracy of all enemies is halved.
Quicken (Accel) 加速 Self/ Twin +3 to movement, effect remains until unit moves.
Snipe 狙撃 Self +2 to weapons range except for MAP and weapons with 1 range.
Charge (Assault) 突撃 Self For one turn, use any weapon (except MAP weapons) after moving.
Unison (Alignment) 同調 Self/ Twin For the duration of the map, each stat of each pilot is set to the higher value of the two. Stats are compared separately (e.g. if one pilot has 150 Evasion and 200 Defense, and the other has 150 Defense and 200 Evasion, Sympathy will set both stats to 200 for both pilots)
Valor 熱血 Self Deals 2x damage to enemies for one attack.
Animus (Soul) Self Deals 2.5x damage to enemies for one attack. Does not stack with Valor.
Militate (Fury) 闘志 Self Twin For 1 turn, all attacks have a 100% critical-hit chance.
Luck 幸運 Self/ Twin Gain double credits after the next attack. If the attack does not kill, the skill is expended anyway.
Bless 祝福 1 Ally/ Twin Grants the effects of Luck.
Hardwork (Gain) 努力 Self/ Twin Gain double experience after the next attack.
Cheer 応援 1 Ally/ Twin Grants the effects of Hardwork.
Discipline (Training) 修行 Self/ Twin Receive double PP after the unit's next attack.
Raid (Violent Assault) 強襲 Self/ Twin Grants the effects of Quicken, Charge, and Smite.
Love Self Use Quicken, Valor, Feint, Strike, Yell, Luck and Hardwork at once.
Smite (Break) 直撃 Self The next attack ignores enemy barriers and defensive skills, including support defense. (Except for LUCKY and Afterimage.)
Iron Wall (Guard) 鉄壁 Self For 1 turn, decrease damage received from enemy to 1/4.
Conviction (Belief) 信念 Self/ Twin For 1 turn the user's squad takes 1/4th damage and is immune to status effects.
Fortitude (Wall) 不屈 Self For one attack, decrease damage received from enemy to 12.5%
Chain Action (Continuous Attack) 連撃 Self/ Twin If the next attack destroys its target, this unit will be able to act again.
Impetus (Zeal) 覚醒 Self/ Twin Unit can act again after moving/attacking. Does not stack.
Advance (Enable) 再動 1 Ally/ Twin Allow an ally that has already acted this turn to act again.
Trust 信頼 1 Ally Recovers 2000 HP.
Friendship (Faith) 友情 1 Ally/ Twin Fully recovers HP.
Solidarity (Bonds) All Ally units Recover 50% of MAX HP.
Willpower (Vigor) 根性 Self Recovers 30% of MAX HP.
Guts ド根性 Self Fully recovers HP.
Invocation (Prayer) 祈り 1 Ally Remove bad status effects.
Mercy てかげん Self If the next attack from this unit would destroy the target, the target's HP is reduced to 10 instead. Only works when the enemy's Skill stat is lower than the attacker's.
Yell (Spirit) 気合 Self +10 to Will.
Drive 気迫 Self +30 to Will.
Encourage (Rouse) 激励 1 Ally +10 to Will.
Galvanize (Great Rouse) 大激励 All Ally units +5 to Will.
Dishearten (Tire) 脱力 1 Enemy -10 to Will.
Aspiration (Hope) 期待 1 Ally Recover 50 SP.
Resupply (Renew) 補給 1 Ally Recover all EN and Ammo.