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Note: You need three of a single ability part equipped to gain the effect. With three pilot ability slots and three robot ability slots, this allows you to have two effects per unit. In addition, paired units share effects, allowing a total of four effects.

"Nendou" (念動力), also called "Telekinetic Power", is a skill possessed by certain pilots, such as Ryuusei, Ing, Bullet, and others. The "Nendou Up" part increases the power of weapons that require the Nendou skill.

Ability Japanese Description
Melee Up 格闘↑ Melee damage increased by 5%
Ranged Up 射撃↑ Ranged damage increased by 5%
Counterattack Up 反撃↑ Counterattack damage increased by 5%
Beam Up ビーム↑ Beam-type weapon damage increased by 5%
Ammo Up 実弾↑ Ammo-based weapon damage increased by 5%
Nendo Up 念動↑ Nendo-based weapon damage increased by 5%
Assist Attack Up 援攻↑ Support Attack damage increased by 5%
Armor Up 装甲↑ Damage received reduced by 5%
Assist Defense Up 援防↑ Support Defense damage reduced by 5%
Hit Rate Up 命中↑ Unit hit rate increased by 5%
Evasion Rate Up 回避↑ Unit dodge rate increased by 5%
CRT Up CRT↑ Unit critical chance increased by 10%
EXP+ 経験値+ Unit receives additional 10% experience
Funds+ 資金+ Unit receives additional 10% cash upon defeating an enemy
Repair+ 修理+ HP healed when using repair is increased by 10%
HP+ HP+ Unit maximum HP increased by 5%
EN+ EN+ Unit maximum EN increased by 5%
Movement+ 移動力+ Unit gets +1 Movement
Block ブロック Unit gains "Full Block" skill
Barrier+ バリア+ Unit barrier ability increased by 200 (ineffective for units with no barriers)
Range+ 射程+ Unit's weapon range increased by 1, aside from Map and range 1 attacks.