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Remove lines not applicable to game.

We may need to come up with a specific order for the list.

'''Japanese Title:''' <!--Title(s)--><br>
'''Release Date:''' <!--Console--> YYYY/MM/DD<br>
'''Product Id:''' <!--ProductId--><br>
'''Memory Card:''' # Blocks<br>
'''Description:''' <!--Insert Description--><br>

*[[/Series|Series List]]
*[[/Flow Chart|Flow Chart]]
*[[/Parts|Parts List]]
*[[/Birthdays|Birthday List]]
*[[/Seishin|Seishin Commands]]
*[[/Mech Capture|Mech Capture List]]
*[[/Pilot Abilities|Pilot Abilities]]
*[[/Mech Abilities|Mech Abilities]]
*[[/Team Attacks|Team Attacks]]
*[[/Seiyuu List|Seiyuu List]]