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Skill Parts

Like in SRW K, Pilots are capable of learning bonus abilities and upgrading stats using Skill Parts, gotten by defeating significant enemies, usually bosses. New to SRW L is receiving parts as bonus rewards after completing certain stages.

Upgrade Part Japanese Description
Melee +10 格闘+10 Increase the Melee Pilot stat by 10.
Ranged +10 射撃+10 Increase the Ranged Pilot stat by 10.
Maneuvering +10 技量+10 Increase the Maneuvering Pilot stat by 10.
Defense +10 防御+10 Increase the Defense Pilot stat by 10.
Evade +10 回避+10 Increase the Evade Pilot stat by 10.
Accuracy +10 命中+10 Increase the Accuracy Pilot stat by 10.
Prevail Lv+1 底力Lv+1 Add 1 to the Prevail skill.
Combo A Lv+1 AコンボLv+1 Increases level of Combo Attacks by 1.
Support Attack Lv+1 援護攻撃Lv+1 Add 1 to the Support Attack skill.
Support Defend Lv+1 援護防御Lv+1 Add 1 to the Support Defend skill.
SP Up Lv+1 SPアップLv+1 Add 1 to the SP Up skill.
Mental Focus Lv+1 集中力Lv+1 Add 1 to the Mental Focus skill.
In-Fight Lv+1 インファイトLv+1 Add 1 to the In-Fight skill.
Gun Fight Lv+1 ガンファイトLv+1 Add 1 to the Gun Fight skill.
Counter カウンター Adds special ability Counter .
Hit & Away ヒット&アウェイ Adds special ability Hit & Away .
E Save Eセーブ Adds special ability E Save .
B Save Bセーブ Adds special ability B Save .
Guard ガード Adds special ability Guard .
Predict 見切り Adds special ability Predict .
Ignore Size サイズ差無視 Adds special ability Ignore Size .
Will Limit Break 気力限界突破 Adds special ability Will Limit Break .