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精神/Seishin List

名前*   Translation SP Effect
根性(こんじょう) - Vigor 20 Unit recovers HP equal to 30% of Max HP
補給(ほきゅう) - Renew 65 Fully restores and allied unit's ammo and EN.
ド根性(どこんじょう) - Guts 40 Restore all HP
熱血(ねっけつ) Valor/Hot Blood 40 Next attack will deal double the damage
友情(ゆうじょう) - Faith 70 Restores another unit's HP equal to 50% of its Max HP
必中(ひっちゅう) Strike 25 Pilot's accuracy is 100% for one turn
(あい) ! Love 90 Restores all allies HP by 100%
ひらめき Alert 15 Unit dodges the next attack dealt to it
てかげん Mercy 10 If the pilot's skill is higher and the next attack will destroy the enemy, the enemy's HP is reduced to 10
気合(きあい) - Spirit/Yell 40 Pilot's morale is increased by 10
幸運(こううん) Luck 45 For next battle, gain double money.
信頼(しんらい) - Trust 30 Restores another unit's HP equal to 30% of its Max HP
加速(かそく) Accel 5 Movement +3. Effect remains until the unit moves.
覚醒(かくせい) Zeal ? Grants this unit an additional action. This effect cannot be stacked.
集中(しゅうちゅう) Focus 15 Pilot's accuracy and evade are increased by 30% for one turn
激励(げきれい) - Rouse 70 Increase another pilot's morale by 10
再動(さいどう) - Enable 90 Grants an allied unit that has acted an additional action.
復活(ふっかつ) - Revive/Resurrect 120 Fully revives 1 ally pilot and unit.
隠れ身(かくれみ) Cloak 60 For 1 turn, current unit can not be attacked by enemy.
脱力(だつりょく) - Daunt 50 Decrease an enemy unit's morale by 10
自爆(じばく) - Self-Destruct 1 Destroys unit, but causes damage equivalent to destroyed unit's HP to all adjacent units.
みがわり Substitute 35 Take an attack for a fellow unit
かく乱(かくらん) Confuse 70 For 1 turn, All enemies hit rate is halved. However priority is given to "必中/Sure hit" if used.
鉄壁(てっぺき) Guard 30 For 1 turn, the unit's armor is doubled
(たましい) Soul 60 Next attack will deal thrice the damage
挑発(ちょうはつ) Provoke 35 An enemy will target the user for 1 turn.
努力(どりょく) Gain 20 Gain double the EXP more than usual