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精神/Seishin List

名前* ふりがな* SP Translation Effect
加速 かそく - 5 Acceleration Gives the unit +3 movement for one turn.
集中 しゅうちゅう - 15 Concentration Raises the units hit and evasion rate by 30% for one turn.
ひらめき ひらめき - 15 Flash Makes the units dodge rate 100% for one enemy attack.
必中 ひっちゅう - 25 Sure Hit Makes the units hit rate 100% for one turn.
見切り みきり - 30 Abandon Casts Flash and Sure Hit at the same time.
かく乱 かくらん - 50 Disturbance All enemies hit rates get halved for one turn.
根性 こんじょう - 20 Guts Recovers 1/3 of your max HP.
ド根性 ドこんじょう - 40 Guts+ Recovers all of your HP.
信頼 しんらい - 30 Trust The selected unit recovers 30% of its HP.
あい - 70 Love HP of all ally units are completely recovered.
復活 ふっかつ - 100 Revival Revives one of your destroyed units.
献身 けんしん - 30 Devotion The selected pilot will recover 10 SP.
気合 きあい - 40 Yell +10 morale.
激励 げきれい - 70 Encouragement +10 morale to the units that are directly touching it.
脱力 だつりょく - 40 Exhaustion -10 morale for the selected enemy unit.
熱血 ねっけつ - 40 Hot Blood Increases your damage by 1.5x
奇跡 きせき - 80 Miracle Casts Hot Blood, Abandon, Lucky, Great Effort, Learning, Yellx3, Guts+, and Acceleration all at once.
努力 どりょく - 20 Great Effort Gain 2x exp for one attack.
応援 おうえん - 40 Aid Casts Great Effort on a selected unit.
幸運 こううん - 40 Lucky Gain 2x money for one attack.
祝福 しゅくふく - 45 Bless Casts Lucky on a selected unit.
修行 しゅうぎょう - 60 Learning Gains 2x the Pilot Points for one attack.
伝授 でんじゅ - 80 Instruction Casts Learning on a selected unit.
覚醒 かくせい - 50 Awakening Allows you to have another turn.
再動 さいどう - 90 Move Again A selected unit that has already had its turn can be moved again.
てかげん てかげん - 10 Mercy If the attack would kill the opponent, it will instead leave them with 10 HP.
鉄壁 てっぺき - 30 Iron Wall Doubles your armor value for one turn.
自爆 じばく - 1 Self Destruct The unit will self destruct and damage the units around it for the amount of HP that it has left.
威圧 いあつ - 30 Coercion Reduces the enemies supports to 0.
突撃 とつげき - 20 Assault All weapons except for MAP weapons can be used after moving.