Super Robot Wars/Compact 3/Secrets

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Unlockable Condition to Unlock
Shin Getter Robo and Tekkouki or Getter Robo G and Kochouki To get Shin Getter Robo and Tekkouki, chose to head to the Photon Labs before Stage 2. You will receive them later in the game.

To get Getter Robo G and Kochouki, chose to head to the Science Fortress before Stage 2. All are received automatically besides Kochouki. You need to reduce her HP to below 30% then having Ryoma convince her.

Night Camouflage Billbine After Stage 4, chose to follow Nill(Second option). Following Van(First option) will get you the normal Billbine.
Naria and Eriya Reduce their HP down to 30% on Stage 21. They will retreat and join after the stage.