Super Robot Wars/30/Upgrade Carryover

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Units that require a secret to unlock (either at all or before the unit they carry over to) are marked in blue.

Former Mech Carries over to At what Stage Keep Old Mech?
Build Tiger Super Build Tiger OE2-2 / OS2-15 Seven Officers K5-3B Brave Spirits No
Ichinana (Koji) Mazinger Z OE2-5 / OS3-1 The Castle of Iron Returns K6-2 Academy in the Crosshairs Yes
Gundam MP Nu Gundam OE2-14 / OS2-6 Alone in the Wild Yes
L-Gaim L-Gaim Mark-II O4-7 Cross Point K6-5 A World in Turmoil Yes
Shadow-Maru Kagero O4-8 Return Of The Mirage Yes
V-Dash Gundam V2 Gundam K4-1A New Wings Yes
Lancelot Albion Zero Lancelot sIN K4-1B The Second Coming of Zero Yes
MP Nu Gundam Nu Gundam K5-3A Infiltrating Zanscare Yes
Gundam Mark-II Zeta Gundam K5-3A Infiltrating Zanscare Yes
J-Decker Duke Fire K5-3B Brave Spirits No
Nu Gundam Hi-Nu Gundam DLC1-12 Power Born of Emotion Yes
Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MKII E5 MKII OX ALFA-X DLC3-? Powers Combined No
GaoFighGar GaoGaiGar K6-1A The Lion Revived -PHOENIX- Yes
Huckebein 30 Huckebein 30th KE6-1B Preordained Destiny KS6-1B Where It All Leads No
Huckebein 30th Huckebein 30 (SC) R1-3 Relic of Gold (Fin) Yes
Duke Fire Fire J-Decker K6-3 Blazing Combination No
Mazinger Z Mazinkaiser O7-6 A Mazin Enraged Yes
Gridman Gridknight O8-3 A Mother's Awakening KN-1
Narrative Gundam Phenex K8-1 What Follows Myth Yes
GaoGaiGar Final GaoGaiGar K8-3 Future at Stake -VERSUS- Yes