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Trophy List

Trophy Name Obtaining Condition Tier
30-Master Obtain all other Trophies. Platinum
Break Time View an Interruption Message (just click on "To Title Screen" from any menu). Bronze
The Beginning Complete an Area Mission. Bronze
Side Stories Complete an Onboard Mission. Bronze
Treasure Hunting Complete a Relic Mission. Bronze
DBD Scanner Encounter Iris, the fairy, by exploring the map in the same way you find the Patrol Missions (she appears as a pink fairy icon on top of a spot). Bronze
Spirited Use a Spirit Command. Bronze
Mental Fortitude Deploy allied units on a map such that every Spirit Command is listed under Search. Bronze
Extra Boost Use an Ex Action. Bronze
Full Count Achieve maximum ExC (10) with any pilot. Bronze
Ace In The Hole Make any pilot an Ace Pilot (60 score is enough to become an Ace). Bronze
Hello World! (Of Skills) Use a Skill Program to teach a Skill to any pilot. Bronze
One Shot's All I Need Have any ally under the effect of Valor and Bullseye at the same time. Bronze
Hurrah Use a Supporter Command. Bronze
I Am Speed Move at least 15 spaces at once. Bronze
Quicker Draw Use Counter (the ability that some weapons have, or all weapons if you have the Full Counter skill program) on at least 5 enemies in a single stage. Bronze
Now Is The Time Have any unit act 5 times in a single turn. Bronze
The Ultimate Bummer Reduce an enemy pilot to 50 Morale. Bronze
Power Unleashed Unlock a Custom Bonus for any mech (upgrade all their stats (you don't need to upgrade weapons) to level 5). Bronze
Update Implement an AOS Update. Bronze
Limit Break Update the "AOS Research" sub-category to the third level. Bronze
Thirty By Three Complete 30 Area Missions, 30 Onboard Missions, and 30 total AOS Updates. Silver
The Next World Start a New Game+, then clear any mission. Silver
Top Gun Make any pilot a Great Ace Pilot (80 score is enough to become a Great Ace). Silver
Pilot Trainer Have at least 20 pilots become Ace Pilots. Silver
Skill Master Have any pilot learn 20 or more skills at once. Silver
Once in a Lifetime Deal 50,000 damage or more to a single enemy in one combat. Silver
One Pilot Army Have any one pilot destroy 10 enemy units in a single stage. Silver
Support Meister Use 5 Supporter Commands in a single stage. Silver
Five Birds with One Stone Destroy at least 5 enemy units with a single MAP attack. Silver
Money Geyser Earn at least 100,000 credits in a single combat. Silver
Tuner Unlock Custom Bonuses for at least 20 mechs. Silver
Updates Complete Reach Lv. 8 in all three AOS sub-categories of any one main AOS category. Silver
Skill Collector Produce every skill program (You gotta buy them with PP. Using free ones from mission rewards doesn't count), including the stat up programs. Silver
War is Over Complete the game. Gold
Beyond The Gods Complete O9-2 (Showdown With the Unknown). Gold
Beyond It All Complete OB21 (The Final Battle). Gold
Two Sides, Two Stories Get the ending for both the male and female protagonists. Gold