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ExC are points used on the player phase for special abilites. They are pilot specific and there is a maximum limit of 10 that be acquired on any single pilot.

  • You gain 1 ExC for shooting down an enemy
  • You gain 1 ExC for gaining a level
  • If multiple enemies are destroyed in a MAP attack, you gain 2 ExC
  • Battleships gain 1 ExC for every 10 enemy units destroyed

Extra Action

Extra Action are abilities that can be used by pilots by spending the required ExC points. They do not count as an action on a turn.
Battleships can't use extra action.

Extra Action
Name JP
Extra Action
Name EN
Cost Effect
ブーストダッシュ Boost Dash 3 Movement +2, ignores negative effects caused by terrain, and able to move even when surrounded
ダイレクトアタック Direct Attack 3 Ignores Special Abilities and Skill Set related to enemy's defense. Also ignores the reduced damage caused by size differences
トリックアタック Trick Attack 4 All attacks do not require EN and ammo for one battle. Weapon conditions like required Morale and Skill still apply
スマッシュヒット Smash Hit 4 All attacks become critical for one turn. Can be stacked with the Valor and Soul Spirits
マルチアクション Multi Action 4 If enemy unit is defeated with the next attack, perform an extra action. If enemy unit is not defeated with the next attack, the effect is lost

Extra Orders

Extra Orders are battleship specific abilities that be used by spending ExC points. All Extra Orders are range based from the user's current location

Extra Order JP Extra Order EN Cost Effect Range
緊急回収 Emergency Retrieval 1 Select an ally unit (excluding battleship units) and retrieve it. 8
周辺指揮 Stats Up 2 For one turn, all ally units in range gain CQB, RNG and EVD +10, DEF +15. Can be stacked up to 10 times 4
気力上昇 Boost Morale 2 +10 Morale to an ally unit 4
ExC上昇 Boost ExC 3 +2 ExC to an ally unit 4
行動回復 Restore Action 6 Restore action(s) to an ally unit that has finished performing its action(s) 5