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New Game Plus

When making a save file after completing the campaign (you can do this at any time in the post-game), your save file will include a number of points to use when starting a NG+.
The number of points available to spend is 10% of total earned MxP for the playthrough.
Point Spends are as follows:

Bonus Cost
Keep Data
Keep Upgrade Currency Earned During Play
Keep 25% credits 1000
Keep 50% credits 3000
Keep 100% credits 5000
Keep 25% PP 1000
Keep 50% PP 3000
Keep 100% PP 5000
Keep 25% MxP 1000
Keep 50% MxP 3000
Keep 100% MxP 5000
Keep 25% Pilot Scores 1000
Keep 50% Pilot Scores 3000
Keep 100% Pilot Scores 5000
Keep Parts
Keep Individual Power Parts Obtained During Play
Bronze parts 200 points each
Silver parts 500 points each
Gold parts 1000 points each
Rainbow parts 2000 points each
Bonuses Used for a New Game +
Extra Power Parts Slot 8000
Double Credits 7000
Double EXP 7000
Double PP 7000