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Current version

  • PS4: 1.11
  • PC:
  • Switch:

Current Bugs

Major Bugs

Game Crash when using Spirits

PS4 v1.11/PC v1.1.0.1: This bug creates a fatal error in the game, causing it to crash. During certain missions, the game will crash when you try to open the Spirit Menu on the fight preparation screen. What conditions cause this bug to appear are unclear, reports on the bug presenting contradictory information. Until this bug is solved it is highly recommended to save as frequently as possible between missions (ideally after each completed mission). Status on Switch unknown.

Talk mission duplication

PC exclusive: Requires cursor controls, a mouse. After selecting a talk mission, during the fade out, you can click on the same mission again. After the cutscene and rewards screen, when you return to the mission select you will get a prompt to replay the mission, choosing yes will play the cutscene again and give you the rewards again.

Mistranslations and Faulty Descriptions

Achievements / Trophies

PS4 v1.02 / PC v1.0.0.2: Mental Fortitude - This is mistranslated, it currently reads "Activate every Spirit Command listed under Search on one deployed unit." - this is pretty much impossible to achieve. It should read: "Deploy allied units on a map such that every Spirit Command is listed under Search."

AOS Power Parts

PS4 v1.02 / PC v1.0.0.2: The "MxP Converter" description in the AOS Upgrade screen notes it is distance moved x 100, however in the Power Part screen the description notes it is distance moved x 20.

Extra Arms Parts

PS4 v1.02 / PC v1.0.0.2: The "Extra Arms", "Extra Arms+" and "Extra Arms++" parts have incorrect attack power values. The correct values are indicated on the Mech Parts page

Dimension Driver Part

PS4 v1.02 / PC v1.0.0.2: The "Dimension Diver" part has incorrect values for Mobility and Sight. The correct values are +15 Mobility and +20 Sight.

AOS RNG Training

PS4: 1.11 / PC: / Switch: The Level 3 and Level 7 bonuses for the RNG Training in the AOS are incorrect. The actual effects are indicated on the AOS Update page

Fixed Bugs

Major Bugs

Red 5

PS4 v1.03 / PS / Switch v1.04: Red disappears from most menus in that version. The unit cannot be seen in the upgrade and Mech Info pages and cannot be "manually" deployed. The unit can only be seen by accessing it through Izuru's Pilot Info menu, and can be upgraded from there. It will deploy normally in missions where it is forced to deploy. You can upgrade Red 5 normally after doing a mission where Red 5 is force deployed.
Fixed with PS4 v1.11

Mistranslations and Faulty Descriptions

Fuu's Ace Bonus

PS4 v1.02 / PC v1.0.0.2: Fuu's Ace bonus says her "Bless" Spirit cost is lowered to 30. Her ace bonus actually reduces the cost to 20. Corrected in Ace Bonus page.
Fixed with PC v1.1.0.0 on PC, PS4 v1.11, Switch status unknown

Methuss' Custom Bonus

PS4 v1.02 / PC v1.0.0.2: Methuss' Custom Bonus states it gives the following bonus: "At the start of own phase, +50 EN to all allies within 4 spaces." This is actually Shin Dragon (True Form)'s Custom Bonus. Methuss' correct Custom Bonus should be "+200 Armor. Gains the Resupply Device". Corrected in Full Upgrade Bonus page.
Fixed with PC v1.1.0.0, PS4 v1.11, Switch status unknown

Skill Programs

PS4 v1.02 / PC v1.0.0.2: The Skill program "Hit Up" name and description both refer to a pilot's HIT stat however the game uses ACC in the pilot status screen.
Fixed with PS4 v1.11, PC and Switch status unknown