Strongest Robo Daioja

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Strongest Robo Daioja
最強ロボ ダイオージャ
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 50
Original Airing Date/Release 31 January 1981 - 30 January 1982
First Appearance Super Robot Wars GC


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Departure! The Galaxy's Prince Mito
2 The Mark of the King Shines in the Chest
3 Dinosaur Papi's Tears
4 Mechanized Prince Mito
5 Human Sculpture of Horror
6 The Boy and The Brocade Whale
7 The Prince's Marriage
8 Friendship of the Swarm Planet
9 Fear!! A Country Without Nightfall
10 Love Flowers, Blooming in Space
11 Prince Mito Became a Star!
12 Father's Intention, Carved onto a Pot
13 Runaway Tribe of the Glittering Planet
14 We Have Tomorrow
15 Great Luck in the Beast Country
16 The Boy Warrior Who Lost His Dream
17 The Dirty Golden Pyramid
18 My Beloved Poala*
19 Which is Which? Two People Are Suke-san
20 A Morning-to-Night Hello
21 The Great Demon's Computer
22 How Prince Mito Became a Prince
23 We Are Bodyguards in the Wilderness
24 Shine! Rodeo Planet
25 Space Pirate Barrack
26 A Bridge of Friendship Over The Battlefield
27 Barjan, Do Your Best
28 Mysterious Demon Army Corps
29 Out Came a Viking!
30 Is The Prince a Big Thief?!
31 The Gift of Doctor Kodoku, Part I
32 The Gift of Doctor Kodoku, Part II
33 The Alien Horror
34 An Encounter Between Father and Daughter
35 Watch Out For The Fake!!
36 Prince, Take the Sword of Justice, Part I
37 Prince, Take the Sword of Justice, Part II
38 Go For It, Pinch Hitter
39 The Hermit Who Wanted to Quit
40 The White Dragon, Part I
41 The White Dragon, Part II
42 Judgement for the Magistrate
43 The Runaway Train
44 Welcome to the Heart, Part I
45 Welcome to the Heart, Part II
46 Jungle Boy
47 The Lord Who Went Out of Town
48 The Tight Lady!!
49 Everyone is Waiting For the Prince, Part I
50 Everyone is Waiting For the Prince, Part II

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances





Ace Redder (X-O only)

Aoider (X-O only)

Cobalter (X-O only)

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
最強ロボ ダイオージャ Saikyo Robo Daioja Strongest Robo Daioja Games