Strongest Hot Blooded Gosaurer

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Strongest Hot Blooded Gosaurer
Other Names Matchless Passion Gozaurer
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 51
Original Airing Date/Release March 3, 1993 – February 23, 1994
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Neo


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 It Has Appeared! The Dinosaur Robo!! Gosaurer
2 Members Assemble! Saurer
3 Who is the Pilot?!
4 10 Minutes of Action!
5 Earth's Last Sunday
6 Big Reversal! The Game Expert
7 Lightning-Speed Saurer Jet
8 Cross the Sea of Flames!
9 Decision! The Deadly Breed
10 One-game Match of Man's Tears
11 War of the Electromagnetic Barrier!
12 Battle of Pinch-Pinch
13 Saurer's TV Uproar
14 Emergency! The Fight in the Infirmary
15 Monopoly! The Saurer's Encyclopedia
16 Fierce! The End of the Gear King!!
17 Strong Rival! Challenge from the Electric King
18 Revival! Magnasaurer Magnasaurer
19 Saurer's Rebellion!? Gun Doppler
20 Search for the Intruder!
21 The Galactic System Deathmatch
22 Yohji, a Man's Journey
23 Battel! The Last Summer
24 Chaotic Hot-Spring Trip!
25 Brutality! Hyper Death Bolt Hyper Death Bolt
26 Awaken! Gransaurer Gransaurer
27 New Enemy, Engine King Gilturbo
28 Tearful Cinderella Boy
29 Super Hot-Blooded King Gosaurer! King Gosaurer
30 One, Two, Pinch!
31 Explosive! Saurer Kart
32 Clash! Hero Decisive Match
33 Stormy Cunning Plan
34 Great Counterattack! Gig's Trap
35 A Ghostly Beautiful Girl Warrior
36 Great Eruption! Goro Explodes
37 Absolutely Desperate Saurers!
38 Flashing Gilturbo Mega Castle
39 Final Battle! Mechanized Castle
40 Departure to the Age of Dinosaurs Bolt Robo
41 Survivor! Age of Dinosaurs Dark Gosaurer
42 Gousaurer of Light and Dark
43 Farewell, Age of Dinosaurs
44 A Hotblooded New Year, Saurers!
45 Fear! New Semester of Nightmares
46 Kenichi is a Robot Human!?
47 Smash! Curse of Steel
48 Dispatch! Cyborg Kenichi
49 The Saurers' Biggest Weakness
50 The Strongest Hot Blood Forever! Machine God
51 To the Sky Beyond Space-Time!

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超勲血合体!キングゴウザウラ一 Cho Nekketsu Gattai! King Gosaurer Super Hot Blood Combination! King Gosaurer Games