Steel Jeeg

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Steel Jeeg
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 46
Original Airing Date/Release October 5, 1975 – August 29, 1976
First Appearance The 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha


Hiroshi Shiba is a racer who discovers he’s a cyborg, created by his father in anticipation of the ancient Jamatai Kingdom reawakening. Hiroshi is able to transform into the giant robot Steel Jeeg using magnetic parts, and thwarts Jamatai’s attempts at world domination.

Has a spiritual sequel in Kotetsushin Jeeg

Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 The New Centennial Magnetic Robo, Steel Jeeg Jeeg, Big Shooter, Rugon
2 Standing in the Air, Build Up!!
3 Appearance! Genma Fortress Yamato no Orochi Genma Fortress Yamato no Orochi
4 Killing Blow! Give Life to the Mach Drill
5 Insane Mecha-Don's Great Struggle
6 Girl, Walk Towards Tomorrow!
7 Shoot the Burning Life!!
8 Friendship and Rivalry Between Men
9 Big Fight! Big Shooter Can't Sortie!
10 The Yuki-Onna Who Escaped from a Picture Book
11 Deathmatch! Battle at the Build Base Garuga
12 Stand Up, Hiroshi! Victory Will Be Yours!
13 Howling Himika! Hellish Revenge!
14 Wake Up, Jeeg! Angry Counterattack!
15 Mecha-Don's Tears Flying in the Air!
16 Strongest Phantom Press Operation!
17 Go For It! MechaMechaMecha-Don!
18 Fear! Invading Foxfire!
19 Revival! Haniwa Genjin of Fate Takeru
20 Fight in the Air! I Saw My Father in Steel Jeeg
21 Escape From a Deadly Black Hole!
22 Reversal! Triple Fight! Girara
23 One Second Before the Blast! Ferry Rescue Operation
24 A Town That Calls For Death! A Runaway Beast!
25 Build Up!, My Mother Shouted!
26 Promised Vow To Bet on Death!
27 Burn Bright Red! New Cyborg!
28 Counterattack! New Weapon Panzeroid Jeeg Panzeroid, Gyao
29 The Emperor Emerges! Mystery of the Bronze Bell is Solved!
30 Mysterious! Dragon Demon King Robot Beast
31 10,000 Meters Above Mt. Fuji!?
32 An Angry Rebellion Dedicated to Himika!
33 Bombing Hell Nonstop Race!
34 Danger, Jeeg! Capsule Launch!
35 Protect Your Wonderful Family!
36 Life on a Single Flower!
37 Is General Flora an Enemy or an Ally!?
38 A Million-Year Old Boy!
39 Battle Song Dedicated to my Mother
40 A Pendant of Love That Connects Hearts
41 Send Jeeg to the Otherworlly Graveyard! Reigon, Ryuuma's Flagship
42 Escape From the Trap! Glory Covered With Scars!
43 Traitor! The End of General Flora! Baban
44 Steel Jeeg vs. Dragon Demon King! Drago
45 Stand Up, Hero! Total War Without Tomorrow!
46 Steel Jeeg Victory Record (Compilation)

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
鋼鉄ジーグのうた Koutetsu Jeeg no Uta Song of Steel Jeeg Games

ひろしのテーマ Hiroshi no Tema Hiroshi's Theme Games