Sousuke Sagara

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Sousuke Sagara - 相良宗介
Other Names Uruz 7
Series Info
Featured In Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Full Metal Panic! Sigma
Personal Info
Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki
Age 16-17 (Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid)
17-18 (Full Metal Panic! Sigma)
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Japan
Relationships Andrei Sergeivich Kalinin (Foster Parent)
Chidori Kaname (Love Interest)
Professional Info
Profession Mercenary
Rank/Position Sargeant - 軍曹  
Affiliation Jindai High School

Sousuke Sagara (相良宗介 Sagara Sousuke) is the main protagonist of the Full Metal Panic! series. He is a part of Mithril's Special Response Team of arm slave pilots and his designated call sign is Uruz 7. Sousuke has been a soldier since a very young age, and due to the limited storytelling of his past on the animated series, those who only watch the TV series may be falsely lead on that he is of Arab descent, but in reality, he was actually born Japanese. He is sent by Mithril on a secret mission in Japan to watch over Kaname Chidori, a potential target for terrorists and the Soviet K.G.B.



Due to a lack of parental figures and a military lifestyle from a very young age, Sousuke has a hard time adapting to regular society. Without people telling him what is acceptable or not outside of military affairs, he is prone to doing and saying things that may be completely insensitive to others or cause trouble unintentionally. Despite these shortcomings, Sousuke has made the most out of military career. He is well disciplined, treats his superiors with respect, and is able to follow orders to the best of his ability. He has also restrained many emotions, which allows him to focus on his current mission and makes him completely oblivious to the feelings of Teletha and Kaname. His mission to protect Kaname slowly opens up Sousuke's ability to express his emotions. However, as his mission becomes more complicated, he begins to doubt himself as a soldier and a person. Luckily, many problems he experiences throughout the story are solved with tough love from Kaname.

After the events covered during The Second Raid, Sousuke goes through a dramatic change. No longer does he question his abilities and the state of the world around him, but he gains a resolve that lets him fulfill his duties and his promises. Even with Mithril falling to the hands of Amalgam and its members forced to go into hiding, Sousuke still continues to fight alone to shape his own destiny and to return to Kaname's arms a better man.

Sousuke is an extremely proficient arm slave pilot, especially with Soviet models such as the Rk-92 Savage. His great knowledge of arm slaves has made him potentially a great engineer and arm slave designer with his creation of Bonta-kun. Outside of his duties with Mithril, he enjoys fishing at his secret spot on Merida Island.

Appearances In Super Robot Wars

Sousuke is a solid pilot, but his overall potential is limited by the arm slave he is piloting. Arm slave units in Super Robot Wars tend to have unfavorable ratings when not on land, and using terrain adapting parts will allow Sousuke to not be handicapped by terrain penalties.

Sousuke will follow your commands in the following Super Robot Wars:

Unit Appearances

Sosuke will first sortie out in these units or will eventually receive them as an upgrade.

  • Full Metal Panic! Sigma and Full Metal Panic! light novel adaptions
    • ARX-8 Laevatein
    • ARX-8 Laevatein (Emergency Deployment Booster Parts)
    • Savage (Crossbow)

Timeline Appearances

Judgement Timeline

W Timeline

Z3 Jigoku-Hen

Z3 Tengoku-Hen