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Name Japanese Class Movement Type Attack Type Description Unlock
Hero (Revya) 主人公 (リベア) Hero / Heroine Flatland Melee Hero / Heroine -
Danette ダネット Town Guardian Mountain Melee Hero's childhood friend Clear Map 1
Levin レビン Bareknuckle Mountain Melee Leaps before he looks Clear Map 6
Vitali リタリー Cleric Flatland Special Quiet, sensitive man Clear Map 6
Juno ヨスト Nereid Leader Water Melee Leader of the Nereid Clear Map 17
Minerva & Norah ミームとノル Nereid Water Melee Juno's Nereid bodyguards Clear Map 17
Grunzford ガンツフルト Veteran Mountain Melee Especially buff Redflank Clear Map 22
Galahad コーホート Chevalier Flatland Melee Chevalier of Raide Clear Map 24
Odie ヨード Sage Dropout Flatland Magic Dio family member Clear Map 27
Tricia ドリーシュ Archer Flatland Ranged Wealthy merchant's daughter Clear Map 28
Pinot ピーナ Cherub Flying Special Strong-willed angel girl Clear Map 30
Agrippa アグリッピ Seraph Flying Ranged Stubborn angel boy Clear Map 30
Endorph エンドルフ Endorph Flatland Ranged Bandit Leader Clear Map 42
Layna レナ Layna Flatland Melee - Clear Map 46

General Classes

Class Japanese Movement Type Attack Type Description Unlock
Swordsman 闘剣士 Mountain Melee High attack; star performer Clear Map 1
Pyremage 焔術師 Flatland Magic Unleashes powerful magic Clear Map 1
Cleric 療術師 Flatland Special Uses magic to heal the team Clear Map 1
Soldier 兵士 Flatland Melee Noted for its cheap cost Clear Map 3
Phynx ファンクス Flatland Melee Beast with quick movement Clear Map 4
Bareknuckle 闘蹴士 Mountain Melee Light, agile warrior Clear Map 4
Bandit 奪人 Mountain Melee High evasive skill Clear Map 5
Archer 弓士 Flatland Ranged High accuracy and range Clear Map 6
Knight 騎士 Flatland Melee High defense; weak to magic Clear Map 9
Deathblossom デスブロス Mountain Ranged Giant, seed-shooting plant Clear Map 11
Saboteur 罠師 Flatland Ranged Runs lethal covert ops Clear Map 14
Whirwin ワーウィン Flying Melee Can fly far; weak to ranged Clear Map 14
Gypsy 舞術師 Flatland Special Dances provide support Clear Map 15
Bard (Musician) 楽師 Mountain Special Uses various support magic Clear Map 15
Hydrone (Hyderonus) ハイデロヌス Water Magic Magical, aquatic being Clear Map 16
Nereid (Mermaid) 水棲族 Water Melee Watery, magic-resistant unit Clear Map 17
Gryphos グリフィス Flying Melee Lord of the desert skies Clear Map 19
Redflank レッドフォッド Mountain Melee Sports a brave, sturdy frame Clear Map 22
Dracosage 竜賢者 Flatland Magic Wizard with immense magic Clear Map 28
Ghobb ゲブ Flatland Melee Rock-hard spirit of the land Clear Map 29
Seraph 翼銃士 Flying Ranged Loves to run-&-gun Clear Map 30
Cherub 翼療師 Flying Special Strong, mobile healer Clear Map 30
Schemestress 謀術師 Flatland Special Illusions tempt the enemy Clear Map 39
Phynx Knight ファンクス騎士 Flatland Melee High mobility and attack Clear Map 40
Dracosage ドゥラゴス Flatland Magic Wizard with immense magic Clear Map 42
Gryphos Rider グリフィス騎士 Flying Melee High performance all around Clear Map 46
Gideon (Evil people) 禍人 Flying Melee Displays ultimate war skill Clear Cycle 1

Secret Characters