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Home Rooms

Room Japanese Cost Décor Effect Requirement
Open Area 空き部屋 0 GP - - First Stage
Gladiatorium 闘士の部屋 2,000 GP Death Charge ATK UP by 5% for each panel moved on. Clear MAP 02
Security Room 守人の部屋 2,000 GP Steel Form Take 50% less damage when guarding. Clear MAP 03
Los Banditos 野伏の部屋 2,000 GP Blitzkrieg Can move right after summoning. Clear MAP 04
Medicine Bag 薬師の部屋 2,000 GP Health Gain STM healed when resting +100%. Clear MAP 05
Hermit Hole 隠者の部屋 2,000 GP Serene Energy Always attack 2nd, but all stats UP by 20%. Clear MAP 06
Sinner's Cell 咎人の部屋 2,000 GP Patient Test Take 10% damage each turn, but all stats UP by 20%. Clear MAP 07
Casino Royale 賭博師の部屋 2,000 GP Gift from God When you summon, you will get a free gift! Clear MAP 08
Generalization 戦将の部屋 6,000 GP Holy War If enemies outnumber allies, stats UP by 20%. Clear MAP 10
Clowns Abound 道化師の部屋 6,000 GP Exhibitionism Enemy will always target you within 4 panels. Clear MAP 11
Servant's Cage 世話人の部屋 6,000 GP Good Care STM use DOWN by 50%. Clear MAP 13
Pit Boss 傀儡師の部屋 6,000 GP True Prophet Accuracy becomes 100%, but you cannot dodge. Clear MAP 14
Foreseer Foyer 預言者の部屋 6,000 GP Glamor Brood Cannot move for 2 turns but ACT UP by 15. Clear MAP 15
Nurse's Office 癒し手の部屋 6,000 GP Amazing Care Heal 10% of nearby squads' HP when summoned. Clear MAP 16
Martyrary 殉教者の部屋 6,000 GP Noble Death On turn 3 you explode and damage nearby squads. Clear MAP 17
Hero's Chamber 勇者の部屋 20,000 GP Valor Paean Stats of nearby ally squads UP by 20%. Clear MAP 18
Heaven Help Us 救済者の部屋 20,000 GP Praising Soul Stats DOWN by 30% but HP heals 30% each turn. Clear MAP 19
Crime Scene 暗殺者の部屋 20,000 GP Antimatter Evade UP by 90%, but one hit will kill you. Clear MAP 20
Adventure! 探求者の部屋 20,000 GP Light Steps Summon range +5. Clear MAP 21
Cauldronette 賢者の部屋 20,000 GP Word of Peace Heal 50% of nearby squads' STM when summoned. Clear MAP 22
Spellbrary 魔導師の部屋 20,000 GP Time's Fool Slows down the turn flow. Clear MAP 25
Hunting Lodge 狩人の部屋 20,000 GP Distant Omen Attack/skill range +3 but cannot move. Clear MAP 26
Loki's Fortune 理想王の部屋 40,000 GP Daily Boost EXP gained UP by 50% Clear MAP 28
Hades' Despair 荒廃王の部屋 40,000 GP Outer Limit STM DOWN by 1%, stats UP by 1%. If STM=0, you die. Clear MAP 29
Vulcan's Rage 激動王の部屋 40,000 GP True Form ATK UP by 5% for each attack turn on the spot. Clear MAP 31
Thoth's Bliss 開闢王の部屋 40,000 GP Brief Stay After 3 turns, leave play and resummon (max 1x). Clear MAP 32
Oberon's Love 妖精王の部屋 40,000 GP Energy Bliss 10% of STM recovered at start of round. Clear MAP 33
Pan's Mercy 薫風王の部屋 40,000 GP Loving Breath 20% of HP healed at start of each round. Clear MAP 35
Aveta's Panic 水源王の部屋 40,000 GP Temp Control Move 3 times in a row but STM=0 after. Clear MAP 36
Travelocity 渡る者の部屋 60,000 GP Azure Hope Nacht becomes usable.
(Increases ACT of all allies by 50%)
Clear MAP 37
In the Grotto 育む者の部屋 60,000 GP Golden Love Wilter becomes usable.
(Fully heals all allies)
Clear MAP 38
Wailing Ball 叫ぶ者の部屋 60,000 GP Brave Crimson Adon becomes usable.
(Increases ATK and INT of all allies by 30%)
Clear MAP 40
Main Lobby 招く者の部屋 60,000 GP Amber Passion Mewlin becomes usable.
(Doubles EXP and GP for all allies)
Clear MAP 41
Angel Eyes 囁く者の部屋 60,000 GP Green Wisdom Sacrei becomes usable.
(Decrease skill use number of all enemies)
Clear MAP 45
Time Warden 紡ぐ者の部屋 60,000 GP Purple Dream Yama becomes usable.
(Stop all enemy movement for a period of time)
Clear MAP 45
Coveter Closet 貪る者の部屋 60,000 GP Black Desire Nergal becomes usable.
(Inflict random damage.)
Clear MAP 46
Gambler's Hall 幸せ者の部屋 20,000 GP Luck Advisory Gig Points gained UP by 50%. 2nd Cycle
Demon's Bed 悪魔の部屋 65,000 GP Corrupt Word Stats UP by 50%, but drop by 10% each turn. 3rd Cycle or Clear Reverse Route
Cat's Cradle 猫使いの部屋 65,000 GP Paw Day Stats UP by 10% every new game cycle. Defeat LV11 Store Manager
Lightsinger 光の歌姫の部屋 20,000 GP Victory Cry Stats DOWN by 30% but all ally stats UP by 10%. Clear 30F of a 2,000 GP room
Hel's Fury 闇の歌姫の部屋 20,000 GP Grudge 18 Stats DOWN by 30% but all enemy stats DOWN by 10%. Clear 30F of a 6,000 GP room
Sarcophagus 死霊使いの部屋 20,000 GP Death Aroma Nearby squads take 10% damage at start of unit turn. Clear 60F of a 20,000 GP room
Day of Death 異能者の部屋 65,000 GP Revelation Invincible for 3 turns but instant death after. Clear 60F of a 40,000 GP room
Master's Dojo 拳神の部屋 Death Fist Damage gives one-hit kill but no EXP given. Clear 100F of a 60,000 GP room