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When you pick a fight with townspeople, a character known as Heroman will arrive and battle in place of them. Each time you defeat him, he will come back stronger the next time. He attacks using a beam that will damage the characters in a column. The following is a list of the townspeople that Heroman will come to the rescue of.

Heroman List
Aged Bird-feeder Juno Old Sepp Lady
Aging Sepp Man Juno & Penn Old Sepp Woman
Agrippa Lady Bird-feeder Owner and Knight
Ambling Old Sepp Levin & Danette Particular Nereid
Beauty-loving Sepp Lonely Girl Picky Old Man
Bespectacled Man Middle-aged Man Pinot
Bored Granny Minerva & Norah Pinot & Agrippa
Bored Kid Mom & Crying Kid Poster
Breezy Boy Mournful Old-timer Preacher Kanan
Chubby Customer Music Class Preaching Sepp
Chubby Old Lady Mystified Child Rushing Old Man
Dio Nereid Customer Shaded Old Man
Ex-Raide Citizens Odie Skinny Old Lady
Father Valerio Old Caretaker Stray Girl
Gentleman and Cane Old Cleaning Lady Strolling Old Lady
Glad Old Gentleman Old Crone Drei Thin Old Sepp Man
Granny Flo Old Ex-Merchant Tricia
Granny Flo & Woman Old Human Troubled Old Man
Granny with Broom Old Human Woman Vangogh
Grunzford Old Man Ito White-haired Man
Hamatz of the Dark Old Man with Hat Wobbling Old Woman
Hidden Villagers Old Nereid Worried Old Nereid
Hugging Old Couple Old Sepp Worried Old Sepp