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Q: When do I get more Rooms/Locks/Classes?

A: The further you progress through the story, the more you unlock.

By the time you get to the end of the Normal Path, all the classes will be unlocked except the Gideon. Completing the Normal Path will unlock the Gideon class and the Gambler's Hall room. Completing the Demon Path and will unlock the Demon's Bed (you must win the final battle).

Q: Why did my game freeze when I defeated the level 12 item shop merchant? How do I fix this?

A: This is actually a glitch, all you have to do is wait a few minutes (10~15 should be enough) and the game will proceed normally.

Q: What carries over on a new game plus?

A: Decors, Gig Edicts, and character stats though you'll have to get to the part of the story where they join you.

Q: Where do you level in this game?

A: Room Inspections are a good place to level, considering you can start over in a new room if the enemy level is too high.

Also, you can get Loki's Fortune rooms to increase the experience you gain, as well as Decor like Amber Passion, Secret Guide, Daily Boost and Total Revolt.

Also, your Decor will be more effective if your Room has more "stars"; defeating Room Sentries and Room Tyrants during Inspections will increase this. The maximum is 25, and a message will appear when you reach this point to tell you that you've maxed out the room.

If you REALLY want to power level and get your level into the hundreds or thousands: The official strategy guide says you should perform Inspections on an Open Area until it has 25 stars and 9 unit slots, then equip Amber Passion, Secret Guide, Daily Boost and Total Revolt, then perform Inspections on high-level Rooms.

Q: Why do my Decors vanish?

A: After every story battle, any equipped Decors will disappear. The exception to this rule are the Decors that came with the room. Anything inside the white box will always be equipped.

Note that this only applies to story battles; Inspections will not cause your Decors to vanish or be unequipped from the Room.

Q: How do I get more Room slots?

A: first thing first keep on CHANGE-ing until Pyremages(Bad Vibes)appear and have occupied one of your rooms(now stop the CHANGE let them be there for a while)...then after that try to clear at least 3 battles it can be done through Inspection and Story battles,(exception:the fights/battles you have with the townspeople). After clearing at least 3 battles go to [Arrange] menu, there's something awaits you to be'll have one additional room slot!under the room which occupied by those bad vibes Pyremages^^...repeat the process til all 9 slot are being unlocked...then another question aroused..(how to get rid of those bad vibes to make the room be available to use?)chicken^^ just defeat them and they will be gone!It's now under your control^^ Do i make myself clear? Did I answer your question?^^ enjoy

The other way to get more slots is to carry out Inspections on the room. When you complete floors that are multiples of 20, you get another slot; so, when you complete floor 20, you'll see a message saying "Character position expanded". For example, if you start with a room that has 5 slots, then completing floor 80 will add 4 slots, giving you a total of 9 slots. This is (as far as we know) the only way to expand the slots in the Protagonist's Room.

Q: Do you get any EXP for Town/Shop fights?

A: Nope.

Q: Which one(unit/generic char.) has the higher stats the one you kidnap from the town or the one you receive from Guardian(bad vibes)? assuming they are in same level.It bothers me lot=(

A: We need more data on this!

We do know that if you buy a generic character and pay to level him up, he will "skip" gaining stats every 5 levels. For example: A character bought at level 10 and leveled up to 30 with battles will have HIGHER stats than one bought at level 30.

Q: Are those Endings(i.e. Dannete ending, Vitali ending etc.)matter? What's their effect in the game?

A: There are basically three kinds of endings: Normal endings, the Demon ending and bad endings. When you get any Normal ending, you unlock the Gideon unit and the Gambler's Hall room (if they're not already unlocked). Which ending you get doesn't have any effects on your stats; the only thing that matters is that you got a Normal ending, and the only difference is which ending screens and dialogue you see.

When you get the Demon ending you unlock the Demon's Bed room. (I don't believe it's unlocked after the 3rd cycle, because I passed that and I hadn't seen it yet!)

There are also bad endings that unlock nothing. For example: If, the first time you fight Feinne on the Normal Path, you say "I desire power", then you get a bad ending. Also, if you go all the way through the Demon Path but lose at the final battle, you get a bad ending; nothing is unlocked, but you get to start a new cycle. (Probably the same thing happens with the Extra Stage endings, but I haven't seen those yet!)