Shinji Ikari

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Shinji Ikari - 碇シンジ
Other Names Idiot Shinji
Third Child
Series Info
Featured In Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone
Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance
Personal Info
Voice Actor Megumi Ogata
Age 14
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Japan
Relationships Gendo Ikari (Father)
Professional Info
Profession Evangelion Pilot
Rank/Position None  
Affiliation NERV

Shinji Ikari (碇シンジ Ikari Shinji) is the Third Child, and the designated pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. He is the son of "deceased" Gehirn bioengineer Yui Ikari and NERV Commander, formerly Chief of Gehirn, Gendo Ikari. After his mother's death, he was abandoned by his father and lived for 11 years with his sensei, until he was summoned to Tokyo-3 to pilot Eva-01 against the Angels. He lives initially just with Misato Katsuragi until they are later joined by Asuka Langley Soryu.


Around the age of three, Shinji lost his mother to the Eva-01 Contact Experiment. As he witnessed this event, he was subjected to considerable trauma that had lingering effects upon him.

Shinji appears first in Episode 1 at age fourteen, where he has been summoned to Tokyo-3 by his father, Gendo Ikari, to pilot Evangelion Unit-01. After refusing to do so, Gendo brings in a backup pilot, Rei Ayanami, who is so badly injured that she falls while trying to get off a stretcher. Reluctantly, Shinji agrees to pilot the unit, and is able to defeat Sachiel after his Eva goes Berserk. Shortly after the Angel's defeat, Misato Katsuragi takes Shinji to live with her rather than letting him live on his own.

Several weeks later, Shinji begins to attend school, where he meets Tōji, Kensuke, and Hikari. When it is discovered that Shinji is the pilot of Eva Unit-01, Tōji beats him up, in retaliation for his little sister being injured in the Angel battle. Shortly thereafter, Shamshel attacks, and Shinji pilots Unit-01 once again. However, before defeating the Angel, Shinji's battle puts two of his classmates in serious danger. Because of this, Shinji spends several days wandering the town, until he sees Kensuke and spends the night with him. The next day, agents from Nerv come and take Shinji back to Nerv HQ. After being reprimanded by Misato, Shinji overcomes his own weakness and stays with Nerv, and goes back to live with Misato.

Later, at Nerv HQ, Shinji sees Rei happily chatting with Gendo, who has burns on his hands. After asking Ritsuko about them, she describes an incident where Gendo put his hands on scalding metal to save Rei, to which Shinji is skeptical. Shinji begins to eye Rei, though he brushes it off as a curiosity about why she is always alone. Soon thereafter, Misato has Shinji return Rei's ID card to her; Shinji accidentally walks in on Rei as she is getting dressed, and clumsily knocks her to the floor, touching her naked body. A bit shaken up, Shinji follows Rei to Nerv, returns her ID card, and asks her about his father; when he tells her that he has no faith in Gendo, she slaps him.

With Rei still unable to enter battle, Ramiel approaches, and Gendo sorties Unit-01 with Shinji as the pilot. Shinji is immediately hit by one of Ramiel's attacks and is forced into retreat by Misato. As Shinji wakes up from the recovery of his injury, he is to help defeat Ramiel with a positron beam; during the battle, Shinji's first shot fails to destroy Ramiel. When Ramiel fights back, Rei, in Unit-00, steps between them, taking heavy damage. Shinji then destroys Ramiel with another blast. Shinji quickly escapes Unit-01, and opens Unit-00's hatch, burning his hands like Gendo, to see Rei. He expresses a deep sadness for her, but tells her to smile nonetheless.

We soon learn that Shinji is embarassed of Misato and her unhealthy lifestyle. After she visits his school, however, a new robotic unit called Jet Alone is demonstrated, but goes out of control. Shinji must use Unit-01 to get Misato into Jet Alone so she can shut down its reactor. Then, after Tōji and Kensuke point out that Misato's personality is only shown to Shinji because she hails him as family, he happily accepts her.

In Episode 08, Asuka is introduced, and immediately regards Shinji as "dull". Despite this, Asuka displays an interest in Shinji (after learning of his innate ability to synch with Unit-01); as Gaghiel attacks, she seizes her chance to impress Shinji, and tells him to get into the cockpit of Evangelion Unit-02 with her. Eventually, as the two cooperate, they are able to open Gaghiel's mouth underwater, and the armada of Navy ships present are able to destroy it.

As the Angel Israfel arrives, Shinji and Asuka are both deployed in their Evas to destroy it. After Asuka hits it and divides it in two, it revives as two separate Angels, which defeat both Evas; Shinji and Asuka proceed to argue about whose fault it was. Kaji and Misato devise a plan to take down the Angel after it heals and returns in a few days time; however, the plan requires the cooperation of both Evangelion units. Shinji and Asuka, during their next several days living together, undergo numerous tests and training exercises to synchronize themselves to better attack Israfel. When the battle day comes, the two defeat Israfel seamlessly through a synchronized dance routine.

Shinji and Asuka hang out at a pool after their friends are send on a field trip, where Shinji is having trouble with schoolwork. Showing off a bit, Asuka solves his problem with relative ease, then compares his topic of thermal expansion to that of her breasts, much to Shinji's embarassment. Meanwhile, Sandalphon has been active in a nearby volcano, and Asuka takes the call. Trying to show off to Shinji, she takes a dive into the volcano, where she loses her Eva's knife, but eventually encounters the Angel. Shinji throws his knife to Asuka, and after a short struggle, Asuka defeats Sandalphon. A few days later, the power to Nerv HQ goes out, and Shinji, Asuka, and Rei must make their way to Nerv together in order to defeat the Angel Matarael. Though they come into conflict many times, they are all able to deploy their Evas and defeat Matarael before it can attack Nerv HQ.

In Episode 12, it is discovered that Shinji is rapidly increasing his synch rate with his Eva, much to Asuka's dismay. As Sahaquiel approaches in the fashion of a meteor destined for Nerv HQ, Misato hatches a plan in which Shinji, Asuka, and Rei must all cooperate to stop the Angel by catching it with their A.T. Fields at maximum. As it nears the ground, Shinji is the first to get under it. He struggles to lasts long enough for Rei to expose the core for Asuka to destroy, killing Sahaquiel. Later, Shinji does a test in Evangelion Unit-00, but when the nerve connections go bad, the Eva goes Berserk just as it had previously, though Shinji escapes virtually unharmed.

Shinji is next seen visiting his mother's grave with Gendo; Gendo reveals that there is no body there, nor does he have any pictures of Yui. Though Shinji attempts to make a connection with Gendo, Gendo dismisses him completely. Shinji returns home and begins playing the cello, with which Asuka notes he has great talent.[2] He says he started playing at age five, and still plays now and again, because, "No one told [him] to stop." She then says she's bored and wants to practice kissing and, though Shinji is nervous, they share a kiss, though Asuka is upset by his lack of emotion.

During Episode 16, Shinji's synch test gives the highest results among his, Rei's and Asuka's, an event that inspires confidence in him. Due to this however, with the arrival of the unusual 12th Angel, Shinji ventures to face it alone, resulting in Unit-01 being captured in the Angel's shadow, trapping him in a Sea of Dirac. As the Eva life support starts to turn off, Shinji begins to lose hope, and the Angel tries to communicate with him, talking about the psychology and understanding of others, and revives the memories of his abandonment, alongside his imperfections. However, once the life support cuts out entirely, Unit-01 goes Berserker, and frees itself from the Angel's grasp, killing it in a shower of blood.

Soon after, Unit-04 vanishes, and Unit-03 is transferred to Japan. Shinji and Asuka are left at the care of Kaji while Misato goes to supervise the test activation of Unit-03. During the night, Shinji asks Kaji about Gendo, thinking he has started to understand his father, to which Kaji replies he just believes he understands.

Following the failed activation test of Unit-03, and its abandonment and re-classification as the 13th Angel, Shinji is sortied to defeat it alongside Rei and Asuka. Even after Rei and Asuka are dispatched by the unit, Shinji still shows reluctance to fight it, claiming that he'd rather die than kill the pilot inside. Seeing this, Gendo cuts the synchonization between Shinji and Unit-01, giving control of the Eva to the Dummy Plug that proceeds to slaughter the Angel. When Shinji finds out that the pilot was Tōji, he refuses to abandon the Eva, claiming he will destroy half of Nerv HQ in pure revenge against his father. With Shinji unable to reason, Gendo orders the technicians to raise the LCL pressure to force him out of his rampage. As a result, Shinji is taken to Gendo, and abandons Nerv and his duties as an Eva pilot, right as the 14th Angel starts his assault, destroying the GeoFront defense and defeating Unit-02 and Unit-00 without difficulties. As Shinji hides in a nearby shelter, he sees the disembodied head of Unit-02 crash against the building, then hurries outside, only to witness the devastation caused by the Angel. He encounters Kaji, watering his garden, and he explains to Shinji that while that is all he can do, Shinji can do much more, and convinces him to pilot Unit-01 once more. Shinji engages the Angel as it is about destroy Central Dogma, and guides it outside before the Eva runs out of energy.

Zeruel mercilessly proceeds to try and destroy Unit-01 core. However, the Eva reactivates and goes Berserk, easily overpowering the Angel, and proceeding to devour its S² Engine into itself. After the incident, Shinji was absorbed inside the Eva's core, which caused him to go through a series of mental journeys that guided him to realize he pilots the Eva so people are kind to him, and remember that he saw Unit-01 years before his arrival at Tokyo-3. On the outside, Misato and Ritsuko try to salvage Shinji's soul back to his body, but the experiment goes awry, and Shinji initially decides not to come back. However, after recognizing the scent of the Eva as the one of his mother, Shinji finally comes back through the core of the Eva.

In Episode 23, when Armisael attacks and Asuka is too mentally fragile to control her Eva, Shinji is launched to attack it. As he touches it, however, it fuses with his hands, and forces him to see hundreds of Rei faces telling him, "it hurts." Through this, the real Rei discovers that her desire is to be with Shinji, and contains the Angel and self-destructs, killing both Armisael and herself. Shinji is devastated, though he soon arrives at the hospital to see Rei, alive. Shortly after, Ritsuko shows Misato and Shinji the Eva graveyard, as well as the clones of Rei.

After being too scared to go home, Shinji finds himself at the edge of a crater in the beginning of Episode 24, where he meets Kaworu Nagisa, sitting amongst wreckage from the battle with Armisael. Through Kaworu's elegant conversation skills and knowledge of Shinji, the two connect immediately as friends. After Shinji returns to Nerv, he, Kaworu, and Rei undergo synch tests, after which Shinji is greeted by Kaworu while waiting to go home. Kaworu accompanies Shinji to a Nerv bathing room and, while sitting together in the bath, the boys display a degree of comfort around one another. At one point, Kaworu places his hand on Shinji's, who allows Kaworu's hand to linger on his own; Kaworu then claims to "love" Shinji. When their bath is done, Shinji tells Kaworu that he needs to go to bed, to which Kaworu is confused and asks if they will go together. Shinji is quick to decline the offer, though he does spend the night at Kaworu's apartment, sleeping on the floor beside Kaworu's bed.

The next day, Kaworu is identified as the 17th Angel as he descends into Terminal Dogma. Shinji is placed into Unit-01 and pursues Kaworu, who manipulates Unit-02 to slow down Shinji. After Kaworu activates the door and enters, he appears to reach an understanding that the giant crucified there is not in fact Adam, but rather Lilith, and after Shinji defeats Unit-02, allows Shinji to grasp him in Unit-01's hand. Shinji is hurt that Kaworu betrayed him, "just like [his] father did," and lied to him about his identity after befriending him. However, Kaworu tells Shinji that his life is complete and had more meaning after meeting him, and requests to be killed, claiming that the only freedom there is, is to choose how one dies. Following a period of silence, Shinji grants his request.

Episodes 25 and 26 have Shinji feeling lost and begging for others to help him. Much of the TV ending is devoted to Shinji being taught by the other characters about the ability of individuals to make their own destiny by reshaping their viewpoint. In Episode 26', Shinji chooses to reject Instrumentality for individual existence, even though it will be painful. He learned that he wanted real feelings even if he would be betrayed and hurt again, because fleeing from that reality brought him no happiness. This might suggest that, buried deep in Shinji, is the capacity for redemption and change.


Shinji initially shows a passive and laid-back personality, inheriting such traits from his relaxed life with his sensei. He tends to just go along with the orders given to him, in hopes for praise and recognition, but the nature of the recurring Angel attacks and the mystery behind NERV's organization has sometimes caused him to question whether he is really fighting for a good reason other than the simple excuse for humanity to survive. His passiveness often lets him simply accept the world around him and brush off the fact that he is piloting something as absurdly powerful as an Evangelion. This tends to irritate other NERV personnel and constantly angers Asuka.

Shinji is constantly in search of a purpose for himself in life outside of fighting Angels and tends to distance himself from his friends and others to sit or lay down and reflect upon himself. Because of his young age and Shinji reaching a critical moment in his growth to adulthood, Misato and Ritsuko try to help him with his struggles, but leave it up to Shinji himself to make vital decisions in the end.

Appearances in Super Robot Wars

Though it is possible, players may opt to take the secret bad ending in Super Robot Wars F/Final for Shinji to fall into the immense spiral of hatred like the TV series. Other Super Robot Wars games give Shinji the opportunity to grow and mature, becoming a more typical robot pilot through the exposure of the differing personalities of the cast. With this and his powerful Evangelion Unit 01, he has become a staple for final teams in Super Robot Wars, though oddly enough he is not always the strongest of the Eva units in terms of raw power. Usually this is offset by his synchro rate in some games, which usually allows Shinji to keep up with his counterpart, Asuka.

Unit Appearances

Shinji will first sortie out in these units or will eventually receive them as an upgrade:

Timeline Appearances

Super Robot Wars F/Final

Super Robot Wars Alpha

Alpha goes through the majority of the Evangelion plotline, with the caveat that Shinji is allowed to grow up as opposed to the gradual regression after Leliel caused in his original anime. The Dummy Plug system is also stopped, as Bardiel is instead destroyed by an awakening Shin Getter Robo (whether Evangelion 03 survives or not depends on whether you get the secret or not, but either way Touji is not killed). Getting an S2 engine is a secret in this game, and not a particularly helpful one either. Shinji will eventually gain the Magnaroc Sword, and will lead the charge against the Mass Production Evangelions to save Asuka (who's Eva was worn out from destroying all of the Titans).

Contrary to popular belief, Shinji is never Bright Slapped or heavily reprimanded in Alpha

Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

Super Robot Wars L

Shinji Ikari is one of Kouichi Hayase's best friends. Makes sense if you think about it, since both of them are EXTREMELY messed up kids and their series both show two very different, realistic reactions of giving an unstable child the power to destroy the whole world. This version of Shinji is based off the one in Rebuild. However, this version only lives though the events of the first two movies, except Zeruel.

Super Robot Wars MX

Shinji goes through a strange mixture of the Rahxephon and Eva plots. At one point, a Dolem swallows RahXephon and Eva-01 and shows Shinji and Ayato visions of Tokyo Jupiter. Both of them have had enough of this vision and are able to escape thanks to Reika's assistance.

Reika also convinces Raideen to use its God Voice again and thanks to it, the Dolem is weakened which enables RahXephon and Eva-01 to break free from it. RahXephon and Eva-01 are so pissed with the Dolem that they immediately enter their respective berserk modes. And together, they make short work of the Dolem. A re-enactment of the scene where Eva-03 gets possessed by Bardiel also occurs. Bardiel proceeds to trash the other 3 Evas. Gendou activates the dummy plug and causes Eva-01 to go berserk on Eva-03 despite Shinji's pleas to stop. Ayato isn't having any of that and summons RahXephon. With RahXephon's power, not only is Ayato able to stop the berserk Eva-01 from causing anymore mayhem, he is also able to cleanse Bardiel from Eva-03 and save Touji.

During the fight against Zeruel, Rom Stol makes another one of his dynamic entries and gives a speech about being a man which surprises Shinji. Not long after, the entire team arrives and they are so pumped up that they start at 130 morale. Despite knowing that Ayato is a Mulian, no one on the team gives a damn as Ayato is their comrade and they'll be there for him no matter what happens. While the team deals with the Mulians, Rom Stol has the important job of holding off Zeruel.

Although Zeruel is unable to hit or damage Rom, Rom is unable to pierce Zeruel's AT Field. Rom isn't giving up and this along with some words of wisdom from Kaji finally convinces Shinji to man up. Shinji confronts his father to let him pilot the Eva-01, so that he can help protect his friends.

Shinji launches in the Eva-01 and actually manages to pierce Zeruel's AT Field. However, the Eva-01 eventually runs out of energy and Zeruel starts retaliating. A frustrated Shinji starts begging Eva-01 to move as he doesn't want to see any of his friends die. Eva-01 finally goes berserk and makes short work of Zeruel. To everyone's horror, Eva-01 devours Zeruel and ingests the Angel's S2 engine.

When Asuka is about to be finished by the Mass-produced EVA, a mysterious figure tells them to STOP. That figure is none other than Rom Stol who gives yet another epic speech. The Calvary has arrived and a remix of the Impact theme starts playing. Shinji eventually arrives and his new badass side is able to impress even Domon and Rom. After an intense fight, Third Impact & Tuning occur at the same time. In the end, Shinji rejects Third Impact.


  • Skills: Sword Cut, Support Attack, Support Defense, Assist Attack
  • Personality: Weak-Minded
  • Seishin: Strike(15), Flash(10), Accelerate(5), Valor (45), Awaken(90), Soul(60)

Super Robot Wars Z3-1: Jigoku-Hen