Shin Masoukishin: Panzer Warfare/Story

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Most of this will be machine-translated so it will be rough. Anybody that wants to clean things up is welcome.
"...." are characters talking
(....) somebody is thinking

Stage 1


A Zeluth, with a history of 10,000 years based upon alchemy and magic. It is a huge floating continent that still floats in the interstices of the dimension. It's history is marked by the emergence of deformed beings from deep, smooth holes called "Dusks" The history of this land has been a history of struggle between people and the strange things that come from the hole in the ground called "Dusk"

History tell us. From small communities of people working together, countless nations have sprung up to become what they are today. But, as if to make a mockery of the prosperity of the people, the strange things have continued to increase rapidly.

In the third month of the year 10093, the year of Megistus, it fell upon a people who had lost all effective means of dealing with the strange things. The arm of a great machine that had fallen from another world. Later people would call it the [Arm of God].

The landing point of the [Arm of God] was the holy kingdom of Vartzpheem. In the holy kingdom Vartzpheem, analysis of the arm was done as urgently as possible with the help of the metallurgical society of A Zeluth. From the technology discovered, means of dealing with the strange beings were developed. This discovery lead to the creation of the [Masouki] which could confront the strange beings.

Today, the people who ride the Masouki are called [Demon Knights]. The reason why they are called [Demon Knights] is because they carry on the spirit of their predecessors who fought against the strange things since ancient times.

Megistus, 10099 League Gram Garum

Vartzpheem Kingdom, King's Capital

Zeldna : "Let there be light for them, brave knights! Finally, League Gram Garum It is recorded so. To you who aspire to become Demon Knights, I hope you will remember the words of this hero from 100 years ago as you face your last test. All of my lectures are over. It was hard work for the past year, except for one of you."

Keigo : "................."

Zeldna : "Wake up, Keigo Ferdinand."

Keigo : "................."

Keigo : "yeah, yeah, ......"

Zeldna : "That's a bunch of crap!"

Keigo wakes up

Keigo : "No, No, Come on! What the hell? Where am I? What the hell is going on?"

Zeldna : "You seemed to have such a pretty nice dream, mind telling me what it was about?"

Keigo : "Hey, Ze, Instructor Zeldna! Ha,Ha,Ha"

Zeldna : "....................."

Keigo : "Ah, That's......"

Zeldna : "....................."

Keigo : "No, not really..."

Zeldna : "Did you reflect a little?"

Keigo : "........................"

Zeldna : "I'm sure you're interested in more than just practical skills."

Keigo : "Ha,Ha ....."

Zeldna: " Well, okay. But, this is the last time I'm gonna teach you. So I'll tell you one thing, the power of a Masouki depends on the mental state of it's pilot. The only thing you can do is approach it with a calm mind. Don't Forget!"

Keigo : "Teacher......"

Zeldna : "Forget it, anyway it's the final exam. Good Luck."

Keigo : "Yes, Sir!"

Zeldna : "This concludes all lectures. The final exam will take place in two hours at the Masouki Drilling Grounds. Each of you will board a Middast please Assemble. Don't be late."

Scene Change

Keigo : "It's still a little early. I'd better be going and I'm indebted to my instructor. Let's finish this with a"

Thodd : "........................"

Keigo :(hmm? Who is that..... You don't see clothes like that in this kingdom, do you? He doesn't feel like a traveller? Well, okay...)