NG Knight Lamune & 40

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NG Knight Lamune & 40
Other Names NG Knight Ramune & 40
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 38
Original Airing Date/Release April 6, 1990 – January 4, 1991
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Neo


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Bang! The Resurrection of King Sccasher King Sccasher
2 The Power of Justice! The Saint Bomb
3 Pokkin City is Starving!
4 Hahaha! The Laughter Fan of Mount Gokuroo
5 The Storm of Trivia on The Great Wall
6 Hot Blood!? Kankan Village is Hot Hot Hot!
7 Pop! Flowers are Blooming on Heads Along the River Nyile!
8 We're Lost! Lost in the Horramid!
9 Gear City is Full of Wind-Up Springs
10 What? We're Half Asleep, Half Asleep, and then We're on the Sea
11 Hic! Beware of the Juice of Truth
12 Dragonpalace Village Has Elderly Power?
13 Is it OK to Double-Double?
14 The Grand Entrance of Queen Cideron! Queen Cideron
15 Kamekameka The Great of Hawaii
16 Run Ramuness! The Traps in the Forest of Fairy Tales
17 Who is The Pretty Girl? Lesuka Versus Cocoa
18 Shiver! The Counterattack of Da Cider
19 Good Luck! Milk's Lullabye
20 We Found Annamonkonna Gate!
21 Shine! The Guardian Knight Contest
22 It's the Greatest! Tama-Q, This is Love!
23 The Legend of Ramuness: Truth or Deception?
24 Storming Into Hoy-Hoy Castle, We Are the Soldiers of Love!
25 The Beauty of Victory! The Holy Power of the Three Maidens
26 His Sacrificial Counterattack; the Fall of Da Cider!
27 The Collapse of Hoy-Hoy Castle! Farewell Tama-Q
28 It's Not Over! The Destruction Knights Appear
29 Heavy Metal-ko: The Ballad of Betrayal
30 Do You Bet Your Life to a Proxy War Gag?
31 The Final Blow? The Techniques of the Destruction Ninja
32 Tentochi Tower! The Battle on the Island in the Middle of the Sea
33 Here it is, Horror! The Mystery in the Forest of the Dead
34 Little Romance... What is Your Name?
35 Role Reversal; the Cracks of Love and Friendship
36 The Dance of the Wind! The Field of Flowers is a Danger Zone!
37 The Great Decisive Battle! Burn, Lamuness!
38 The Gathering of the 40! Be Forever, Hot Blood Power!

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
熱血!! 勇者ラムネス Nekketsu! Yuusha Lamune Hot Blood! Hero Lamune Games

戦い!キング スカッシャー Tatakae! King Scassher Fight! King Scassher Games