Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!

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Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!
Zマジンガー; 真マジンガー 衝撃!Z編
Other Names Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z-hen
True Mazinger
Z Mazinger
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 26
Original Airing Date/Release April 4, 2009 - September 26, 2009
First Appearance The 2nd Super Robot Wars Z: Hakai-hen


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Grand Finale SRW Z2.1
2 Activation! Mazinger! SRW Z2.1
3 Sortie! Ashura Corps!
4 Fierce Battle! Mechanical Beasts vs. Mazinger
5 Assault! Count Brocken
6 Fire! Photon Beam!
7 Legend! The Mechanical Beasts of Bardos!
8 Birth! Baron Ashura!
9 Activate! Japan Raid Operation!
10 Iron Wall! The Kurogane Five!
11 Pincer Movement! Mechanical Beasts Big Strategy!
12 Escape! Undersea Fortress Saluud!
13 First Love? Beautiful Girl Lorelei! SRW Z2.2
14 Shame! Kabuto Family's Grave Sin Exposed! SRW Z2.2
15 Confrontation! The Sorrowful Blue Danube! SRW Z2.2
16 Exhumation! Battle Brain Kedora!
17 Joint Struggle! Travel to the Dangerous Past!
18 Disappearance! Mycenae's Last Day!
19 Grudge! Kurogane House's Longest Day, Part I
20 Grudge! Kurogane House's Longest Day, Part II
21 Grudge! Kurogane House's Longest Day, Part III
22 Dreams! Ashura, the Sleeping Cocoon
23 Approaching! Mechanical Beast Baron Ashura!
24 Verge of Death! All-Out Attack on Dr. Hell
25 Reversal! Bardos' Setting Sun!
26 Conclusion! The Hundred Rocket Punch Barrage! SRW Z2.2

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

  • Koji Kabuto
  • Shiro Kabuto
  • Juuzo Kabuto
  • Kenzo Kabuto
  • Tsubasa Nishikiori
  • Cross
  • Yasu
  • Django
  • Sensei
  • Kikunosuke
  • Gamia Q
  • Boss
  • Nuke
  • Mucha
  • Tetsuya Tsurugi
  • Dr. Hell
  • Baron Ashura
  • Count Brocken
  • Zeus
  • Hades

Unit Appearances

The following units and battleships have appeared in a Super Robot Wars as either a playable unit, NPC, or enemy. The units are sorted by faction.

  • Photonic Power Labs
    • Mazinger Z
    • Venus A
    • Boss Borot
  • Dr. Hell's Army
    • Talos
    • Garada K7
    • Doublas M2
    • Ghostfire V9
    • Belgas V5
    • Groizer X10
    • Nonakargo H2
    • Stronger T4
    • King Dan X10
    • Toros D7
    • Jeiser J1
    • River F9
    • Birdon B7
    • Abdora U6
    • Energer Z
    • Flying Fortress Ghoul
    • Baron Ashura
    • Baron Ashura Mechanical Beast
    • Hell King Gordon
  • Mycenae Empire
    • Kedora
    • Mycenae God
    • Garadabla
    • Zeus
    • Hades
    • Great General of Darkness

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
感じてKnight Kanjite Knight Feel Like a Knight Games

守護神-The guardian Shugoshin - The Guardian The Guardian - The Guardian Games