Makai Senki Disgaea 4/Mystery Gates

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Mystery Gates / 不思議ゲート 

Room (English) Room (Japanese) Fight? Description
Bribe Shop 闇商人 Talk to the Cockatrice twice. Sells special items for bribing. Contains a common Treasure Chest.
Cellphone Shop 携帯電話販売員 Talk to the Prinny seven times. Sells Cellphones.
Rosen Queen, Item World Branch 行商人 Talk four times to the Lady Samurai. Sells items of similar rank and rarity as those available in the current item's Bonus List.
Netheramen Chef ラーメン屋 Talk to the Iron Knight four times. Sells Ramen.
XP/Mana Potion Shop マナポーション屋 Talk to the Magic Knight three times. Sells XP and Mana Potions.
Shop Bazaar アイテム界憤渦祭 Talk several times as to any shopkeeper, or to the Android four times. Bribe, Cellphone, Rosen Queen, Ramen, and Mana/XP Potions shops.
Cat Lord God Tower この塔に居座る猫神 Talk to the Cat Lord God 3 times. Serums to improve your stats. Requires Valvatorez to have at least 5500 levels to reach. Contains a common Treasure Chest, a rare Treasure Chest, and two legendary Treasure Chests.
Treasure Warden 宝箱部屋Ⅱ Accept the challenge. Fight a Fused Dragon and up to three treasure chests.
Scalper 堕腐屋 Talk to the Scalper 4 times. Sells Promotionhell tickets which unlock X-Dimension maps. Inventory from B1-49F differs from B51-99F.
Raffle Ticket Shop 宝箱部屋Ⅱ Accept the challenge. Fight a Fused Dragon and up to three treasure chests.
Item Scryer 占い部屋 Talk four times to The Young Zour. Fortune telling to alter item level: Great (+5), Good (+3), Bad (-3), Worst (-5). If Bad or Worst, can regain 3 levels for defeating him.
Hospital アイテム界病院 Talk to the Alraune on the left three times. Item World Hospital.
Item Worlder アイテム界屋のシーフ Talk to the Thief four times. Talk to the Thief for a free Mr. Gency Exit.
Music Room ミュージシャン Talk to the Succubus four times. Sells BGMs you have heard at least once. Allows changing of Base, Item World, and Character World BGM settings. Makes a Music Shop bill available on the first meeting.
Character Painter キャラ塗師 Talk to the Mage four times. Sells extra colors for all characters and allows one recoloring. Makes a Character Painter bill available on the first meeting.
Present Manager のお宿 Talk to the Prinny four times. Pick one of the three Treasure Chests. The common one often contains “fun” weapons.
Rip Off Bar ぼったくりバー Talk to the head Succubus four times. Pay HL to increase the Bonus Gauge. 10,000 for 4 Bonus Gauge levels, and 100,000 to fill the Bonus Gauge.
Treasure Pillar Vault 宝箱部屋 - 8 Common, 12 Rare and 4 Legendary Treasure Chests on pillars. Can jump back on a pillar from floor level at level 5500+.
Ex-Item King 元アイテム大王 Talk to the Prinny six times. Pay 50k HL to assassinate Gatekeepers for the next five floors.
Voting Room 投票所(立会人) Talk to the Onymo Monk five times. Contains one rare Treasure Chest.
Giant Monsters Room モンスター部屋 Talk to any monster. Defeat all seven giant fused monsters in two turns to add +5 levels to the item.
Graveyard 墓守 Talk to the Ghost once. Can subdue a hidden innocent in the fight.
Gibbs Lover ギブス愛好家 Talk to the Beastmaster five times. Receive a free Magichange Weight.
Foreign Summit サミット Talk to the Wood Golem four times. Meet eight Foreign senators.
Joint Battle Exercise 合同演習 Talk to the Bouncer twice. Fight three level 800 Fused Monsters along Foreign Senators.
Axel's Room アクターレ部屋 Talk to Axel several times. You can talk to Axel and Pink.
Mushroom Farm きのこ養殖場 Talk to the Eryngi six times. Throw the Meat during battle for a few level ups.
Level Sphere Collector スフィア王の末裔 Talk to the Sphere Collector six times. Claim prizes for Collected Level Spheres.