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Evil Symbols

邪シンボル Evil Symbols Effect Requirement
拠点 Base None Initial
オーラピラミッド Aura Pyramid Members aquire 50% of mana gained Initial
地獄の教育場 Hell's Training Field Members aquire 10% of exp gained Initial
防衛城塞 Defense Fortress When defending, will take damage for adjecent characters Bill available initially
ココロの大砲 Heart Cannon Members in range will fire an additional attack on an attacked enemy Bill available initially
ローゼンクイーン Rozenqueen Item shop in base with stock dependent on location of truck Clear Chapter 2
伝説の木 Legendary Tree Allows new relationships between leader and members. Can affect story endings for certain characters Clear part of Chapter 4
魔界シューズ研究所 Nether Shoe Lab +5 Movement, but only in direction character is facing Clear part of Chapter 2
バベルの塔 Babel Tower Enables Dual Throw Use Tower Attack one time
選挙管理委員会 Cam Pain-Board Send members to Senate Pass 3 bills
指導教室 Discipline Room Capture enemies with the base panel to reveal treasure or recruit Throw enemies three times
情報局 Information Bureau Reduces member's damage from special moves repeated by an enemy Clear Chapter 4
魔界鉄道 Nether Express Grants ability to create a hub for the base panel Move 10 spaces in one move
風紀委員会 Hall Monitor Pat down Senators to confiscate items Disgaea 3 save or after first successful steal.
葬務相談所 General Advisor Gain 10% of a fallen member's stats Allies die 10 times
アイテム界レーダー Items World Radar Shows some more potential encounters in Item World Defeat アイテム大王 (Item King?)
地獄ペタンク協会 Bounce off enemies Have monsters receive 30 times
大統領府 Blight House Increase stats by 10% Clear Chapter 7
生贄の祭壇 Sacrificial Altar Survive by absorbing the life of other party members Have 2+ units die on 4 stages
魔物コマンド研究所 Beast Lab Adds some of monster's equipments stats when using machange or giant form. Clear Extra Map 6
巨大武器研究所 Fusion Weapon Lab Can turn a big monster into a weapon. Defeat a level 100+ monster with a Giant Monster.
二刀流道場 Dual Dojo Possible to wield two weapons. While using magichange, defeat a lv 1000+ enemy.
修羅を統べる者達 Carnage master Allows 4 monsters to merge into giant form instead of 2 Get your base stats (ATK, DEF, RES, INT, SPD, HIT) to a sum of more than 20 million---