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Duplication Bug as of 1.10

step 1 fill out your bag and warehouse

step 2 enter the item world, of any equipable item

step 3 break an item box, finish a level to gain an item, or buy an item from one of the mystery portals

step 4 finish off your item up till the x0th stage so that you may leave without having to use a mr gency

step 5 your item will be sent to shops, you will need to sell a couple of items before collecting

step 6 go into the buy section, and buy the item by using the "try it on" option

step 7 exit the shop and repeat, you will find the item is the same level, and all the innocents are the same

PS. suggested uses multiply items with enforcers, managers, brokers, you might need them if you want high rarity items in the mix, Lose-lose innocents as well as statitions

credit goes to the finders in gamefaqs, as well as the finders in the NIS forums

Update 18/07/13 : This is not working anymore due to patches