Makai Senki Disgaea 3/Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks

La Pucelle Movement

If you enter the Base Panel, and leave, you can move whatever your move is from the Base Panel. This can be used in some situations to expand movement range.

The Diagonal Throw

If you press X while you're changing directions of the throw, you can throw diagonally.

Weight Resurrection

Weights reduce your HP to 25%, but they will revive the user on the next map. Furthermore you can revive dead characters by equipping a Weight in a Mystery Room.
(Note that unlike with D2 the weight doesn't disappear.)

Free Classroom Upgrades

If all the seats are filled when a story character joins, then the classroom will automatically expand so that they can join your roster. [1]

Echo Abuse

If you've played D3 for a while you should have noticed the Attack Entry list in the top left corner of the screen whenever you're in battle. It appears when you choose an action that requires the Execute command. Whenever you choose a special skill, take a look at your Attack Entry. Characters that have the Echo evility will appear twice in said list when the evility's effect kicks in. You can abuse this system by cancelling your chosen actions until the character appears twice in the list, hence forcing the Echo effect to your liking.
(The same applies to the Chasing Fang evility, but with normal attacks instead of special skills making it less effective.)

Moving Stationary Bonus

When performing a fixed area special attack, you can hold square and move around. Doing this instead of moving will not reduce the Stationary Bonus counter.