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School Clubs

Icon Club Name Proposal Mana Requirement Effect Mbrs Leader
GH Going Homers - - Unlocked. No special effects. 7 Skipper
Hnr Honor Students Appoint [Honor Students] 100 Create a "Skilled" character Acquire 10% of the EXP that adjacent classmates gain. 4 Senior
Shp Robber Shop Appoint [Robber Shop] 20 - Acquire 50% of the Mana that adjacent classmates gain. 5 Soulmate
Lft Lift Inspectors Appoint [Lift Inspectors] 30 - Members can use the 'Dual Throw' Command. 4 Thrower
CRG Corner Res. Group Appoint [Corner Res. Group] 50 - Students seated in the corners of the classroom gain 25% more EXP. 4 Deadwood
Pnk The Punk Org. Appoint [The Punk Org.] 100 Clear 4-7 Students seated in the back row will gain 50% more HL. 4 Punky B.
Mgy Magintology Appoint [Magintology] 500 Use the Magichange command once. Mchange weapon gives +5% to stats and lasts 1 more turn. 6 Tommy
Goc Gods of Cookery Appoint [Gods of Cookery] 600 Customer Rank at 7 Doubles the effect of consumables 7 Tastey
Nrs Nursing Club Appoint [Nursing Club] 200 Revive 5 characters (Hospital) Leader enables legendary items at the Hospital. Reduces fees by 10% per member. 4 Doc
Str True Robber Store Appoint [True Robber Store] 10,000 Clear House of Ordeals 4 Members acquire Mana instead of adjacent students. 3 Buddy
HM Hall Monitors Appoint [Hall Monitors] 300 Successfully steal once. Can 'Backpack Check' a Rep once during Homeroom votes per member in the club. 6 Chairman
Mus Music Club Appoint [Music Club] 700 Visit the Music Room in the Item World. Can change the BGM in the Item World. 5 Manager
Cmr Comrade! Club Appoint [Comrade! Club] 8,000 Clear "Prism Ranger People" 10% of the stats of all adjacent dead characters is added to the Leader of this club 1 Lone Wolf
Wed Wednesday Team Appoint [Wednesday Team] 700 Visit the Innocent Town once. Chances of finding an Innocent Town in an Item World increases by 10% per member. 6 Captain
Bw Birdmen Watchers Appoint [Birdmen Watchers] 400 Visit Corsica's Tower in the Item World. Allows Mao to jump at least 50% higher when not in battles. Increases up to 100% as Mao levels up. 4 Dreamer
GGL GlassesGirlLovers Appoint [GlassesGirlLovers] 500 Customer Rank at 5. Can buy Glasses, and increases chances to find Providences by 7% per member. 4 General
JLN Justice Legion NW Appoint [Justice Legion NW] 500 Customer Rank at 4. Can buy Belts, and increases chances to find Orion's Belts by 7% per member. 4 Leader
Sho Shoe Artisans Appoint [Shoe Artisans] 700 Customer Rank at 6. Can buy Shoes, and increases the chances to find Barefoot X's by 7% per member. 4 Boss
StC Student Council Appoint [Student Council] 50 Clear 3-3 Enables Class World. Sir Pri visits occasionally. 4 SchlPres
ElC Election Committee Appoint [Election Committee] 600 Home Room rejected 3 times Members are able to vote during assemblies. 4 Chairman
SB School Board Appoint [School Board] 600 Clear Episode 3 Able to select homeroom teacher to receive level up bonuses. 4 Supt.
Shu Shura Support Group Appoint [Shura Support Grp] 999,999 Defeat Baal in LoC Magichange lasts 1 turn, but adds the humanoid's weapon stats. 2 Ra-oh
PPP PPP Appoint [PPP] 400 Defeat at least 1 Pirate group. Allows reverse pirating of a cleared item. Members increase Pirate encounter rate. 4 Cap'n
Tna Tora no Ana Appoint [Tora no Ana] 2,000 Obtain 1 Illegal Ticket Allows Access to X-Dimension. Members increase chance to find the Illegal Room. 4 Mister
- Demon Change Committee - - Clear the Ten Gentlemen extra scenarios. Increases the time a ma-change weapon is usable (Not an actual club. Modifies Magintology). Changes Magichange option to MAGIchange 6