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Bill List

Subject Translation Mana Notes Requirements
議員一覧を見たい Representatives List -
新しいキャラクターを作る Create New Character -
キャラクターを削除する Delete a Character -
名前を変えたい Rename a Character -
酷語の授業を受けたい Harsh Language Class 500 Can use Kanji in names Appears after you obtain 500 Mana (Not in US game)
転生する Reincarnate 100~ Character lvl is reverted back to one
お店にもっと高い物が欲しい More Expensive Stuff 10~ Increases Shop Rank by 1
お店にもっと安い物が欲しい Cheaper Stuff 10 Reduces Shop Rank by 1
敵をもっと強くしてほしい Stronger Enemies 100~ After Chapter 3 starts
敵をもっと弱くしてほしい Weaker Enemies 10 After Chapter 3 starts
『優等生グループ』を結成したい Appoint [Honor Students] 100 Acquire 10% of the EXP from adjacent students
『強奪商店』を結成したい Appoint [Robber Shop] 20 Acquire 50% of the Mana from adjacent students Have in the beginning
『持ち上げ研究会』を結成したい Appoint [Lift Inspectors] 30 Can use the Two-Step Throw
『隅っこ同好会』を結成したい Appoint [Corner Res. Club] 50 Students seated in the corners of the classroom gain 25% more EXP
『ヤンキー倶楽部』を結成したい Appoint [The Punk Org] 100 End seat will gain 50% more HL Clear 4-7
『魔チェンジ研究会』を結成したい Appoint [Magintology] 500 Allows monsters to change into weapons Clear 1-7
『味魔王料理会』を結成したい Appoint [Gods of Cookery] 600 Doubles the effect of consumables Customer Rank at 7
『保嫌委員会』を結成したい Appoint [Nursing Club] 200 Revive 5 people at Hospital
『真・強奪商店』を結成したい Appoint [True Robber Store] 10,000 Acquire all of Mana from adjacent students Appears after fully completing the 10 gentlemen event post game
『風紀委員会』を結成したい Appoint [Hall Monitors] 300 Lawmakers' item can be confiscated in a homeroom? After successful theft
『音楽部』を結成したい Appoint [Music Club] 700 Can change the BGM in the Item World and the Academy World Discover the music shop in the item world
『水曜日チーム』を結成したい Appoint [Wednesday Team] 700 Chances of finding an Innocent Town in an Item World increases
『鳥人間研究会』を結成したい Appoint [Birdmen Watchers] 400 Increases base Jump power Appears after first encounter in Item world with the Cat and Crates mystery world
『メガネっ娘愛好会』を結成したい Appoint [GlassesGirlLovers] 500 can buy glasses
『正義戦隊』を結成したい Appoint [Justice Legion NW] 500 Can buy belts
『靴職人』を結成したい Appoint [Shoe Artisans] 700 Can buy shoes
『学級界係』を結成したい Appoint [Student Council] 50 Afro Prinny shows up randomly after completing a stage to access Academy World Clear 3-3
『選鬼世管理委員会』を結成したい Appoint [Election Committee] 600 Can select own students to be representatives of the Student Committee Home Room rejected 3 times.
『凶育委員会』を結成したい Appoint [School Board] 600 Can select own homeroom teacher Clear Episode 3
『虎の穴』を結成したい 2000 Can enter reverse map area Appears after first pirate ticket has been collected
『逆界賊団』を結成したい Appoint [PPP] 400 Can enter Reverse Pirating World Appears after defeating first pirate group
『戦友よ!委員会』を結成したい Comrades! 8000 Character gains 10% of the stats of dead characters around him (graves) Appears after defeating Red Prism Ranger (the committee is a pun on him being lonely)
『修羅を統べる者達』を結成したい Appoint [Shura Support Group] 999999 Increases the power of Ma-Change further. Equipment now factors into Ma-Change stats Appears after LOC Baal has been defeated
アーチャー男を作りたい Make a Male Archer 150 -
アーチャー女を作りたい Make a Female Archer 150 -
ガンナー男を作りたい Make a Male Gunner 150 -
ガンナー女を作りたい Make a Female Gunner 150 -
忍者男を作りたいでござる Make a Male Ninja 600 -
忍者女を作りたいでござる Make a Female Ninja 600 -
サムライ男を作りたいでござる Make a Male Samurai 700 -
サムライ女を作りたいでござる Make a Female Samurai 700 -
ジオマスターを作りたい Make a Geo Master 300 -
魔物使いを作りたい Make a Beast Master 150 -
Brute Warrior 800 - ?
Sorceror 400 - ?
覆面ヒーローをつくりたい Make a Masked Hero 1000 -
魔法剣士を作りたい Make a Magic Knight 400 -
魔人をつくりたい Make a Majin 10000 - ?
Cheerleader 400 - ?
重騎士を作りたい Make a Heavy Knight 150 -
襲学旅行に行きたい Go on a School Excusion 50 Like Disgaea 2, it triples EXP from next EXP gain not kill, can be a magic spell.
社壊見学に行きたい Go on a Field Trip 50
プリニー参観日を催したい Prinny Day 50 Prinny at least Lv10 / Clear 2-3?
生屠会予算を着服したい Embezzle Funds 10
学級界のマナ取得を強化 Greater Mana Gain in Class 3000
学級界のマナ取得を初期化 Back to Initial Mana Gain in Class 100
学級界の経験値取得を強化 Greater EXP Gain in Class 5000
学級界経験値取得を初期化 Back to Initial EXP Gain in Class 100
凶室を広くしたい Get a Big Classroom 200 Increases class room size from 16 students to 30 -
凶室をもっと広くしたい Get a Bigger Classroom 1000 Increases class room size from 30 students to 48 -
凶室をもっとも広くしたい Get the Biggest Classroom 5000 Increases class room size from 48 students to 64 -
練武の館へのゲートを開く Open gates to Ordeal Mansion 7000 Appears after you obtain 7000 Mana
ビッグスター様に会いたい Meet Master Big Star 1000 Master Big Star joins after completion 1st Event that appears in the post game.
極上のサルバトーレに会いたい Meet Salvatore the Magnificent 2000 Best Salvatore joins after completion Appears after completing Meeting a big star
怪しげなコスチュームの人に会いたい Meet the Weird Costume Guy 4000 Red Prism Ranger joins after completion Appears after completing Meeting best Salvatore
別ゲームの主人公に会いたい Meet Another Main Character 8000 Asagi joins after completion Appears after completing Meeting guy with questionable outfit
迷子の女の子に会いたい Meet a Lost Girl 16000 Marona joins after completion Appears after completing Meeting other game protagonist
芸人に会いたい(?) Meet a Comedian Sort of Guy 32000 Axel joins after completion Appears after completing Meeting lost girl
別魔界の魔王に会いたい Meet Tyrant Overlord 64000 Laharl, Etna and Flonne join after completion Appears after completing Meeting Actor (?)
史上最凶最悪の魔王に会いたい Meeting worst devil in history 99999 Encounter with Baal Appears after completing Meeting Demon King of alternate world
いい汗をかきたい! Lets Break a Good Sweat 2000 Part of the 10 gentlemen event. Appears after completing meeting a big star.
魔物王国でたわむれたい! Go Play Monster Kingdom! 4000 Appears after completing Break a good sweat
名作アニメが見たい! Watch a Classic Animation Bit 8000 Appears after completing play in a masterpiece dungeon
熱いカードバトルをしたい! Play a Fierce Card Battle 16000 Completion gives Cat Stick which is used for duping trick Appears after see a masterpiece anime
『魔チェンジ委員』を強化したい Strengthen Demon Change Commission 80000 ?
Play with Breezy! 32000 ?
いつもと違うエンディングが見たい Watch a Different Ending 9999 A choice on second play through before the final stage

Bribing Chart

  • Item interest is still dependent upon an item's rarity.
  • Sleep status effect causes Senate member not to vote or accept bribes.
  • Forget status has a random effect on bribing (Senator is described as being drunk)
  • Special voting sessions in the Item world can have Geo symbols and panels laying around, so watch out if you try to force a vote.

Bribing Interest Trans
すごく欲しそう Must Have!
わりと欲しそう Interested
ちょっと欲しそう Slightly Interested
あまり欲しなさそう Not Very Interested
絶対にいらない Does Not Want!

Attitude Chart

Attitude Trans
愛すら感じる♥ Love♥
非常に好意的 Total Support
かなり好意的 Strongly For
好意的 In Favour Of
やや好意的 Leaning Yes
どちらでもいい Either Way
やや杏定的 Leaning No
杏定的 Against
かなり否定的 Strongly Against
非常に杏定的 Total Opposition
殺意を感じる… Loathe