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Warrior (male)

Fighting is a way of life in the Netherworld.
You can only call yourself a warrior if you have chosen to fight, and have a contract with the God of War "Grandell".
They dress very lightly but they can harden their body with their "power" and quickly respond to attacks.
Warriors are a great asset for both offense and defense.

Valkyries (female)

It is said that only one in a thousand girls possess the potential to become a warrior.
Therefore, the ones with that natural power are taken in by retired female warriors to be put through extensive training.
First, a training girl is called a "Liebe", and they are taught skills to survive on their own.

Martial Artist (male)

A true warrior who pushes himself to his limits.
These fighters can battle enemies with guns & swords equally by using their Dark Hadou.
The original master of this martial art is rumored to be a legendary human street fighter.
Power is justice and the only truth.

Fight Mistress (female)

These martial artists come from the putskirts of the Netherworld, the Village of Beasts.
This village was orginally a place for marriage training for aristocratic women, but such trifles were forgotten over time, and the area became a training ground for female artists.
Nirvam is the master rank.

Clergy (male)

A group of people with surprisingly good morals.
They wear handcuffs as punishment for healing those who were hurt in battle.
They do not hold prejudice against humans.
They are in search of a secret, miracle spell that will cure millions.

Cleric (female)

It is believed that their ancestors were fallen angels, exiled from heaven, who began spreading healing magic in the Netherworld.
They are very different from demons, ans see the significance of healing others.
They are eager to strengthen their powers, and their school has a history of thousands of years.

Magician (male)

Those that are interested in magic go to magic school when they are very young.
Only the few who finisg extensive training will receive the traditional costume to heighten their focus, and be proclaimed a magician.
Even though they are still in training, they have great potential to acquire many spells.

Witch (female)

Witch girls are often born with their skills.
The big ribbon on their heads absorb magical powers in the air.
Because of that, they can acquire new magic spells without studying.
Most of them are relaxed and optimistic, but "less intelligent" than magicians.


Being a thief is approved by the demon society as a traditional job.
There are even schools and institutes to grow population of the bandits, and also temp agencies to provide jobs to those that want to become one.
They will steal anything from things with monetary values, and even things that can't be seen like people's emotions, trustworthy.

Ranger (male)

Notorious cold-hearted snipers of the Netherworld.
The females used to be in the same race until they opposed the cold-hearted ways of theses Rangers.
A great war broke out in between the female and the male, which involved the other race.
The war finally ended as a cold-war when several Overlords stepped in to mediate.
Today, the Rangers will keep doing their jobs that meet their pay.

Archer (female)

They are a group of soldiers from a iced village in the mountains, called the "Baddle", where only women live.
They specialize in archery.
They can hear the voices of the wind spirit to tell the directions and the power of the wind.
It is said that their breasts evolved throughout their long history of archery to how they are now, since the breasts are only there to interfere with archery.