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Age: 1578
Class: Demon (Evil Academy Honor Student)
Japanese Voice Actor: Hiromi Hirata
English Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna

Mao is the main character of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. He is the son of the dean of Nether School Evil Academy and the Academy's top Honor Student, a title bestowed upon students who don't attend class and commit acts of villainy or various other evil deeds from thievery to ignoring proper manners or hygiene. As the heir to the throne, Mao wants to defeat his father and gain the title of Overlord for himself and he hopes that his research on the power of hero will do so. He steals the title of a hero from Almaz to gain this power, but as soon as he realizes that Almaz is not really a hero, he spends much of the game trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

Mao is an ambitious demon who tries to make use of his research in order to defeat his father. With his 1.8 million EQ, which he constantly boasts about, Mao tries to calculate each and every step he takes toward achieving his goals though at times he can be a little too overzealous and when something goes wrong, he will always question how his perfect calculations could be off. Despite his hatred towards heroes, he realizes that the power of a hero has the power to defeat an Overlord through his research of anime, comic books, and video games. He realizes that "love" is a source of a hero's power and is curious to figure out what it is. When something interests him, such as Almaz's transformation into a demon, he will be ecstatic, shown by him drooling and his glasses fogging, and if he can't figure anything out through research, he will experiment on his subject by either dissecting it or modifying it. Though he is the top Honor Student, thus one of the most evil students in Evil Academy, he constantly follows his own rules if he finds it necessary in order to fulfill his goals, including attending class or opening his heart, both of which are unfavorable among most Honor Students.


Age: 1578 years
Class: Demon (Evil Academy Delinquent/Valedictorian)
Japanese Voice Actor: Chiwa Saitou
English Voice Actor: Laura Bailey

Raspberyl is Mao's childhood friend and the number one delinquent of Evil Academy, a title bestowed upon demons who get to class on time, does their homework, and performs good deeds like taking out the trash or donating blood. She considers herself to be Evil Academy's badass and is followed by her subordinates Asuka and Kyoko. Because of her position as the number one delinquent, she is usually worried about her not standing out as much if someone were to perform delinquent acts or head down a road that would lead to delinquency, which is why she tries to stop Mao from becoming a hero. However, throughout the game, she shows that she genuinely cares for Mao and tries to help him and Almaz whenever she can.

Raspberyl claimed that she once followed the path of an Honor Student, however, she believed that becoming a delinquent was her unique way of proving that she is a badass. She isn't liked by most demons for the way she carries herself and she is even targeted by the School Board President and the PTA, though some, such as the Vato Bros., do actually like her and Mao does come to her rescue despite him claiming that he is doing it to defeat the School Board President. She will never shy away from delinquency, even during a fight, often beginning a fight by talking her opponent out of one and ending one if it conflicts with her classes. However, her concern for Mao is one of her priorities. In the middle of the game, she actually skips a class when there is trouble in Mao's heart. She rushes to help Mao if his ideas go beyond the evil of an Honor Student and even prevents the darkness in Mao's from taking over him. Raspberyl also gets ecstatic when she meets a hero, whom she regards as super rare spawns and will ask for their autographs.

Almaz von Almadine Adamant

Age: 18
Class: Human (Hero/Ever changing Demon titles)
Japanese Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono
English Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch

Almaz is a human from the Human World, who carries the title of a hero. He was originally a guardsman who wanted nothing more than to protect Princess Sapphire, whom he has a crush on. Once it is believed that Sapphire will one day be kidnapped by the Overlord, Almaz makes it his duty to become a hero and defeat the Overlord before he can kidnap her. However, he gets his hero title stolen by Mao and is forced to join the demons as Mao's slave. Mao calculates that Almaz has 666 hours before he becomes full-fledged demon, so he tries his best to get Mao to open his heart in order to get his title back and become a human again.

Almaz adores heroes and knows everything about them. He is especially passionate about the legendary hero, Super Hero Aurum, to the point where owns most of the merchandise related to Aurum and recites his codes which include "No matter what trouble awaits, a hero must stand, face forward, against it!" Unfortunately, Almaz has a hard time acting according to these codes as he is a coward, not very confident, and very unlucky. Also, despite having a hero title, he never became a hero to begin with and is constantly called a fake hero once Mao and the others become aware of this. Because Mao made him his servant, he is constantly at the mercy of Mao's orders and research. However, despite being cowardly, he has a good heart. As a guardsman under Sapphire when her mother died and everyone believed her to be uncaring, Almaz believed that Sapphire cutting her hair was a way to show that she did care about her mother's death. As he spent his time with Mao and the other demons, he was able to see that demons are not so evil and views Mao as a friend in need of help, no matter how much he denies it. He is also very selfless as he will try to protect others, especially Sapphire, without any regard for his own safety and will try to cover up the pain he is going through in order to keep his friends from worrying about him. He functions as the straight man for much of the game.

Sapphire Rhodonite

Age: 17
Class: Human (Robust Princess)
Japanese Voice Actor: Akiko Hasegawa
English Voice Actor: Stephanie Sheh

Sapphire is a princess from the Human World, an Evil Academy transfer student, and the object of Almaz's affection. Because of her position as a princess, there is always the fear of her one day being kidnapped by the Overlord. Believing that it would be best to strike first before the Overlord attempts to kidnap her, Sapphire enters the Academy as a transfer student to defeat the Overlord, though her priority soon becomes opening Mao's heart and returning Almaz's hero title to him.

Sapphire, while a beautiful princess, is much more robust in her way of dealing with the various situations that present themselves in the game. She always chooses to act rather than wait around, even going as far as using violence if she feels it is necessary as seen when she pulls out a chainsaw to open Mao's heart. Her motto is "First to strike, first to win", thus she enrolls into the Academy in order to learn more about demons and defeat the Overlord before he can destroy her kingdom and kidnap her. She is also known for inability to cry even when her parents and many of her subjects died. However, this is not to be confused with heartlessness. Despite her use of violence, she does believe in the codes of Super Hero Aurum and tries to help others as much as she can. When Almaz has second thoughts about helping Mao return to his normal self, she hits Almaz, telling him that he's being a pitiful coward who won't help Mao even when the code of Aurum states to help those who are in need. Her inability to cry was never something she wanted as well. She tells Almaz that she just cannot cry when someone dies, and it brings her so much pain that she can't even shed a tear. Even though she is known for taking down many demons, she still has a feminine side. She loves cutesy things, including Raspberyl, and would hug it without a second thought.


Age: 3442
Class: Demon (Chef)
Japanese Voice Actor: Keiichi Kuwabara
English Voice Actor: Christopher Corey Smith

Mr. Champloo is the Home Economics teacher at Evil Academy and the master of Fire Chaos Style Kitchen Fist martial arts. He is an unlicensed teacher and remained a mystery for quite some time with his class dwelling within the dangerous old school building. However, after meeting Mao and witnessing several strange occurrences in Evil Academy, he leaves his class behind and joins Mao.

Mr. Champloo has a strong passion for cooking as well as the heart. In fact, he believes that just as it takes a strong heart to cook up a good meal, it takes a strong heart to overcome any obstacle and he will usually try to convey that to Almaz and Mao. Unfortunately, when he tries to do so, he will frequently use cooking metaphors making much of what he says seem ambiguous, cryptic, or simply not make any sense, though it is mainly good advice. Oftentimes, he will appear before others to give his speech and then suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke, even going as far as mysteriously appearing in someone else's monologues or thoughts. As a Home Economics teacher, he is very hard on his students when they are unable to possess a strong heart. He also believes in the idea of demons having the freedom to choose whatever path they wished to pursue and not force demons into becoming Honor Students or Delinquents like most demons.


Age: Unknown
Class: Demon
Japanese Voice Actor: Gorou Kubota
English Voice Actor: Dan Woren

This old gentleman demon is very loyal to Mao, known to become over protective of him in certain situations. He's known to cover his failures by laughing them off and seems to be keeping a few secrets himself. His future goal is to watch and help Mao grow up to be a great Overlord. His dislikes involve any people who get in the way of that. There have been demons who say he's even stronger than Mao. Geoffrey was the one who found Almaz in the demon world and brought him to Mao in order to help achieve his goal. He is willing to do anything in order to make Mao's dream a reality.

Kyoko Needleworker

Age: 1584
Class: Demon (Kunoichi)
Japanese Voice Actor: Shizuka Arai
English Voice Actor: Lara Jill Miller

Kyoko is subordinate #2 of Raspberyl. She's devoted to Raspberyl and calls her "My Lady"("oneesama" or "big sister" in Japanese). Since Raspberyl has pink as her main color, Lilian covers herself in brilliant pink clothing. She takes the roll of the Explanation character, and seems to know everything about the school's history. A female ninja known as "Lilian of Strength", her dream is to help Raspberyl become the Legendary Delinquent. She really hates brutality and will immediately attack an offender by throwing knives, among her many other weapons. Her policy is to fight fair and square, never attacking during the night. Rather she will challenge opponents in broad daylight, hoping for a good fight.

Asuka Cranekick

Age: 1593 Class: Demon (Delinquent Samurai) Japanese Voice Actor: Natsuki Kousaka

Asuka is the very loyal subordinate #1 of Raspberyl and addresses her as "oujousama" (my lady). She also happens to be the daughter of a high-class family. Her hobby is to send 1,000 paper cranes to opponents she wounds in battle, as a get well gesture. This has earned her the nickname of "Asuka of the Paper Cranes". Asuka dislikes brutality as well as Lillian, though she will still fight for what she believes in. If she witnesses someone committing an act of brutality, she will punish the person. Her dream is to send a thousand paper cranes to a prince who has fallen from a white horse. This is her form of love.

Master Big Star

Age: 2764
Class: Demon (Sophomore Leader)
Japanese Voice Actor: Chihiro Suzuki
English Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien

Master Big Star is the charismatic leader of Evil Academy's sophomore class, who loves his subordinates, whom he regards as friends. The "Master" is part of his real name. He has an elegant bearing overflowing with refinement, but he actually has a strong belief as a leader. He believes in the idea of having strong friends and that his belief in his comrades would bring out the best in his friends, while at the same time, their belief in him as their leader would bring out his best. He joins Mao twice throughout the main story, the second time helping him overcome the darkness in his heart and helping Mao defeat Aurum.

Salvatore the Magnificent

Age: 2666
Class: Demon
Japanese Voice Actor: Miho Yamada
English Voice Actor: Michelle Ruff

Salvatore is one of Evil Academy's Diez Gentlemen, a legendary group of Seniors who are usually never seen among Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. Throughout the game, she and some of the Diez Gentlemen follow the orders of their unknown leader.

Salvatore is very strict and militaristic. In battle, she barks orders at her squads, but she will bark orders at her enemies just as much as her allies. In fact, much of her commands tend to be completely absurd and normally impossible to perform by anyone, such as her command for all aside from Mao and Master Big Star to transform into an invincible robot that will blast the area with a -5000 degrees Celsius blizzard. However, as soon as she realizes that her leader was actually Super Hero Aurum, she, after some inner conflict and words from Mr. Champloo, decides to go against Aurum and the Diez Gentlemen, believing that the very idea of a demon obeying a hero is insane. She as well as Master Big Star join Mao soon afterward to face Aurum.