Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Walkthrough/Episode 6

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(6-1) First Battle

You may want to bring a Healer that knows Espoir in order to deal with the Thieves' status effects. First off, steal all of the equipment off of the "Invincible" Hero, his equipment is unique and can only be acquired once per game cycle. The enemy Healer is meant to be more of a distraction due to her Muscle items giving her a hefty HP boost, so leave her for last and when you do get around to her, steal her Muscle items to remove her HP buff.

(6-2) Second Battle

To solve this Geo Panel puzzle, you need to destroy the red "Ally Damage 20%" Geo Symbol. There are two decent ways to go about dealing with the puzzle:

1. You can send out a Geo Master that can hit a target from 7+ panels away via magic and use him to destroy the red Geo Symbol. Due to his innate abilities, he won't take damage from the Geo Panel Destruction, but he will be left vulnerable to the wounded enemies that remain, so send out your army to back him up.

2. This method is rather sneaky. Before you attempt this method, you need to make sure that Tink is strong enough to take out that red Geo Symbol with a single use of Sonic Roll. Now to start, send out a stout ally and position them on the red panel two panels behind the Marionette nearest to the Base Panel. Now, have Tink move to the green panel to the left of your previous ally. Have Tink attack that ally with his Sonic Roll, Tink should end up on the yellow panel 4 panels southwest of the red Geo Symbol afterwards. End your turn. Once you gain control again, have Tink use another Sonic Roll to pop the red Geo Symbol. On the downside, Tink and your other ally are going to get hurt from the Geo Chain. On the upside, however, you don't have to wait through the process of unlocking and then training a Geo Master to use the previous method.

Either way, mop up the weakened enemies afterwards, and prepare to reap the Bonus Gauge rewards.

(6-3) Third Battle

This map is covered in Geo Panels, and 3 of the 6 effects they produce can be helpful to you, so use them to your advantage. Stick your physical fighters on the ATK or DEF boosting panels and your magic users on the "Evade" panels. Deal with the enemies from these positions and you should be fine. You may want to steal the Dark Rosary from the enemies' "Prophet" class leader since it is a rather nice piece of equipment and she won't be on the map if you revisit it later.

(6-4) Fourth Battle