Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Walkthrough/Episode 5

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(5-1) Glutton's Hideout

This map is a mad dash to destroy the "Encroach" Geo Symbol and then the "Enemy Boost +50%" Geo Symbol before they become a dire problem. Once you have dealt with them, use the "Heal 20%" panels as cover as you take down the remaining enemies on the map.

(5-2) Eternal Oblivion

On the first turn, use some magic users to take care of the nearby Orcs. Next, get a couple of allies to move the nearby "ATK +50%" and "DEF +50%" Geo Symbols onto the panels near them. After that, just lure the remaining enemies to you while you take point on the stat-boosting panels near the Base Panel.

(5-3) Shriek of Death

Do not bring wind magic users to this map, the Wolves are immune to wind damage. Axel is acting as your support for this map, so ignore him. First off, blast the yellow "No Entry" Geo Symbol to release the Wolves. Then, for the remainder of the battle, use the "Invincibility" panels to your advantage and take out the Wolves as they hopelessly try to harm you.

(5-4) Dark Ruins

This map is more of a gauntlet than anything else. Have a stout ally lead the charge through the passages, never show your back to the enemy, approach the intersections cautiously so that you do not get surrounded, and avoid drawing in the Wolves until your ready to deal with them. Just follow those suggestions, and you should come out of the fight alive.