Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Walkthrough/Episode 2

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(2-1) Banquet Room

You should quickly make for the green Geo Panels and stand your ground there as the enemies come for you. Four monster allies occupying those panels with an ally Beast Tamer between them would be most effective.

(2-2) Sanction Room

During the beginning of this battle, you are mostly at the mercy of the Warp effect on the Geo Panels, so your weaker allies should avoid this fight for now. As soon as you are able, take out the Enemy Boost +50% Geo Symbol and then the Warp Geo Symbol. After that, it is merely a matter of ganging up on Tink.

(2-3) Room of Despair

The enemies on this map will not move unless you get within their attack range. Use this fact to lure the nearby Thieves into your attack range. Once they are dealt with, use area effect abilities to strike at the Lady Fighters and take them out quickly, before the Thieves at their back move in for support.

(2-4) Sealed Room

Use some creative throwing to send someone over to that red Geo Symbol and destroy it. This will cause a massive Geo-Chain, which should cripple the enemy forces. Take out the remaining stragglers and, once again, try to avoid being counter-attacked by Axel when dealing with him.