Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Walkthrough/Episode 1

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(1-1) Beginner's Field

You can destroy the Null Symbol to cause a Geo-Chain that will soften up the enemies. Make sure to have your Fist users avoid the Ghosts' paralysis effect.

(1-2) Reflection Pond

You can toss a unit over towards the Enemy Boost +50% Geo Symbol to destroy it and remove you enemies' buffs, or simply toss a prinny into the enemies to defeat them quickly.

(1-3) Psycho's Hideout

You can have an ally toss the Exp +50% Geo Symbol onto a nearby blue Geo Panel, then lure the enemies onto the blue panels and take them out there for some much needed early bonus Exp.

(1-4) Dead Tree Field

Keep your units near the Base Panel until you've dealt with the approaching wave of enemy fighters. Axel will not move until you get within his attack range. When dealing with Axel, use long-range attacks or Special Attacks to avoid being counter-punched by him.