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Tips and Tricks

Prinny Court

If you throw a stack of multiple characters onto the gate to the Prinny Court, they will all be judged and receive the resulting crime bonus.


You also steal one for the zombie king in Cave Of Oredals 5 This is a high level item which boosts all of a character's stats. Normally you can only get this by defeating a secret character, but it is also available much earlier in the game as follows.

Use a cellphone in battle to call Actare (アクターレ), then take on the punishment slip for 'defeating Baal' (バールを倒した). The prize for completing this punishment slip and entering the Prinny Court is the Arcadia.

(This only works for the jp version of the game and has been fixed in the american release)

Also make sure you get as many characters in that court as possible, since you get 10 felonies not to mention each felony gives a 1% exp bonus capping at 300 felonies.

Throwing Diagonally

When you're holding something, if you hit the X button whilst changing direction, it is possible to throw diagonally.

Going deep into high level items

This is also a good trick from Disgaea 1. You can use a character with a Fist weapon who is at least level 1 in that item and use his first special ability to "knock" the gate keeper off the gate and onto the panel behind. This only works if there is a panel space open behind him and is somewhat level with the panel he is on. Great for going fast through levels and to get through hard levels where the enemies are too big to kill.

Quick High Level Nekomata

On Map 4-3, there are several monster units (Nekomata) and Enemy Level Up geo panels. Every turn, all enemies will gain a level, but as more turns pass, their level will become significantly higher. Your Base Panel can capture a Nekomata roughly twice the level of the highest party member located in the Base Panel. This will help you to determine when to throw the Nekomata on your panel. Using this method, you can use the captured Nekomata to capture a Nekomata twice its level and repeat until you have a max level Nekomata.

Example : Highest level character in Base Panel is 20. The recommended level of the Nekomata you can capture will be level 40.

Recommended method is to defeat the enemies around the higher bridge. Then lure the two Nekomatas near the bottom bridge, leaving the bottom corner-most Nekomata untouched and untempted. Once all other enemies are defeated, retreat with the top bridge and move your character near the Level Up geo triangle. Continue to skip turns until the last Nekomata reaches the desired level, lift / destroy the Level Up geo triangle. Using the lower bridge, lure the Nekomata into throwing range and throw it into your Base Panel.

If you are unsatisfied with your the Nekomata unit, reincarnate a max Nekomata for 9,999 stored levels. Your reincarnate after next will allow 40+ bonus points to assign.

Doing this trick early in the game may lead to a money shortage, since the captured Nekomatas will become increasingly expensive to revive.

Tower Attacks

If one of your characters lifts another one of your characters, they can perform a 2 person tower attack. Afterwards, another character can lift that tower and perform a 3 person tower attack. This can be repeated with all 10 of your characters. This is useful for dealing massive damage without using any sp. Although your tower increases its attack range as you add more characters, if you are still out of range, you can throw the tower to another character farther away, who hasnt acted yet.

All the characters in the tower will gain evenly xp and mana [ each individual character may then apply their modifiers to the xp and mana, increasing their own gain ] making this a useful tool for leveling lower level characters with higher level ones.

Yukimaru's amnesia effect "Holy Strike" seems to work if shes in the tower and the effect goes off. Weapon effects such as the axe -Def and the gun -Spd go off as well, its a good idea to have an axe user early on in the tower since it will get many hits in during the buildup of the tower.

Stealing Rank 40 weapons/items from Item God

As long you have a well leveled Master Thief (around Level 8000+), you have around a 99% steal rate from anyone in the Item World. Once you hit floor 99 of an legendary item in Rank 39 or 40 Item World, use Mr. Gency Exit to exit, save the game, and reenter that item world inside from the land of carnage. If you do so, the item god on floor 100 will always have a legendary rank 40 weapon of that weapon type available for stealing. (Strongly recommended to have leveled Angel Sandals to reach that item god then change back to the normal stealing equipment before making the attempt.) This works for all Rank 39 or 40 Legendary items in the Japanese version of the game, but you are not able to steal the Hyper Drive from the Item God 2 in the Legendary Accelerator item world in the NA or EU versions of this game. (That item god will have another accelerator for stealing instead of Hyper Drive.)

Magichange Glitch (DHD ONLY)

first a few requirements.

Main Requirement. A character with the ability to magichange that will be gone on new game plus

Secondary Requirement. You must not clear the stage with End Turn. Clear the Stage with EXECUTE (this does not change the turn and preserves your magichange status)

If you magichange onto a character and then aquire one of the endings (any will do) when you start the new game your character will have the skills from the monster that was equipped to them.

You will lose the skills if you magichange to the character again. This works with all monsters in the game. For base monsters you will have to delete them somehow after you magichange.

Junahu of gamefaqs has greatly expanded on this glitch.

  • "There is indeed a lot to investigate here. I've managed to reproduce various mutations of this glitch. And some of the effects are quite wonderful;
  • 1 Magichange a monster permanently to a character, and still keep the original monster. Simply having it equipped gives the character neither the magichange skills, nor the monster special attacks it normally would. But you can STEAL this magichanged weapon, and you can take the magichange2 specialist that's on it once you do (while on the weapon itself it had the name of my Magichange2 monster. The name changed when I transfered it to another item. And in the item world menu, it was called the "magichange shop" specialist.... whatever that is). unequipped Magichange weapons have the same problems they do in Disgaea3, they lose all their stats very easily if not equipped.
  • 2 have a character permanently learn magichange skills. The skills will dissapear if you magichange the monster with those skills onto the character again (but that's just common sense really). You can't have more than one set of magichange skills on a character simultaneously.
  • 3 have a character permanently learn a monster's special attacks. Similar limitations as above, but you can have more than one set of monster special attacks on a character simultaneously. Make sure the level of every skill is at least 2, before reincarnating (again, common sense).

Essentially the trick is as Akuma Hokoru describes; complete the Mid-boss level with some characters magichanged. However, I added Magichange2 in all instances of doing this, as this gives the process a bit more flexibility. Note also that this doesn't appear to work with the DLC characters.

When starting a new game, the status of the magichanged monsters when you enter your first level is crucial. These are the things I've currently tried before entering a level (I used one of the DLC recruitment levels, since they can be completely quickly);

  • 1 Magichange1 monster not in your party yet (learns the magichange of the magichange1 monster)
  • 2 Magichange2 monster not in your party yet (learns the special attacks of the magichange2 monster)
  • 3 Delete the magichange2 monster, with the magichange1 monster not being in your party yet (learns the special attacks of the magichange2 monster + the magichange skill of the magichange1 monster)
  • 4 Delete both magichanged monsters (learns the special attacks of the magichange2 monster + the magichange skill of the magichange1 monster)
  • 5 Reincarnate the human character (learns the special attacks of the magichange2 monster + magichange weapon becomes permanently equipped, though without any of the actual magichange1 bonuses.)

And this one is just a theoretical possibility

  • 6 Reincarnate the magichange2 monster (it must have no levels on its skills at all, so it unlearns them in the process of reincarnating). It seems that when a magichange weapon times out, it searches the magichange2 monster and deletes all the unique skills it posesses, from the human. It may well simply be checking for the ones the monster actually has, rather than all the ones it is allowed to learn.

Basically, learning magichange skills and monster special attacks from unique units is easy, as all of them are out of the party at the start of the game. To learn from generic units is harder, as you generally need to delete the unit to get then "out of the party"(For Special attacks, you can reincarnate the human, as doing so also learns magichange2 skills)"