Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Secret Characters and Stages

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lol spoilers

Secret Characters

  • Axel - Only available during Land of Carnage during chapters 3, 9, 10, 11, and after finishing 13-4.
  • Fubuki - Only available during Land of Carnage after 13-3.
  • Laharl - Clear Extra Stage 9.
  • Flonne - Clear Extra Stage 8.
  • Kurtis - Only available during Land of Carnage.

Secret Areas

Cave of Ordeals - Pass the Dark Assembly bill "Open the Cave of Ordeals".

Land of Carnage - Find all 16 treasure maps from the Item World pirates. Once collected, talk to Hawkeye in Holt Village. Land of Carnage is not available during the first chapter, even if all 16 maps are collected.

Secret Stages

  • ES1 (??) - Character has 33+ felonies and passes the Proposal: "Fight the hero of another game!" Only available in New Game+/subsequent playthroughs.
  • ES 2 (Hero Action Hour) - Pass the proposal: "Return of the Prism Rangers!" . Available only during chapters 12-13.
  • ES 3 (Rescue the Earth Hero!) - Call Kurtis 3 or more times using the Cell Phone. Vote yes/accept the proposal: "Rescue the Earth Hero!"
  • ES 4 (Rescue the Earth Hero Again!) - Clear ES 3. Call Kurtis 3 more times and accept the EDF proposal: "Rescue the Earth Hero again!"
  • ES 5 (See the Ending!) - Must have played 20 or more hours. Pass the proposal: "I want to see the ending!" Available only during chapters 1-9.
  • ES 6 (???) - Character has 66+ Felonies. Pass the proposal: "Unleash the Fallen Maiden!". Available only on New Game+/subsequent playthroughs during chapters 1-9.
  • ES 7 (???) - Character has 99+ Felonies. Pass the proposal: "Break the mysterious Seal!"
  • ES 8 (???) - Must have played 40 or more hours. Pass the proposal: "I want to fight an Overlord!". Available only during chapters 12-13.
  • ES 9 (???) - Clear ES 8. Pass Flonne's proposal: "I want to fight Laharl!" Available during chapters 12-13.
  • ES 10 (Fight an Overlord!) - Pass the proposal: "Pick a fight with an Overlord!" Available only during chapter 1.
  • ES 11 (Makai Kingdom / Supreme Overlord) - Clear 10 different Dark Sun / Dark World stages. Pass the proposal: "Meet the strongest Overlord!"
  • ES 12 (Baal Castle / Viewing Room) - Clear 25 different Dark Sun / Dark World stages. Pass the proposal: "Meet Baal the Tyrant!"
  • ES 13 (???) - Clear ES 12

Rank 39/40 Equipment


  • Postcard: clear ES1.
  • Accelerator: clear ES 3.
  • Defender of Earth ID Card: clear the second defender of earth stage.
  • Feliciation: reward for clearing ES 6.
  • Sexy Panties: reward for clearing ES 7.
  • Makai Wars: reward for defeating Baal the first time.
  • Usagi's Journal: clear all dark sun world stages


  • The King: steal from Marjoly in ES 7. You only have one chance to steal it, so pray that it is an legendary one. This may also be found on occasion in Item World Department Stores.
  • Claudia Charm, Gao's Spirit, Kitty's Ears: stolen from Marjoly in ES 7.
  • Arcadia: - steal from Zombie King in CoO5 or enter Dark Court from Murdering Baal the first time.
  • Prinny Suit: steal from Prinny Baal.
  • Rank 40 equipment may be obtained by stealing from the Item God in legendary Rank 39 item world inside the Land of Carnage.


  • Treasure Maps: defeat the pirate that holds it. You may also steal that map from the pirate.
  • Weapon scrolls: can be purchased from convict merchant in the item world (very rare) or a reward for entering Dark Court on a Mastering ______ subpoena.
  • Rank 39 equipment may be obtained via Rank 38, 39, and 40 item worlds, and rarely found in rank 32-37 item worlds. The best bet is via stealing, especially if looking for legendary equipment. This works for all Rank 39 equipment except for The King. The Item World Department Store in those item worlds may sell such equipment.