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How to power level characters

Unlike the original disgaea, power leveling to level 9999 has been nerfed to some extent. However, there are places where it is still possible to power level characters to a good level. Once you unlock the Land of Carnage, you should be able to take your characters to level 9999.

  • Felonies increase Exp. gain 1%/Felony. Abuse this, Throw a Tower of 9 into the Dark Court.

Episode 4-3

There is enemy level up 10% geo symbol in the area. You can pass several turns until the mobs are at the desired level to kill. Make sure to take out the beast tamer early on.

As an alternative, you can abuse this map to capture level 9999 Nekos, but it will take a lot of time, HL, and a very strong character to throw and lure one back to base panel (and one of the characters in the base panel must be at least level 5000 {Higher in Dark Sun Days} in order to successfully capture one). Another way to do it, which is much simpler, is to have a thief or ninja(preferably a thief, if not both; ninja's have a much lower success rate) put one Neko asleep in the beginning and kill the rest. You'll have to keep putting it to sleep about every three turns, but it's much less risky than having to lure it to your base panel. It's a good way if all of your characters are of a low level, and you don't want to wait until you've created a level 7500 character. Once the Neko is at the desired level, toss it across the bridge to some pre-placed characters who can instantly throw it into the base panel before it wakes up. You'll have to start low. Capture say, a level 8 first, then come back and capture a level 16, then a level 32, etc. It takes a while, but your base panel won't be destroyed this way, thus saving a lot of HL. (Dark Sun Days Nerfed the Neko Trick, Base panel characters must equal the level of the monster, Save often.)

Episode 8-1

Only 6 creatures, with 4 of them dragons (which give a lot of XP). Time to abuse Lion's Roar, Moon Slash, or any Giga or higher spell (other than fire) that has an AOE. This should get all your characters til level 50 until you're forced to pass the make enemies stronger bill.

Episode 9-2

There is an XP+50% geo symbol and the enemies usually stay on those red panels. All of the enemies are mage-type, so they have fewer HP than most enemies of similar level. However, they give less base XP as the dragons in Episode 8-1, and Magic Knights tend to move off the panels.

Episode 11-3

The reverse damage geo symbol means time to power level up those healers, as the bulk of the map is covered with this effect. The mana +50% also helps for future transmigration.

Episode 13-3

Enemy Level up 10% symbol in place, and all have good base XP to start. Let the turns pass until the enemies are at the level of your liking.

Caves of Ordeals 1

Start off by destroying any geo symbol (except obviously one of the 2 exp+50% symbols) this leaves the archers in a bad way leaving them ripe for the pickings. throw the 2 exp symbols onto the 2 panels near them and have whoever you want to level come out and start cleaning up

worth using: Between level 1*-140 or so

  • - :requires atleast rank 10 items or leveled items work as well

Caves of Ordeals 4

Even more XP boosts, and this one is even better than the first map in this area. The enemies aren't wearing anything, and are bunched up in nice groups that will make your mages with leveled magic very happy people.

Dark Sun World 1-1

3 lvl 80 mothmen who regenerate every other turn provided you dont kill all 3.
Excellent if you can deal 2000+ dmg in 1 hit use it to boost your reincarnates to a good level

Worth using: Between lvl 1-200

Dark Sun World 1-4

Excellent place for healers (like Episode 11-3 map), but your healers need the huge area of effect spells, capped felonies, and a decent staff mastery before they can rake in the XP.

Worth Using: for mana grinding/for healers up until level 200

Dark Sun World 3-4

This one is a Mage's Paradise...Provided they know fire spells. Every enemy here is roasted, toasted, and served up hot... Problem is, there's 2 geo symbols that have to be destroyed first.

Dark Sun World 5-1

Excellent spot for 2 members that have 3x3 attacks, as all 16 mobs are clumped together right next to the base panel. There is the drawback of the base panel being destroyed at end of turn, so the attacks must be able to one-shot all mobs. You will have to have capped felonies and stronger enemies bill to make it effective.

Dark Sun World 8-5

A great place to boost both your levels and your weapon mastery...just make sure you blow up that nasty Game Over Symbol first...then have fun punching shooting slicing piercing sniping and smashing the mothmen.

Dark Sun World 13-1

With the stipulations, and 18 level 260 mobs, most players abuse the enemies revive every other turn on this map in order to gain levels fast. The geo panels have beneficial uses, which is rare for a dark sun world. To make things better, the mobs are nicely bunched together in 2 groups of 3x3.


As long a character has a spell that is considered a "buff" or a "healing" spell, that character can cast it over and over again and gain XP as long they have SP. Prior to level 50, its an effective way of gaining free XP (most opt to use the Episode 2-1 map to cast until they run out of SP). As levels go up, however, this alternative proves to be very time consuming and most phase this out. You may want to pump up your felony count before considering this option.

Check rewards for clearing an stage. If you are on the verge of clearing the stage, you may want to consider bringing out weaker members to gain free XP. Its as effective as buffing over and over again, but the XP rewards from clearing stages vary greatly.

An third option is the tower attack, which is useful for very low level characters to gain early levels, but tails off if the character is an high level.