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Adell's Title Names

  • Demon Hunter - From the start
  • Prism Black - After clearing "Prism Rangers Once Again"
  • Badass Overlord - After clearing "Makai Kingdom"
  • Archer Bodyguard - When charmed by Venus
  • Lord Master - After breaking unto the LOC Item World and defeating "Prinny Baal and get the Lord Master title"
  • Demon Lord- Beat Etna In Chapter 3

Level 99 Enemies

Killing a level 99 character of a given class and tier yields about the same amount of EXP as a level 323 character of the same class and tier. Stages where this can be useful include Grave of Alchemy, Alche City (Stage 9-2) with 8 Stronger Enemy Bills passed, and the Dark World version of Reflection Pond, Town Fields (Stage 1-2) with 1 Stronger Enemy Bill passed.

Prinny Baal

I'm translating this secret from a Japanese site, so I haven't seen this yet myself.

In the Asura Item World, after trespassing on the "Controllers of Asura" or the Baal Rebel Army, if you head up to the Asura Baal Castle without clearing the stage, the super-strong Prinny Baal will appear. At the same time, other Asura stages will become more difficult (have higher parameters) by 2 or 4 times (alternatively, if you clear it the parameters do not change). You can capture monsters in the intensified parameters version of the world, but this effect will not be passed on once you reincarnate the character.

Treasure Maps

Having a treasure map equipped to a character in an item world will increase the encounter rate of pirates.

You can only encounter certain pirates on certain floors:

  • Floor 1+
    • Ambling
    • Bashful
    • Chicken
    • Dancing
    • Prinny
    • Orc
  • Floor 21+
    • Monk
    • Hunter
    • Gate
    • Wealthy
    • Animal
    • Jolly
  • Floor 41+
    • Ninja
    • Ranger
    • Red
  • Floor 61+
    • Z