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Lovers are a type of specialist specific to each class and story character. They usually boost that class's innate ability (Shown in the class description), and always give at least a 1% boost to all stats per level of the lover. The lover's level and effects cap at 25, whether or not you have them on multiple pieces of equipment.


To get a lover, you must wear the SAME piece of equipment for at least 35 battles, without unequipping it. After that point, the equipment will eventually spawn a lover corresponding to the character wearing it. You must actually complete the battle for it to count towards spawning a lover- skipping stages in the item world does not count. The character must be on the field at the end of battle, not in your base panel. If you reincarnate a character into a different class without unequipping them, the battle count does not reset.

Normal equipment spawns a level 1 Lover, rare (green) equipment spawns a level 2 Lover, and legendary (yellow) equipment spawns a level 3 Lover. A piece of equipment can only spawn a lover ONCE. To spawn a lover, an item must be of rank 5 or higher (rank, not rarity), so early-game garbage items like Common Orbs and Glasses will not produce lovers. MasterVG782's FAQ and the Item List FAQ on Gamefaqs list item ranks.

You can subdue a lover like any other specialist, by entering the item world and killing it when it shows up. Lovers for the special characters will essentially be clones of that character, so be careful! They will be wearing whatever equipment their corresponding character is wearing (and no, you can't steal from them). Also note that lovers can spawn on items that have been fully leveled up. If that happens, there is no way to subdue the lover or remove it from the item, so it will use up a specialist slot forever.

Unless otherwise noted, the effect listed is PER LEVEL of the lover.

Lover Effects


  • Male Warrior: +2% damage bonus to critical hits when in critical status.
  • Female Warrior: +1% chance of critical hit when in critical status.
  • Skull: +1 spell experience per 10 lover levels (I think this is wrong. Can somebody correct?)
  • Mage: 1% less SP cost for spells.
  • Ninja: +1% dodge rate per 2 lover levels when in critical.
  • Kunoichi: +1% chance for a double attack per 2 lover levels when in critical.
  • Majin: No lover boost besides standard stat boost.
  • Heavy Knight: +1% DEF when in critical.
  • Sinner: +1% critical damage when in critical status.
  • Druid: +1 Geo Warp distance per 5 lover levels.
  • Samurai: +1% chance per 2 lover levels to instantly kill with an attack when in critical.
  • Gunner: +1% damage per 2 lover levels for attacking in a combo.
  • Thieves: Improves steal %.
  • Cleric: 1% less damage from elemental attacks.
  • Archer: +1 bow range per 10 lover levels.
  • Beast Tamer: +1% to stats of adjacent ally monsters.
  • Magic Knight: +1% damage to elemental skills (or is it just spells?)


  • Spirit: +1% of max SP recharged per turn.
  • Zombie: No boost to special skill; +1.25% stat boost instead of usual 1%.
  • Succubus: +1% damage to humanoid males.
  • Cat Girl: +1% damage boost when counter attacking.
  • Dragon: Absorbs 1% fire damage.
  • Prinny: +1% damage when thrown (over usual 50%).
  • Orc: +1% ATK when in critical.
  • Mothman: +1 Move per 10 lover levels.
  • WarSlug: Absorbs 1% ice damage.
  • Flora Beast: 1% less damage from magical attacks.
  • Mystic Beast: Absorbs 1% wind damage.
  • Marionette: No boost to special skill; +1.25% stat boost instead of usual 1%.
  • Holy Dragon: Absorbs 1% non-elemental special attack damage.
  • Wood Golem: +1% Max HP regenerated per turn.
  • Rifle Demon: No boost to special skill; +1.25% stat boost instead of usual 1%.
  • Dragon Zombie: 1% less damage from physical attacks.
  • Roc (Chicken): Lowers stats of adjacent enemies by 1%.


  • Adell: +1% damage to enemies of a higher level.
  • Rozalin: +1% stat boost to adjacent ally males.
  • Tink: Effect depends on Tink's current form:
Blue Tink: Move +1 per 10 lover levels.
Red Tink: +1% stat boost from any adjacent ally females.
  • Hanako: 1% less damage from monsters.
  • Taro: 1% boost to DEF and RES when in critical.
  • Yukimaru: +1% chance to inflict Forget status with normal attack.
  • Etna: +1% stat boost to adjacent ally Prinnies.


  • Flonne: +1% boost to healing skills.
  • Laharl: +1% damage to monsters.
  • Kurtis: 1% less damage from enemies of a higher level.
  • Axel: 1% less damage from humanoid characters.
  • Fubuki: +1% of damage inflicted will also be removed from enemy SP.


Additional Information:

  • Popular stages for lover farming include CoO4, which most people spend a lot of time on anyways, and stage 1-2. Stage 1-2 simply requires you to walk forward and throw one prinny to win, and is recommended for early-game lover harvesting.
  • All 4 items on the character have to remain for 35+ battles; there is a separate counter for each item.
  • A lover will not spawn for the previous wearer of an item, only for the person currently wearing it. For example, if you fight 35 battles as a Sinner, then transmigrate to a Prinny and get a lover the very next battle, it'll be a Prinny Lover. If you switch equipment between two different characters before the lover spawns, the counter is reset and it doesn't matter who wore it at any time in the past.