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イノセント / Specialists

Specialist Translation Limit Description
HP屋 Dietician 19998 Increases HP
SP屋 Master 19998 Increases SP
ATK屋 Gladiator 19998 Increases ATK
DEF屋 Sentry 19998 Increases DEF
INT屋 Tutor 19998 Increases INT
RES屋 Physician 19998 Increases RES
HIT屋 Marksman 19998 Increases HIT
SPD屋 Coach 19998 Increases SPD
ねらいうち屋 Sniper 19998 Increases ATK+HIT (Born from Mediator)
がんばり屋 Hard Worker 19998 Increases ATK+INT (Born from Mediator)
? Sprinter 19998 Increases ATK+SPD (Born from Mediator)
たくましい屋 Muscleman 19998 Increases ATK+HP (Born from Mediator)
あたまいい屋 Nerd 19998 Increases INT+SP (Born from Mediator)
がまんづよい屋 Patient 19998 Increases DEF+RES (Born from Mediator)
武器上達屋 Armsmaster 1900 Increases Weapon Mastery by 1% per level
ヘル増加屋 Broker 300 Increases Hell gained from enemy kills by 1% per level
マナ増加屋 Manager 300 Increases Mana gained from enemy kills by 1% per level
技上達屋 Mentor 300 Increases Skill Exp by 1% per level
毒屋 Alchemist 100 Add Poison effect
眠り屋 Hypnotist 100 Add Sleep effect
マヒ屋 Witch Doctor 100 Add Paralysis effect
ド忘れ屋 Amnesiac 100 Add Forget effect
堕落屋 Gangster 100 Add Deprave effect
耐毒屋 Pharmacist 100 Increases Poison resistance
耐眠り屋 Coffee Maker 100 Increases Sleep resistance
耐マヒ屋 Medicine Man 100 Increases Paralysis resistance
耐ド忘れ屋 Psychologist 100 Increases Forget resistance
耐堕落屋 Social Worker 100 Increases Deprave resistance
クリティカル屋 Professional 100 Increases Critical chance
耐炎屋 Firefighter 100 Increases Fire resistance, Increases Fire Damage
耐水屋 Cryophile 100 Increases Water resistance, Increases Water Damage
耐風屋 Aeronaut 100 Increases Wind resistance, Increases Wind Damage
○○○大好き屋? Lover 25 Increases stats by 1% per level and increases special ability effects (dependent on class). Lovers might start appear after at least 35 battles using of the same equipment.
仲人屋 Mediator 100 Allows two other specialists to have a child
イノセント教師屋 Teacher 100 Increases level of other specialists by 5%
レアリティ屋 Collector 100 Increases Rarity by 1 per Level
? Bailiff 64 Level indicates which floor the Prinny Court is located.

More info on Lovers

不思議ゲート / Mystery Gates 

There are several scenarios that can occur when you enter a green portal. However, in all cases, you will have full access to your warehouse and your character list, which allows you to edit and restore your characters if you have the right items, recover items that were sent to the warehouse due to a full list, or pick up a Gency's Exit if you forgot one. Additionally, in almost all of the scenarios you can encounter, you will also have a Ghost (Dimension Guide) available to transport you back to the Item World.

In a situation where combat occurs, you will no longer be able to access your warehouse and other out of battle commands. However, if you find yourself in over your head, you do still have the option of using a Gency's Exit to escape from battle. After doing this and returning to the item, you will be on the same floor that you entered the Mystery Room upon.

The people you meet inside a Mystery Gate and their effects are found below:

Race Level Job Translation   Specializes In
Archer 5000 デパートカール  Department Store Girl Welcoming You (brings a Mage, Zombie, Puppet, and Prinny) (A)
Mage 3000 マジカル店長 Magical Shop Owner Mana Potions (has high level specialist)
Zombie 1500 闇商人 Black Marketeer Items used to pass vote in Dark Assembly
Puppet 800 行商人  Peddlar Weapons and Armor (common, rare, legendary)
Prinny 500 携帯ショップ Cellphone Shop Variety of cellphones (A)
Succubus 1200 ばったくりバー Locust Chestnut Bar Raising the Bonus Gauge (A)
Nekomata 800 エルパッキー  None (accompanies Succubus)
Alraune 800 アルラウネ None (accompanies Succubus)
Succubus 800 サキュッバス None (accompanies Succubus)
Ghost 1000 時空の渡し人  Space-Time Ferryman Sending you back into Item World
Alraune 1000 衛生兵 Medical Orderly Healing
Wiseman 1000 易者  Fortune Teller Random Chance of Raising or Dropping Item's Level (A) (B)
Varies Varies レアリティ屋  Collector If you have space and accept him, he'll be added as a specialist to the item.
Convict 1800 Rozen Queen Dojo Sells Mastery scrolls (note: is EXTREMELY RARE)

Other possible occurences upon entering a Mystery Gate are found below. Enemy levels are proportional to the level upon which you enter the Mystery Gate and the Dimension Guide is not listed in the creatures for a room. Typically, after a battle, you will be automatically directed back to the Item World.

Items Creatures Level Room Status
Legendary Chest (1) Dragon Very Strong Must fight the dragon in order to retrieve the legendary item
None Various Demons (7) Stronger (1), Strong (6) If you defeat the enemies within 2 rounds, the item will be raised 3 levels (B)
Normal Chest (3) None -- Three normal treasure chests
Rare Chest (2) Orc Pirates -- Two rare treasure chests and several orc pirates that do not fight.
Legendary Chest (1) Lone Hunter -- One legendary treasure chest and a lone hunter that does not fight.

(A) These enemies can be provoked into attacking you. The department store battle is started by speaking to the archer repeatedly, she will become annoyed with your pestering and all shopkeeps will turn hostile, thus preventing you from shopping (so shop first!). For the Succubus, talk to her repeatedly after paying for their "services". She will say that they despise the persistant types and attack. Your bonus will come into effect here (instead of the item world stage had you not provoked the battle). Your Dimension Guide, a level 1000 Ghost, will be neutral in both battles. No enemy fusions are allowed.

(B) These levels can increase the item's level beyond or decrease it below the normal maximum for its rarity. Multiple instances of these events do stack. (As an example, you could have a legendary staff that goes up to level 112.) The levels will not affect the number of floors you need to complete in the item, however, so the level and floor number that you are on will be out of synch. This is most noticeable if you insert a bailiff--the Court Gate will appear according to the floor you are on, not the level of the item. Great Luck is +7 levels Good luck is +3 Bad luck is -3 and terrible luck is -7

Innocent Town

When advancing past every tenth level in an item, you have the chance to enter Innocent Town. Innocent Town has a number of special features, however, as with Mystery Gates, you will be able to access your character list and warehouse normally and use other out of battle commands.

Additionally, you will also find a few other common features and people within Innocent Town:

  • Specialists - The specialists that you have subdued can be found and spoken with in Innocent Town.
  • Drifters - There are a number of different drifters that you can encounter within Innocent Town:
    1. Prism Rangers - Any of the seven prism rangers can appear as Drifters in Innocent Town.
    2. Kurtis - Randomly appears calling him on a phone does not affect his appearances here.
  • Axel - Asks you to play Item world Tag catching him 5 times will grant you an item.
  • Pranny - Asks that you find it 10 times you are rewarded with an item for this.
  • Alurane - Item World Hospital bonuses and milestones carry over from holt hospital.
  • Dimension Guide - Allows you to proceed to the next floor of the item or escape the item world entirely. (Note: Take care when speaking with the guide, as proceeding to the next floor is the default option.)
  • Cockatrice - Will Allow you to enter the Item World Assembly (may only appear sometimes as there have been times he isnt present)

Item World Assembly

The item world assembly allows you to visit the Dark Assembly and pass one bill related to the item. This uses the same senators from the outside world, however, the bills that you can pass vary depending upon the item you are within. There are a number of options that are common to all items, some available only to worn items, and a few that are restricted to weapons alone.

Bill Cost Description
A little more [Stat] growth 20 Increases HP, SP, ATK, DEF, INT, RES, HIT, or SPD
More [Stat] growth 200 Increases HP, SP, ATK, DEF, INT, RES, HIT, or SPD by a greater amount
Jump 500 Wearing the item will increase your jumping height
Move 500 Wearing the item will increase your movement range
POP 500 Increases the number of slots available for specialists
Critical 500 Increases the chance of a critical with the weapon
Range 500 Increases the range of the weapon when performing a normal attack. (Note that this can be applied to weapons such as swords and axes that would otherwise have a range of 1.) No special attacks, including magic, are affected by the increase.


This specialist will allow two others to have children by holding a wedding inside Innocent Town. There are three conditions for this to happen:

  1. Mediator must be captured and moved onto the item in quest
  2. Both prospective parents must be captured by the time you enter Innocent Town on that item.
  3. An empty population spot must be on that item

Also, the parents can only be of the eight basic types representing HP, SP, ATK, DEF, INT, RES, SPD, and HIT.

The offspring can result in one of six specialist classes born for mediator, or either class that the parent was. This offspring will be uncharmed, so getting this wedding done early in the item world progression for that item is crucial. There is no limit to how many children the two specialists may have, as long as their previous offspring have been charmed and moved off that item. The only factor that will determine this if the Innocent Town is entered after every 10th floor, which is not a 100% chance.

It is suggested to do the children farming on rare or legendary items. Normal items will have limited population spots and limited floors to pull this off. It is not suggested to try to farm children after the 40th floor of a rare world and 80th floor on a legendary world, as it may take up to 30+ floors for that uncharmed specialist to appear.