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Q: Despite the advanced level of my various monster and human classes, the higher tiers don't seem to unlock. What's the problem?

A: Unlocking new job tiers requires you to have a sufficiently levelled character of your current highest tier. Thus in order to unlock tier 3 ghosts you need to level a tier 2 ghost.

Q: Do saves from Disgaea 1 Carry over any data to Disgaea 2?

A: No, they do not

Q: How do I level up my Cleric?

A: There is a stage in the Dark Sun world (DS 1-4) that is perfect for them. you should have atleast a lvl 3 giga heal however.
Hicpotboy: The easiest way is just to use their special skills. Healing and buffing will give them XP, and using them to heal your reincarnated characters is usually a good way to do so. The healer won't get any mana, however, so Dark Sun World 1-4 is a better option once the healer is powerful enough to finish it. Also, unless they have a staff equipped, they will not gain Weapon Mastery for healing/buffing allies.

Q: What do Felonies do?

A: Felonies have several effects.

  • They give an EXP bonus, at the rate of 1% per felony, capping at 300%. Note that their status picture will max out at 99 felonies, but felonies can be accumulated beyond that.
  • They give discounts for the stores (formula unknown to me; add if known)
  • The character has a higher approval rate in the Dark Congress, since they approve of being a felon.
  • In the Dark Sun World, a character with felonies cannot fight the Dark Sun; instead, using the Ascend command will cause all the enemies in the stage to gain levels.

Q: How do I capture a Monster?

A: Toss it into your base panel. You should also notice that you can only capture monsters that you can already create, that means that if you only have the first tier of a monster class unlocked, you won't be able to capture a monster of the second tier.

Q: Does the Mystery phone ever do anything?Tyhm 02:39, 26 September 2006 (EDT)

A: No, Mystery phones never do anything.

Q: How do I get the Mediators to produce offspring? Is it based on time the item is used (like with [classname] Lovers), or on leveling the item, or visits to Innocent Town? I assume one needs an empty spot for the baby-innocent; do the parents need to be present as well? Do they need to be tame? Tyhm 03:03, 26 September 2006 (EDT)

A: Definitely Visits to Innocent Town, as that is where the offspring is announced. The parents must be tame by the time you reach the town, and you need an open spot. Using a Mr. Gency's Exit in Level 10, clearing a spot in the item, and hopping back in works fine - Moreover, it means you can save and redo L10 until you like the results. Also, the offspring can be a "clone" of one of the parents: on my save, a manager and a sentry produced an untamed Manager.

Q: What does Open the Back Gate (Priere) (Appears randomy) do in Dark Assembly (Senator Adell's menu)? Tyhm 02:18, 15 November 2007 (EST)

A: When you pass the bill, Priere can randomly appear in any Dark World stage to fight you.

Q: What happens if the Wandering Blacksmith gets his gold bar (Dark Assembly, Senator Adell's menu)? Tyhm 02:18, 15 November 2007 (EST)

A: The Wandering Blacksmith requires three items: A Gold Bar, a Slimy Membrane (Slime Mucus in game; a mistake in translation) and a Gungnir. You can obtain a Gold Bar from a Bonus List or find one in an Item World Mystery Room shop. The Slimy Membrane is a red monster weapon that can be stolen from a Cu Sith on Episode 5: Stage 3. The Gungnir is a spear and can be bought at Product Rank 11 or 12. Once he has all three items, if you go to the Land of Carnage, you will find him and he will give you a legendary Holy Longinus (second best spear).