Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Episode 9 Translation

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=============Opening 9=======Overlord Summonned

ETNA: Just a moment, you guys!!

ADEL: Ashura Etna!?

ETNA: I defeated Overlord Zenon.

ROSALIND: W-w-what!? I-it can't be, Father....!?

ADEL: You defeated Overlord Zenon....? ....However, why hasn't the curse been undone?

ETNA: Yeah! That's strange!! I went through all the trouble of defeating Overlord Zenon and my title didn't even change to "Goddess of Overlords"! On the contrary, it didn't even become Overlord! Just what's the meaning of me still being just an "Ashura" after I defeated Zenon? Eh!?

ADEL: Well, there's nothing I could say about that.

ETNA: Enough! Tell me your story!! Hey, you. Was that the real Overlord Zenon?

ROSALIND: A-about that.... With only one glance he recognized me as the princess, so I guess he was the genuine article....

ETNA: Aah, I see. You have never met your father, right?

ROSALIND: .........

ETNA: Aaagh! If you can hear me let me know you understand~! How ANNOYING!!

ADEL: Perhaps.... it could have been a copy of Zenon?

ROSALIND: I see.... He was different! I did not think Father would really say such things to me! It was a doppleganger!

ETNA: Doppleganger..... That would explain why my title didn't change....

YUKIMARU: Mmmmh. This is the biggest misake of this Yukimaru's life. To have been mistaken about the mortal enemy of our clan.....

ETNA: Aaah, and to think I took such special care in killing Overlord Zenon. What a shame.


 Well, well, Mistress Etna.  You'll find the real deal, dood.

ETNA: Oh well. Guess I'll go junk out on indulgent sweets.

PRINNY 1: Well then, everyone. Sorry we disturbed you, dood.

HANAKO: Hey, Big Bro. If that was a copy, then just where is the real Overlord Zenon?

ADEL: Hmmh. What to do from now on....

MAMA: Well, we could always summon Overlord Zenon.

TARO: Ah, Mama.

ADEL: Summon? That already failed once. At any rate, doesn't that sort of thing take years of preparation?

TINK: Mrs. Mama is a talented summoner, therefore why would it be unreasonable to think she could summon the real Overlord Zenon?

MAMA: Summoning "Overlord Zenon" specifically takes many years of preparations, however, a more generalized summoning ritual is surprisingly simple. For example summoning the "Strongest person in the world" is not that difficult at all. Shouldn't that summon Overlord Zenon?

ROSALIND: I-is that true? If is it so, could you please quickly tell us more?

MAMA: However, I will still require the proper material to summon the "Strongest person in the world."

TARO: Is there any chance I'll have to give up more of my lifespan?

MAMA: No lifespan is needed, this summoning ritual requires powerful magic charms such as a piece of.... "Overlord's Fingernail" for example would be perfect.

TINK: Um, Mrs. Mama? How are we going to get that if we can't find the overlord?

MAMA: If it's not possible to get the fingernail of an overlord, then something with similar properties, such as "fingernail of ashura" is OK.

ADEL: "Fingernails of ashura" have similar magial properties to the fingernails of an overlord. If we go with the ashura then we have....

ROSALIND: Ashura Etna!!

ADEL: Right! Let's trail her!!


TARO: Princess. I know where Etna is heading. I heard from the gate keeper she took gate "JK548" heading for "Aruke City."

ROSALIND: Oooh. Good work, Taro.

ADEL: Assuming we can find Etna, I wonder if she will give us "Ashura Fingernails" peacefully....


ADEL: Here's Aruke City....

HANAKO: In olden days Aruke City was the hot spot for alchemists, it was crawling with them. However, they were doing bad experiments and all of the people had to stop.

YUKIMARU: Such are the ups and downs of life.... You are quite well informed for a child.

HANAKO: Hanako is not a child. I remember everything I read in Father's book.

ROSALIND: However, what would bring Etna to a place like this?

PRINNY 1: Something must be bothering Etna, dood. She changed residence suddenly....

PRINNY 2: How I have grown tired of living in a tent, and it's a crime we can't have a room to ourselves, dood. She's got a heart of stone, dood.

ADEL: Aaah! Hey, wait!

ROSALIND: It would be best if we don't allow them to escape.... Those penguins have no courtesy.


 Those guys are likely heading straight for Ashura Etna.


MASKED MAN: .....Try. Revive Lord Zenon....

MASKED WOMAN: ....He has received a lot of damage....

MASKED MAN: ....So long as humans exist there is no way Lord Zenon can come to ruin....

MASKED WOMAN: ....That means that the humans will fall deeper into the darkness.... ....However, if we take any more of the human's conscience away from them, won't they become difficult to control...?

MASKED MAN: ....That is not our concern to worry about. We our selves are being controlled....

MASKED WOMAN: .....Recently I have begun to think. It may not have to truly be this way.... ...I feel like I have forgotten something important. Ever since I encountered that young man I have started thinking.

MASKED MAN: ....Young man....?

MASKED WOMAN: ....Yes. There is a clarity in his eyes.....

PAPA: Ah! I remembered!

MAMA: W-what's wrong all of a sudden? Do you remember... the color of your shadow?

PAPA: You're terrible, Mama. No, no, it's not that! I have remembered something of Adel's birth parents!

MAMA: Really!? What what? What kind of people are they?

PAPA: Huh....? What was that?

MAMA: It doesn't matter what that was. Adel's parents, what kind of people are they?

PAPA's CHEST: Nice titties!!

MAMA: ......Pa, Papa?

PAPA: N-no, that wasn't me. Suddenly the boil on my chest spoke up.....

ROSALIND: Eh? What is that disquieting sensation in the air?

HANAKO: Huh? Taro. Did your horns just grow a bit?

TARO: Eh? In your imagination. Hanako, did your wings go up a size?

HANAKO: Yeah? Lucky. I have gotten one step closer to becoming a woman<3

YUKIMARU: Mmmm.... Is this a bad omen....?

ADEL: Did you notice? Zenon's curse is growing stronger.....

YUKIMARU: Sir Adel. How is it that you were able to avoid the curse of Zenon?

ADEL: Aaah. The curse of Zenon just didn't affect me.

YUKIMARU: Oh? Is it a natural ability? Are you being protected by some powerful defensive magic?

ADEL: Well, I don't know personally. I kind of think it's a natural ability....

YUKIMARU: Oh, what a fascinating story. Sir Adel must be the choosen hero who will defeat Overlord Zenon.


ROSALIND: ....Assuming that Father to have been a doppleganger, then just what is the real Father like?

It's just that I've been thinking.... because of the wicked trap of that doppleganger, he wanted to imprison me....

ADEL: You think too much. That person we were talking to at that time was probably the copy too. However, could it be possible that he was back there pulling the wires of that puppet?

ROSALIND: ....Perhaps.

ADEL: Well, when we summon "The Strongest person in the world" it will all become clear.

ROSALIND: Umm..... Is that a good thing? What will happen after we summon Father?

ADEL: About that.... As for that, think about that time. You said you wanted to meet your real father, right? I promised that you would meet him.

ROSALIND: Hmph, I'm not getting my hopes up. I was summoned during an earlier blunder.


AKUTARE: Hey. What's up, Director? Odd choice of a place to call on me. As for me, times are rough since I took on this movie, I'm super busy.

DIRECTOR: ....You've changed, Akutare-babe.

AKUTARE: Changed? I haven't changed. I just returned to my Dark Hero glory.

DIRECTOR: Where is the Dark Hero in this!? You are carrying on like a good hero!

Have you forgotten the soul of the Dark Hero!? The Dark Hero the preacher of badness! Is this the model of badness for everyone!?

AKUTARE: Policy of the new office, can't be helped. That's just what's in vogue now for the character.

DIRECTOR: I see.... It's useless against whaver is driving the current Akutare-babe. ....I guess it's just bad timing. The movie.... good luck with that.

AKUTARE: .......

?: Mr. Akutare! Please we need you on set! Wonderful star Lara is waiting please!

AKUTARE: Yes, coming right over! Lara~!


TARO: Hey, Hanako. Do you think that fake Zenon changed?

HANAKO: Changed~? How so?

TARO: Even the Princess was duped and thought that was really her papa talking.

HANAKO: Oh well. If Rosalind says "Father!" Say back "Is different!"

YUKIMARU: It is a shame. Though I was young at the time and am not certain of my memories, I could have sworn I recognized him. Therefore, I am convinced that Overlord Zenon was not a fake. Well, you see, it is something known by the entire Snow Clan.... Ah, I am so confused....! Pshu....

TINK: I thought that was Lord Zenon myself. However, since I have never met him even one time I couldn't say. Furthermore those masked people didn't act as if it was a fake, but entirely real.... Aah, my brain is completely fried. Pshu....


ZENON: Haagh....! Haagh....!

MASKED MAN: ...Lord Zenon. We are glad to see you have been revived....

ZENON: You....! You underestimated Ashura Etna's power....! What is the meaning of your carelessness in allowing me to set a trap for a so-called ashura with overlord level powers....!?

MASKED WOMAN: ....Lord Zenon. Soon, won't your moment arrive....?

ZENON: What? What are you saying, scum?

MASKED WOMAN: .........

ZENON: I see. The reason I have lost power is because the seal is growing weak, damn it all....

If it is so, now is the time for me to cease control over my own seal!!

MASKED MAN: Guh.....! Gwaaaagh....!!

MASKED WOMAN: ......A.....Ade.....el....!!

ZENON: Fwahahahahah.....! Stop wasting time! You both go and uncover the whereabouts of the princess! If the priness is not recovered, be afraid!

MASKED WOMAN: .....As you wish.....

MASKED MAN: ....Lord Zenon's will shall be carried out...


ADEL: There you are, Ashura Etna.

ETNA: Hmm? What's the matter, you guys?

ADEL: Just a small request.... Could we have some of your fingernail clippings?

ETNA: Huh? What's that? Is being a maniac stalker your hobby?

ADEL: N-nothing like that! Circumstance just so happened to make it that we need some Ashura fingernails.

ETNA: Circumstance....?

ROSALIND: Um, well you see.... (Mh, mmmhmm....!? A-Adel!?)

ADEL: (Shhh! Our goal is to summon Zenon. Do you really want this chick to know that?)

ROSALIND: (....I understand. Her goal is to murder Father so that she may become an overlord.)

ETNA: What is with all this sneaking. If you want to flirt, why don't you rent a room?

ROSALIND: J-jerk! Don't you dare touch me!!

ADEL: Sheesh.... I did nothing.

ETNA: You guys. Just how badly do you want my fingernails?

ADEL: D-does that mean you'll give us them?

ETNA: Mmmmmm...... Well, how about a little game? First you've got to win the prinnies in a bout here.

ROSALIND: With that you will be willing to transfer them to us? I hadn't expected such kindness from you.

ETNA: But, better not be careless. The prinnies will be frantic, they know I'll beat'em to death if they lose.

PRINNY 1: EEeh!? Since when have we had this rule!?

ETNA: Isn't that the usual way? Persevere.


ETNA: Aaah, they lost.

PRINNY 1: What's our fate!? Dood. Are you really gonna beat us to death, dood....?

ETNA: Yes, there you go. Ashura fingenails.

(Adel obtained "Ashura Fingernails.")

ADEL: Eh? Y-you really mean it?

ETNA: Of course, I promised.

ADEL: T-that's true. It was a promise. Well then, I won't be shy. ....You're okay.

ETNA: Buuh.... Fufufu.... Ahahahahah!

PRINNY 1: D-dood, what's the matter, Mistress Etna?

ETNA: Those guys have no idea I cheated them with fakes.


ETNA: You see, those aren't my nails, they are mail order "press on nails for minor demons" from Netherworld teleshopping.

PRINNY 1: W-why, did you do that....?

ETNA: You see, I wasted my time fighting a fake Overlord Zenon. Why not put someone else through that? What's wrong with that? It was beautiful just how well I duped that guy. "....You're okay." As if. Buh.... Ahahahahah!!

PRINNY 1: T-then.... Why was it necessary for us to fight, dood?

ETNA: No reason. I just thought of that when I got up.

PRINNY 1: ....O-our days are so grey, dood.

MAMA: Yep, the preparations are complete. We can now summon "the Strongest person in the world."

TARO: How exciting. I wonder who will come out?

HANAKO: It should be Overlord Zenon. That's why we had to get "Ashura's Fingernails."

YUKIMARU: uuuum.... I am quaking with fear.

TINK: I have to go to the bathroom. Really now, you won't miss this shrimp.

MAMA: Charred newt, toad oil, mushroom broth, ashura fingernails, and.... Everything is here. Good? Let's begin!

ADEL: Very soon we will be face to face with the true Overlord Zenon....

ROSALIND: .....Father.

MAMA: By Light and Darkness of the earth and the spirits a contract shall be formed.... in the name of Adel "The Strongest person in the world" shall be summoned!! ETNA: I-I-I..... Ugh.......

ADEL: W-what, Etna....?

MAMA: Oh my, another failure?


AKUTARE: Ahahaha. Yo, everyone. It's news time. Now that word of the legendary Overlord Zenon's defeat has spread throughout the netherworld, Overlords everywhere are getting active. It seems they're all plotting to take out Etna who took out Overlord Zenon so that they can gain the title of God of Overlords. Veldheim will probably fall into chaos because of this. It's just a matter of time before it's annilated.

PLENAIR: ........

AKUTARE: Yo, what's up after the news? Stay tuned for a special presentation on my first accomplishments since my glorious revival.


AKUTARE'S BROTHER: Even though Bro suffered through so much to survive he doesn't come home.... ....This isn't like you, Bro!!