Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Episode 8 Translation

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=============Opening 8=======Overlord Zenon Appears!!

ADEL: Overlord Zenon is in this underground.....

ROSALIND: Why so tense, Adel? Are you considering turning back?

ADEL: R-ridiculous. I'm just thinking how the time has finally arrived. I could never turn back now. It looks to me like you're the one growing tense.

ROSALIND: J-jerk. I am not tense at all. I am full of joy at having the opportunity to meet Father.

ADEL: .........

ROSALIND: ........

TINK: What's the matter with you two? You are acting so strangely when you should be excited.

HANAKO: You said it's a good thing. I hear that, Big Bro. So why do you two look so unhappy?

TARO: Silly Hanako. The Princess is about to meet her papa, it's natural to be nervous. She is probably just worried about getting the perfect heartfelt greeting.

HANAKO: ....Taro you're a big dummy for thinking that.

YUKIMARU: Hahahaa, the Legendary strongest overlord will appear before our eyes. Even I am feeling a bit tense.

AKUTARE: Director. Is everything set? We won't have another blunder, will we?

DIRECTOR: Yep, Akutare-babe. This time you can leave it up to me.

ADEL: It seems this is the lowest floor. Everyone, be careful.

ADEL: Hard to believe there was such a place beneath the arena.

ROSALIND: Father is here.... Father.... where is Father?

ZENON: Fwahahahahahahaa!!

ADEL: O-overlord Zenon!?

ZENON: Indeed! It is I the God of Overlords, Zenon!!

ROSALIND: (This dignified voice.... It is exactly as I imagined Father's.)

ZENON: Fwahahahahaa. You came, rebel. Just like the insect to the torch on a summer's night.

ADEL: What....!? A trap!?

ZENON: Sa! Where is Ashura Etna!? I want her to show herself before me!!

ADEL: Ashura Etna....? So, that was the goal of this tournament!?

ZENON: So it is. I held this tournament specifically to draw out Ashura Etna. If I could ferret out and murder the rebel at the same time, how marvelously efficient.... Killing two birds with one stone.

HANAKO: Hey, hey. Do you think Overlord Zenon is an old french guy?

TINK: He may look like an old french guy, but don't forget he is an overlord. For saying such rude things you could be executed.

ROSALIND: Father....!

ZENON: Aaaah!!? W-why!? Why are you here...!?

ROSALIND: Father.... Aah, Father.... Have I found you at last? Father.... How I have longed to meet you.

ZENON: W-why before me....!? Why did no one let me know...!? Such a scenario was not in my plans!! What the hell should I do....!?

ROSALIND: Father....? Are you angry? All I want is to meet you Father. Is that too much to ask....?

ZENON: N-no, that is not unreasonable.... It is just so sudden, you surprised me a bit.

ADEL: (This guy is the reason that this world became a netherworld, Overlord Zenon....) (If I can only take him down my family will be restored to human....) (Tch....! I can't lose my way after coming here!)

YUKIMARU: Overlord Zenon!! Enemy of my clan! I will take your life!!

ZENON: You are the rebel!? Impertient human scum, know your place!!

YUKIMARU: Miss Rosary. I can't believe it. Someone will the abilities of my hometown could be Overlord Zenon's daughter.... Aah....! Fate can be so cruel! However, I cannot fail my mission!! Forgive me!!

ROSALIND: Yukimaru! Your mission....!

YUKIMARU: Overlord Zenon!! The grudge of the Snow Clan will be avenged against you!! Everyone clear out of my way!!

ZENON: The Snow Clan....? You are a survivor of them!? I thought I wiped them out 15 years ago.... Allow me to free you of this mortal coil....!

MASKED MAN: ....Are you safe, Lord Zenon?

ZENON: Of course! Am I not Overlord Zenon?

MASKED MAN: ....This trash, I will execute the rebels.... ....However, I will take care not to harm the princess too badly....

YUKIMARU: Ack...! We are gravely outnumbered!!

ROSALIND: F-father....!? Why are you doing this....?

ZENON: Capture the Princess unharmed!! Then, escort her back to the mansion!!

ROSALIND: F-father....!! With great pain I came to meet you and yet this happens, why!? Why are you doing this....!?

YUKIMARU: Already it has come to this....! Sir Adel, Lady Rosary! My honor! To apologize for it ending like this, this Yukimaru shall commit suicide.....!!

ADEL: Idiot!! Don't do that now! Knock it off! You have to fight to the bitter end!!

AKUTARE: Okay! We are devouting ourselves to reporting! We'll just entrust the fighting to you! Good luck!

("Akutare and Company" withdrew from the front lines!!)


YUKIMARU: Ack....! Here would be a good place to leave off.... This is my responsibility! Please at least all of you escape while you can!

ADEL: Ridiculous! Abandoning a companion is against my style! I won't give up until the end! If you never give up, you will certainly attain your desire!

HANAKO: But, isn't this really crappy?

TARO: Looks that way. We're gonna die. Do you think dying hurts?

TINK: I am not ready to die yet. Couldn't I just go back to being Lord Zenon's servant?

ROSALIND: Please, Father...! Please pardon these people, I beg of you....! Father, even though opposing you is a terrible crime, I too deserve blame and beg that you understand their circumstances....! Father you raised me with great care! You must love me....! Please find it in your heart to let mercy flow, and spare the lives of these people! Father....! Please, it's Rosalind's wish....!!

ADEL: You.......

ZENON: Princess..... I understand your desire.

ROSALIND: Father! Then....!

ZENON: You have been poisoned by that damned outside world. Slaughter all of these people!! Capture the Princess unharmed and as for her memories of the outside world.... erase them!!

ROSALIND: F-father....!

ETNA: Aaaah. Gotta hate such darkly miraculous timing. I'm so embarrassed. I had to stop to see that ally of justice.

ADEL: Ashura Etna!!

ETNA: I cam here to murder Overlord Zenon, isn't it funny how stuff like this just works out?

ZENON: You are Ashura Etna....!? You are but a mere girl! I set this elaborate trap to take you out... however, it seems I grossly overestimated you! Scum! Dispose of the girl!! Don't even leave a trace of her! Fwahahahahaa!

ETNA: Heheheeh....., overestimated? Are you sure you didn't mean underestimated? No contest....!! Overlord Zenon. Are you seriously ready to get over here... and die?

HANAKO: E-etna is so awesome....!

YUKIMARU: Now's our chance! Sir Adel! Let's plow through and escape!!

ADEL: No, but! I have found Zenon at long last....! Running away isn't my style....

TARO: Brother! We should escape now!

ADEL: T-taro? You....?

TARO: It would be impossible to defeat Overlord Zenon under thest circumstances! Think of the Princess's feelings, brother! Do you want the Princess to be the most badly hurt by all this!? Take the Princess and make a break for it!

ADEL: ....I hear that. You said it, Taro.

HANAKO: Rosalin. Do you want to say together with your Papa?

ROSALIND: ....Don't worry. All I want to do is get away from here.

AKUTARE: We're staying to film this! Overlord Zenon versus Ashura Etna in the battle of the century, we gotta record it!!

DIRECTOR: Got'cha, Akutare-babe! We'll do what we came here to do!

ZENON: Ashura Etna....! You think you can kill me!! However, an ashura is not at the same level as the God of Overlords. I will crush you and teach you your place!! I will tear you to pieces, those fools who oppose Zenon, will learn what it means to be a God of Overlords!

ETNA: Hehehee.....!

ZENON: W-why are you laughing....!?

ETNA: With this I will gain the title of Goddess of Overlords..... Thank you for lasting this long without being killed by someone else.....

ZENON: Graw....! You mock me!!

ETNA: Hehehee..... Come..... God of Overlords Zenon....!!

ADEL: We can make it outside this way!!

YUKIMARU: Five more floors above us. Given the level of our adversaries, we cannot afford to make any mistakes. We were unprepared.

HANAKO: Hey, everyone time to eat. I sneakily made some onigiri. Were you swaying a bit back there? Eating will help you get your strength back.

ADEL: You're a lifesaver. Excellent, Hanako.

HANAKO: Hehee. Rosalin you need to eat. Isn't your stomach growling?

ROSALIND: Uh-um. I'm all right....

TARO: Princess, keep your chin up. You don't know how your papa really feels.

ROSALIND: .....Oh, Taro. Don't worry. I am all right.

(Eating onigiri has recovered the strength of Adel and company!)

(Until you have escaped the coliseum, the battle isn't over. Make your preparations here.)


ADEL: Okay! Everyone! Keep up your fighting spirits!!


YUKIMARU: I think the guard was very heavy. We were very fortunate to have survived.

ADEL: Y-you're not even short of breath..... As I expected, Yukimaru.

YUKIMARU: Because I am a ninja? We are trained very differently than others.

ADEL: Is everyone all right....?

ROSALIND: Of course I would hope so.... Just who do you think you are speaking to?

HANAKO: I'm dripping with sweat. I'm taking a shower when we get home.

TARO: My legs are getting stiff like sticks.

TINK: Ahahaha. Walking around on two feet is dreadful. I'm glad I can comfortably fly through the air.

MASKED WOMAN: ............

ADEL: Tch.... After all that I'd hope'd it be easy.

MASKED WOMAN: ....Go....

ADEL: Eh.....?

ROSALIND: Wh-what do you mean by this....? Are you going to overlook our presense?

MASKED WOMAN: .............

ROSALIND: Father's orders? Aren't they terrible? I actually thought I understood Father....

MASKED WOMAN: ....Lord Zenon and Ashura Etna are in the middle of their battle. Please escape now...

ROSALIND: I see.... It is not me that Father is worried about.....

ADEL: Why....? Why do you keep helping us? Are you truly a follower of Zenon? Had you originally been human....? If that's true, then we are the same....

MASKED WOMAN: .....Go quickly.....

ADEL: H-hey....!!

YUKIMARU: Sir Adel! We've no need to overstay our welcome!

ADEL: Ah, Aah.....

HANAKO: I can see it! Outside!!

8 News-----------------

MR BUNNY: It's an emergency news bulliten. It may be the middle of the program, but there's no question.

(Overlord Zenon has been defeated!!)

MR BUNNY: At dawn today, Overlord Zenon was defeated. The legendary God of Overlords was defeated by self-professed Ashura Etna. Strangely enough it was Akutare, long proported dead, who procured this footage. It is a double surprise. Additionally, the producer of the TV station who continued to hide Akutare's existance has been arrested. He had been embezzling large quantities of money from Mr. Akutare's Travel program, and was afraid of having his criminal exploits exposed. Negligent investigations by the netherworld police have also been a problem, but never the less it is a miracle that Mr. Akutare is returning home alive. The ripples of this will extend for some time to come.

MR BUNNY: When questioned Akutare responded "The's only ever been one truth. I am the true Dark Hero!" His comment suggests he is caught up in the moment. Mr. Akutare has since been flooded by requests to perform from various TV Stations and production companies. Not long ago he was at the very bottom of the pile, but the Dark Hero has risen, phoenix-like from the ashes. Surely he is living the netherworldian dream.

PLENAIR: ..........

MR BUNNY: A later CM will detail the new CD that word reached us Akutare will be producing....

LAHARL: That Etna....! Thinking she can just run away from the castle whenver she feels like it...!! My servants can't just do as the please! Permission! You've gotta ask permission!! I'll teach you your place! I am the most evil Overlord of all, Lord Laharl!! Haahahahahaha!!