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=============Opening 7=======Hesitation at the Tournament

ADEL: Everyone's tired. We should probably go to bed early to be in top form for tomorrow.

ROSALIND: Umm.... so.

ADEL: What is it? Are you worrying about Yukimaru?

ROSALIND: It's not that. It's about the bind....

ADEL: Don't worry. No matter what I promise to protect you. By any means necessary, you will meet your father.

ROSALIND: Hmph.... I guard my hopes. I would be gravely disappointed if you betrayed me at the end.

HANAKO: Hey, big bro. So brother is finally going to meet Overlord Zenon, right?

ADEL: Eh? W-well.....

TARO: You decided beyond question. Fair and square you are going to battle to restore me to human, aren't you?

ADEL: Ah, Aaah.... so it is.

HANAKO: Since Hanako was born as a demon, what kind of human will she be? A sexy type?

ADEL: (Meeting, what will I... do) (What would happen if I didn't meet him....)

7 ETNA-----------------

ETNA: Just a minute, you guys! How dare you break your promise to me!? Now the prinnies won't win the championship and allow me to get close to Overlord Zenon!! You ruined my plan! Just where do you get the guts to get Etna angry, eeh!?

ADEL: I promised you nothing! It was only you saying that!

ETNA: Hey? Is that so? You said it was a man's promise.

ADEL: ....To think I would go that far you must be mistaken.

ETNA: Fine. Like that you'll take the championship. And when you do you will guide me to Overlord Zenon. That good? Yep! It's settled!

ADEL: Not only one-sided, but selfish too....

ROSALIND: Well, everything is fine. It's not as if we had to change our objectives.

ADEL: Can't argue that.... All right. Tonight we'll eat a delicious meal and build up our strength, okay?

ROSALIND: Uhmm. My stomach is growling. I could go for some rare meat at this meal.

ROSALIND: If we win all of our fights tomorrow, I can meet Father.... How I have waited impatiently for this time.... I do not know if Father wishes to meet me, but when I meet him that will be settled. But, what will become of Taro and Hanako....? Moreover Adel's thing.... Father is an overlord so powerful he is called the Overlord God. Those who oppose him are executed without mercy. It's clear that they will die horrifically. No....! I will plead with Father to break the curse over the humans...! If I can do that, there is no reason for him to fight! Yes! It is perfect!! Huh.... A sweet hope..... For me, winning the championship means I can immediately meet Father, but for him and the others it almost certainly means death. What should I do? I will teach Father.... Who's there!? You are.... Yukimaru?

YUKIMARU: My Snow Clan's grudge.... I can clear it now.


YUKIMARU: In the absense of light our mind's eye sees the truth. The Overlord's daughter, you have abandoned your true form.

ROSALIND: Y, you....!?

YUKIMARU: If I kill you, I can lure out that person! It's wicked, but die!! Y-you....!?

ADEL: Heheh..... Cold-blooded assassinations, so this is your style?

ROSALIND: Adel....!!

ADEL: You never showed up. I got worried and went to look for you only to find you in such a situation.

ROSALIND: You were searching for me.... specifically? Adel....! Did you hear anything?

ADEL: Huh.....?

ROSALIND: I am asking if you heard my private monologue!!

ADEL: Th, that! You should've said so in the first place! I heard nothing!

ROSALIND: I, I see.... Well, that is good.

YUKIMARU: The rag-tag soldiers come marching in....! Yet, my prayers have been answered with this intrusion!!

In retribution for this hindrance, I shall take your lives! Now then, lose....!!


YUKIMARU: You have thwarted my attack, you possess great skill....

ROSALIND: What made you want to take my life? You called me the enemy of your whole clan....

YUKIMARU: ......... I will take your life next time.... Be prepared....

ADEL: Just what are her intentions....?

ROSALIND: ..........

HANAKO: Aah, I slept well! Today is definitely the finals of the tournament.

ROSALIND: Hanako you are being hasty. The final game is still two rounds away, we must win two more victories.

HANAKO: Oh that? Maybe Rosalin's in timid mode?

ROSALIND: N-nonsense. I will win this tournament and meet Father at any cost.

ADEL: ....I hear that. We will win the championship at any cost.

HANAKO: What? Brother is timid too?

ADEL: N-nothing like that. When we win the championship I'll probably be able to take out Overlord Zenon....

HANAKO: Huuh? Seems two people are feeling strangely.

ROSALIND: .........

ADEL: ....Let's go. It's just about time for the 5th round to begin.


AKUTARE: Sa, today is beyond a doubt the conclusion of the tournament! Who will win the honor of being the champions!? Master of Ceremonies-slash-Judge, the famous Dark Hero, Akutare will decide! Be excited, everyone!!

ADEL: The source of this morning's tension, Akutare's latest gimmick....

ROSALIND: I would expect he would get on TV now. However, that's wishful thinking.

AKUTARE: Allow me to introduce your opponent for Round 5!! They are the allies of justice from across the Milky Way galaxy!!

PRISM RED: When the wicked darkness approaches----

PRISM BLUE: Without being called, we appear!!

PRISM YELLOW: On the mission sprout the 7 Lights-----

PRISM GREEN: We save the world with courage and hope!!

PRISM PURPLE: We 7 people are-----

PRISM ALL: Rainbow colored squad!! The Prism Rangers!!


HANAKO: Taro are you serious? You really think those guys are cool? The whole group is weird.....


 We're fighting them....?  They're joking, right?

ROSALIND: Indeed. The Rainbow colored squad said they had 7 members in all, and they can't even acheive that.

ADEL: Well, if I could add something, there's no way around it...

PRISM BLUE: Red! There are children mixed in with those demons!

PRISM RED: No, do not be confused by their child-like form!! These people are demons!! Did you forget about the battle before!? Don't let your guard down even against women and children!!

ROSALIND: Hey, you. You called yourselves the Prism Rangers, but there only seems to be five of you....

ADEL: H, hey. Better not get too close to them carelessly.

PRISM GREEN: Eeek!? I-it's coming right at us...!!

ROSALIND: Hmm? What are you trying to do?

PRISM GREEN: R-Red!! The Power of Justice has no effect!!

PRISM RED: Y-you're confused! You must believe justice will prevail!!

HANAKO: Big bro. What'll we do with these guys? Is it okay to attack?

ADEL: I sort of pity them, but it can't be helped. We've got our objectives. Besides, it isn't my style to grant mercy during a serious bout.

PRISM RED: Th-There is no way that the Rainbow Color Squad the Prism Rangers will be defeated by demons living on such a distant world!! We are staking the reputation of the allies of justice, as long as we are alive we'll fight our hardest to the bitter end!!


PRISM RED: Uh, oooh..... Why have we lived....?

HANAKO: Even though going easy on people isn't his style, you can say he stayed level-headed.

TARO: Brother is kind.

ADEL: Needlessly killing people isn't my style. ....That's all it is.

PRISM RED: Guh... Receiving mercy from demons, this is the greatest shame that can be suffered by an ally of justice!!

ADEL: No need to worry. I'm human.

PRISM RED: You lie!! Why then does the demon radar built into my chest call you a demon!?

HANAKO: Ever think it could be broken? Big Bro can't be a demon.

TARO: So it is. Adel wasn't affected by Overlord Zenon's curse. I don't see how he could be a demon.

ADEL: There you go. Now that it's settled, scram.

PRISM RED: Shit! It won't end this way! We'll have an emergency member drive!! After getting two more names, all members will be assembled and the Prism Rangers will finally be complete!

ROSALIND: Idiot. You should have had all seven color represented before you called yourselves the Prism Rangers.

TINK: You're really hung up on it, Princess. Perhaps you secretly suffer from Hero Mania?


ADEL: You....

MASKED WOMAN: .....We meet again. Did the magic flute I gave you prove useful....?

ADEL: Ah, Aaah, well.... What are you doing here?

MASKED WOMAN: ....I am a subordinate of Lord Zenon. There is no cause for wonder that I am here....

ROSALIND: Father.... Father has come!?

MASKED WOMAN: ....I do not understand why the Princess aims for the championship.... ....Nevertheless, the Princess has participated. Lord Zenon will certainly be surprised....

ROSALIND: W, wait! Could you please keep it between us that I am participating? I know that Father likes to conceal his form.... Therefore....

MASKED WOMAN: ....I understand. I will follow the wishes of the Princess....

ADEL: How strange.... Even though she's Zenon's underling, she's a good person.

TINK: Lord Zenon's subordinate looked to be be a true demon to me. That was not the form of a human that was converted to a demon. That person would have failed to lose her conscience if she were human. Since Lord Zenon stole the consciences of all the humans, there's no reason why he would have skipped over hers.

ADEL: Is that so.... She could be another victim of his.


ADEL: (It's finally the semi-finals. Victory is only two rounds away....) (After winning two more rounds I can face Overlord Zenon.... Very soon....) (If I can only defeat Zenon my family.... everyone will be returned to human) (Bodies, memories and consciences will all be recovered....!) (I have continued to fight for that. Since I was a child....) (.........) (But, why....? Why after all this time must I feel so lost...?)

ROSALIND: (Two more victories to go....) (Ever since I was little, I have dreamt of meeting my father, and now I am so close....) (.........) (Although, is this hesitation I feel? As much as I would like to meet Father, he does not seem to second the emotion....) (Maybe I am just afraid. Father and Adel will have their confrontation.....)

AKUTARE: Congratulations on making it to the semi-finals! As is expected, it's my eternal rival!!

ADEL: Who became your rival when now?

AKUTARE: However, now's not the time! Your next opponent appears to be an ordinary person!! Hailing from the village of snow, she's a super assassin!! Genocidal Kunoichi "Yukimaru" appears!!

YUKIMARU: It appears that I must battle against you, it is a shame, but it cannot be helped. At least I will conform to the Bushido code, a fair and square match is all I desire.

ADEL: Hmph, now you ask for fair and square. What do you have to say for last night's assassination attempt? Eh?

YUKIMARU: Assassination attempt? What are you talking about?

ROSALIND: Don't feign ignorance. You coward. Wasn't it my life you were after?

YUKIMARU: Th-That is outrageous! I would remember if I attempted an assassination! Please stop staying that!

ADEL: ....This chick, truly doesn't know? Is that what she means?

ROSALIND: Maybe it's a doppleganger of Yukimaru who exists only to come after me? Or perhaps like Tink she possesses a split personality....?

YUKIMARU: You speak nonsense! Why do you keep saying all these bewildering things!? No matter what, you are all in imminent danger! This battle has already begun! Now then! Prepare yourselves! In order to carry out our mission I will be victorious!!

7-3 ed-----------------

YUKIMARU: I-I was defeated.... When one cannot carry out their mission, there is no reason to go on living.... Aah, I feel I must end my life....

ADEL: H-hey! What are you doing!?

YUKIMARU: S-stop there! This is what ninja who fail their missions must do! Now I must commit suicide....!

ROSALIND: What have you die for now? There are probably other ways to carry out your mission.

YUKIMARU: No! If I do not win the tournament it will be extremely difficult to complete my mission! Since I let victory escape me, I must bravely commit suicide as is the code of Bushido!

HANAKO: It doesn't look like suicide comes easily. Don't you think you should stop now?

TARO: Your hand is shaking. Hahaha.

ADEL: Doesn't have the nerve.... Don't you think it's time to give that up? Just what is your mission? If your mission is important, don't abandon it. Even if the path is rocky, so long as you're alive you can succeed.

YUKIMARU: ..........

ADEL: For example if you stop that now and become our companion as we aim for the championship, there's a way isn't there?

YUKIMARU: W-why....!?

ADEL: For example, for example.

YUKIMARU: I-I'm greatly in your debt. Your chivalrous spirit overflows your warm heart, this Yukimaru is overjoyed. From now on you guide my blade, I intend to fight with all my heart and soul for you.

(Being deeply moved by Adel's chivalrous spirit, "Yukimaru" joined the party!!)

ADEL: But, don't get too close to me. I'm bad with women.

TINK: Your call, Mr. Adel. Have all your suspicions about that person really dried up? Don't you think we should torture her first?

TARO: So it is. Doesn't that person want to take the Princess's life? That's right, isn't it, Brother?

ROSALIND: Well, it's fine. Hate the crime not the culprit. Besides, this person is clearly different from the one after me. .....Probably.

TARO: Princess. Are you going to leave it simply at that?

ROSALIND: Don't worry, Taro. Even though it may appear that way, discerning eyes watch this person for any plotting. This is a time where you should trust your older brother's judgment.


ADEL: Huh? No one's here....?

YUKIMARU: By any chance, might we have a victory without fighting? It would be super lucky if we do.

ROSALIND: No, we won't finish that easily. Even as a joke Overlord Zenon wouldn't allow a tornment he sponsors to end like that.

AKUTARE: Hmhmhmm....! I agree! The final chapter of the tournament must possess an appropriately epic opponent for you people!!

ADEL: Who....!? It can't be.... Overlord Zenon himself!!?

AKUTARE: Your final opponent is me of course!!

ADEL: Wh-what you are the decisive opponent....?

AKUTARE: Like I said before, in this tournament I am god! While the real final opponents were coming to the arena, I just kicked them out for my own selfish reasons!!

ADEL: Th-that's all well and good..... Aren't you being rather overconfident to think you can beat me?

AKUTARE: FOOL!! Such a thing'll never happen!! Since it's been a long time since we've had a TV link, we have no choice but to film it ourselves! Director! Extras!

DIRECTOR: The preparations are perfect, Akutare-babe!

AKUTARE: Sa, try not to leave any marks! Go easy on me!

ROSALIND: Come back here when you're serious, that'd be refreshing.

ADEL: Here I thought something would come of the finals. That airhead depresses me....

AKUTARE: As far as I'm concerned now, victory or defeat makes no difference! I fight just to stand out from the crowd!! Certain kill! Ultimate Invincible Moooode!! (Lie) Haaa! ULTRA RAGE CLASS SNIPER PARTICLE GUUUN!! (Lie) Mysterious Justice! ABSOLUTE FAINTING IN AGONY KICK!! (Lie)

DIRECTOR: (Go for it, Akutare-babe. Right now you're shining your brightest. So, this time we'd like to see it....) (I'm charmed by the Dark Hero, Akutare's revival....!!)


AKUTARE: Heheheh..... It's too bad that I lost, but if my radiance can reach all the Netherworlds even for a moment I won't regret the pain....

DIRECTOR: A-about that, Akutare-babe. This is very hard to say, but.... The tape was not recording. Unfortunately, from the outset....

AKUTARE: S-seriously!? I did all that for what....

ADEL: Somehow you've managed to become even more pathetic.... Hey, don't lose heart like that. You don't want to look so wretched.

AKUTARE: Y-you're just saying that....

ADEL: .....Some manners. You aren't very good at this, but maybe it's time we set aside our differences and cooperate. Not to mention that you lent a hand back when we needed to rescue Taro.

AKUTARE: ....D-do you mean it?

ADEL: Hang around us sneakily. Maybe you can be photographed with Overlord Zenon?

AKUTARE: Y-you....?

ADEL: Afterwards it's up to you. .....You can quit here if you want.

AKUTARE: ....Heh! No need to say thanks! Does that mean you were impressed by my sympathy maneuvers? N-no lie! Everything went down exactly as I planned!!

("Akutare and company" have stealthily joined the party!)

ROSALIND: To grant mercy to an airhead like Akutare. You're such a softie.

ADEL: It's not like that. I'm just paying back the debt.

TINK: Princess. Now that you are the champion, it is time to meet your father.

ROSALIND: Um, indeed. Maybe I can ask Father to restore you to your original form.

TINK: Kukkukkukk..... You are worried about this person?

ROSALIND: Ti-Tink....?

TINK: There is no need to worry about anything. You are going to die here....!!

YUKIMARU: Muuh! Bloodlust!? Rosary! Stay back!

ROSALIND: W-what was that!?

HANAKO: Aah, it's dead. Can I eat the frog now?

ADEL: Farewell, Tink. He was a strange fellow and now he is dead.

TARO: Entrust the princess to me. Rest in peace, Tink.

YUKIMARU: All wordly things are transitory, the prosperous must decay. Human life is but a dream.

TINK: How cruel you are to your departed companion. Just what color is your blood?

ADEL: ........!?

MASKED WOMAN: ....If you could not tell that this was a false companion, then you require more training....

YUKIMARU(!): Guh.....! Guaaah.....!!

YUKIMARU: T-this....!?

ROSALIND: A-a second Yukimaru....! Even though another already exists....!

TINK: It is the fake Yukimaru that attacked the princess. This masked person rescued us again. Should we kill her now, Princess?

YUKIMARU(!): It's time to retreat...! This is too much intereference....!!

MASKED WOMAN: ....Leave. We do not like needless loss of life....

YUKIMARU(!): Guh....!

YUKIMARU: This was the transformation technique....! That could only mean....! No, but why go after Rosary? What is the meaning of this...?

ADEL: You.... why are you helping us? What's your objectives?

MASKED WOMAN: ....I do not even known myself. I simply feel that I must.... ....At any rate, you are the champions of the tornament. Lord Zenon is waiting for you underneath the Coliseum....

ADEL: ....Overlord Zenon. At last the time has come....

ROSALIND: Father is beneath the Coliseum.... ..........

TARO: With great difficulty the princess became the champion, but you don't look happy.

HANAKO: Umm, big Bro. You're acting strange.


MR BUNNY: It is time for the news. A champion has been crowned in the tournament sponsored by Overlord Zenon which drew attention throughout the netherworlds.

(NEWS QUICK CAP: Tournament, The Champion is decided!!)

MR BUNNY: Our correspond in Veldheim, Mr. Shark, has reported the victor to be a human youth. He faced many famous demons and even the allies of justice in vicious battles to claim his victory. Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures. The camera was regrettably left behind. It was also said that Former Dark Hero Akutare was the master of ceremonies at the event, but I'd imagine that to be a mistake.

PLENAIR: ............

MR USAGI: Next will be CM's announcement for the week. In "Speaking out on the Gullotine" we will be discussion who should have the authority of execution. Don't change that channel.